How do I know my language level?

Do not worry about your language level. The school will test your level on your first day so you are assigned to the right class and study with students of the same level. If you cannot wait and want to get a better idea of your level, you can have a look at this level scale.





Complete Beginner  

I do not know any of the language and I cannot speak it.


Beginner / Elementary I am familiar with every day greetings, expressions and objects. I can interact on basic everyday subjects such as family, work and hobbies. I can understand basic spoken language if the other person speaks slowly and uses short sentences on simple topics I am familiar with. A1 0+
Pre-intermediate I can give information about myself, my background, my daily routine and everyday topics. I can talk in a simple way about the future and the past and ask and respond to a series of basic questions. I find it difficult to give reasons or examples while speaking or to interact in long exchanges. A2 1
Intermediate I can communicate on the main points of everyday topics such as travel, work, food, transport. I can write and speak using longer, connected structures and give basic reasons and examples for my choices and opinions. I can give information about past events and future plans. B1 1/1+
Upper Intermediate I can have a spontaneous conversation and explain my opinions, give complex examples, arguments and viewpoints. I can understand a large part of natural speech. I can write quite detailed texts on many everyday subjects. B2 1+
Advanced I can communicate well in all areas of the language in a formal or informal style. My speech is natural and fluent and I can converse on many topics in social and professional situations. I can write in detail about complex topics. C1 2/2+
Proficient I understand almost everything I hear or read. My detailed understanding of the language allows me to summarise information and reconstruct an argument or viewpoint in both writing and speech. My level can be compared to that of a native speaker. C2 3 and above


*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

**ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines