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Your company has been recognized as a recommended language school by students who shared their opinions on Mylanguagetravel. Distinguish your brand as a recommended school. It’s free and easy, just copy and paste on your website one of the codes below.

Make it easy for students to review you. Place a link to the review form for your school on your website, in your e-mails, or in your newsletters. You can also use your facebook group or Twitter to invite your students to leave a review directly on your school listing.

Getting more reviews is one of the most effective things you can do to enhance your popularity on Mylanguagetravel. Students trust other students. That is why we give a preferential ranking to the most reviewed schools.

“Rate us” badges

Copy and paste the badge of your choice on your website to get more reviews on MyLanguageTravel. Don’t forget to link the badge directly to your school listing.

“Recommended on MLT” badges

Don’t forget to link the badge directly to your school listing.


Mylanguagetravel takes review fraud seriously

Important: All reviews must be honest and authentic opinions submitted directly from students.

Biased activity on Mylanguagetravel by owners, employees, or third-party vendors hired on behalf of a company is subject to severe penalties. Owners may encourage students to submit reviews upon their return home, but should not offer incentives in exchange for reviews, submit opinions left on comment cards, or write reviews.

Activity of this nature will negatively affect your Mylanguagetravel ranking, and may result in a prominent warning message on your listing.


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