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US Boston - USA

  • 4.8986 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.8986 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.8986 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.8986 Star Rating: Recommended
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138 review(s)

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Language school overview


Visit our website: www.ecenglish.com/school-locations/learn-english-in-boston

EC Boston is accredited by the ACCET.

Organisation memberships

EC Boston is a member of AAIEP.

Language School description

EC Boston English language school, established in 1992, has a great location in the centre of Boston. Faneuil Hall Square is an important place in Boston (and American) history. Students love learning in such an historic area that also has all restaurants, shops and entertainment you would want from a modern city. The school is close to public transport (State St. T Station), which makes travelling to accommodation easy. English courses include General English, Exam Preparation, and Academic Year Programmes

School facilities description

Watch EC Boston Video

• Established: 1992

• Minimum age: 18 (16 low season); Business Mini Group: 23

• Student computers

• Wi-Fi

• Library

• Self access audio facilities and testing facilities

• Student lounge

• 26 classrooms

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Language Course type

Au pair program
Courses for Academic purposes
Courses for Business/Executives
Courses for Specific purposes
Courses Plus (sport, culture etc.)
Examination preparation courses
General and Intensive courses
Group programs
High School
  High school preparation courses
Language immersion at teacher's home
One to one courses
Senior programs
Summer or camp programs
Teacher training programs
University Foundation/Access courses
Vacation courses for adults
Vacation courses for young learners
Work experience programs

Language courses description and prices

EC Boston English language courses:

• General English

• Semi-Intensive English

• Intensive English

• General English One-to-One (low season only)


· TOEFL & IELTS Preparation (4 or 8 weeks)


• Academic Year 24/30

• University Access Programme 24/30

• Multi-Destination Academic Year

• Business English Mini Group 20

• Business English One-to-One (low season only)

• Internship Programmes



Included in Course:



• Course book

• Welcome activity

• Internet access

• Weekly Social Programme

• English activities

• University application assistance

EC Boston Prices


Certificates & exams preparation

• TOEFL & IELTS Preparation (4 or 8 weeks)

• Academic Year 24/30

• University Access Programme 24/30

• GMAT/GRE Preparation

Student nationalities, average age & average number per class

At EC Boston you will have classmates from all over the world - it's a great chance to make international friends.


When you are not taking quality English lessons, you can join us on one of our many activities. EC Boston has a number of free activities as well as optional activities, to help you discover more about Boston and mix with other students while practicing your English!


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At teacher's home
Courses without accomodation
  Host family
Student House

Airport / Station transfer

Arriving at Boston Logan Airport? EC Boston can arrange an airport transfer for you. Just give us your flight details and tell us your arrival date. You must book your airport transfer in advance.

Visa support

Book a course at EC Boston and a Visa Specialist will be appointed to you to help make your visa application go smoothly. They will be on hand to help with all the paperwork you need to apply.

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1 Faneuil Hall Square
Postcode : 02109
City : Boston
Country : USA

Tel. : +356 23790575
Website : http://www.ecenglish.com/school-locations/learn-english-in-boston

Latest student review

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Yi-ting L.

Posted by Yi-ting L. (Boston - )

on November 2013

Hey guys.I have been to Boston for seven months.It is a lovely school.I am so glad to study in EC Boston,because every teacher is friendly and patiently.They tried to help students all of the questions.They recommended us to go to some places where we have to visit in Boston.Also,I made a lot of friends from different countries.I have to improve my English because of job or master degree.I know that speaking English all the time is so hard for new students,but you have to try.You will be accustomed to use English soon.And try to join some school activities.You can make new friends and practice your English easily.I will never forget my teachers and my friends.

Shintaro K.

Posted by Shintaro K. (Boston - )

on October 2013

Shintaro Kawamura

I chose to study in Boston because Boston is a city that has a lot of nature. I heard Boston is a beautiful city with many students. The reason that I chose EC Boston is because it has an Academic Year Program and I can have an advisor.

Why am I studying English? Because when I work in the future, I will need to speak English. I feel like I have to impove my English. When I first came here, I couldn't speak in English with my friends from other countires but now, I can communicate in English with them. It is so much fun. Now, I look forward to using English at work.

Candy L.

Posted by Candy L. (Taichung - Taiwan)

on August 2013 - Taiwan

Like a journey

It's hard for us to learn a foreign language without motivation.

Everything was so unfamiliar when my friend and I arrived in Boston. We appreciated that all the stuffs in EC always help us with a perfect smile.

My friend and I were the AY students in EC. The advisers and teachers help us with patience to improve our English skills. I've never thought that I could learn English so happily and enjoy the culture here.
Thanks for the best life in Boston, especially in EC =D

Hyemin P.

Posted by Hyemin P. (Seoul - South Korea)

on June 2013 - South Korea

I have been to here in EC Boston for about 5 months and I'm satisfied with my life here more than I expected.
The courses here are really helpful to improve English and the school also has helped me to deal with situations I encounter in unfamiliar place which I had never been before.
One of impressive things was that the teachers are so friendly, especially compared to my culture.
You can join a lot of different activities after class to hang out with teachers and friends from different countries as well, and the school also offer certain programs to let students have more chances to meet native speakers, such as conversation partner program.
I'm enjoying being here with such great teachers and my nice friends from all different countries!

Raneem A.

Posted by Raneem A. (boston - USA)

on September 2011 - USA

hellow,, my name is raneem
I have been in Boston for 7 month
It's a good experince to now about it
I have been studing in EC boston for 6 month, I would like to improve my language to countinue my PHD degree in midecal laboratories.
I had good chance in EC Boston and I would like to move up to the next level and get perfect score in toefl test
Bostoan has tirrable weather and un constant situation, some times the weather was very buetiful and mild and others was very diffecult
Boston is too expensive but you can adapt with it
thank you

Amani A.

Posted by Amani A. (Riyadh, currently in Boston - Saudi Arabia)

on September 2011 - Saudi Arabia

Me and Boston

Studying abroad is one of the most interesting ideas I ever had, going to to Boston made it more interesting.
The city is great, the people I met till now were friendly and love to offered help if needed.
Here in Boston, after spending almost 2 months, I explored many things, generally in life and especially in me.
I experienced being independant almost in everything. Nevertheless, attending college and enrolling in EC Boston I got thee chance to involve with different public activites and people from different cultures around the world.
Thank you EC Boston
Thank you people of Boston

Esma Y.

Posted by Esma Y. (boston - USA)

on September 2011 - USA

I had a really good time in EC. If you consider to have a good summer vacation while you want to improve your english, you should choose to study in EC because of that. They have an activity programe which is changed every month and you can find lots of fun and diffirent experiences and also you can learn lots of things about american culture from EC teachers not only English ... come to EC Boston and create your the best period of life with fun and learning...

Seeun L.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Posted by Seeun L. (Seoul - South Korea)

on September 2011 - South Korea

My Experience at EC

When I arrived in Boston I was very excited; the first week was fun and with many things to do...but the second and the thirt weeks were very different. Boston is quite small and boring. I was been in many cities in the United States, and I think that Boston is the better city where you can have living/studying experience. The city is safe and clean, and the bostonian people are very kind and open.

Sangji K.

Posted by Sangji K. (Seoul - South Korea)

on September 2011 - South Korea


Hello, my name is Sang-Ji Kim.

I am from South Korea,

I am studying at EC in Boston now.

I arrived here on 24th, june.

I think that Boston is such a nice place.

Here is so safe i think and has many other countries people.

All teachers at EC are very nice and kind and they have open minds.

We have a lot of electives (watching Redsox, Going to museum etc).

The most important thing is you can learn English well because we have a lot of nice teachers.

Come to EC and join us!! : )

Ameera A.

Posted by Ameera A. (Boston - USA)

on September 2011 - USA

My Experience at EC

It is a good school when you want to learn the spoken language or the basics of English. However, if you are planning to attend a college in us or learn English for academic or business purposes, I recommand you to apply for the UF program at EC.

Esma Y.

Posted by Esma Y. (boston - USA)

on September 2011 - USA

I have been studing in boston for two months. Boston is the best place to study english because there are lots of university here so you can improve your english with native speakers who have a good education and good speaking skill in everywhere not only at english course ... just come here

Dukho S.

Posted by Dukho S. (seoul - South Korea)

on September 2011 - South Korea

Studying in Boston

Before I came here, I didn't know about Boston and EC. So, I tried to search using ther internet. Of course in Korea, there was an web site about review of academy in USA. But now, I become know there is also web site such as my language travel. I hope to share my opinion with other people who are considering to come here. First of all, Boston is a perfect city to study something. There is good educational system. If you come here, and if you decide to study hare, you can using Boston! And also in EC, there are a lot of people who are from various countries. It give you get a lot of chance to have an awsome experience. Just try !! You can be satisfied with all of things that you have planed.

Roy H.

Posted by Roy H. (seoul - South Korea)

on September 2011 - South Korea

here is good school

My first experiences in Boston are really good. The city is awesome, there are many things to do. You can visit some universities, parks, restaurants,attractions and museums.
EC School is located in the centre of Boston, after school you can easily go to a park or go shopping. The teachers are also pretty good. They will help you with every problem.....I've been here only five month now, so I don't have so many experiences yet. But the first impression is very good.
so i recomend this school!! Wow it's extreamly super good~ LOL

Dongyong L.

Posted by Dongyong L. (teagu - South Korea)

on September 2011 - South Korea

thank you EC^^

Im happy i go to ECboston. it's wonderful school. i make freinds here, and it help me what improveing my English. so if i can go USA again, i want to come EC again!!!
I love u EC^^

Saleh A.

Posted by Saleh A. (riyadh - Saudi Arabia)

on September 2011 - Saudi Arabia

my experience in ec boston

I came to Boston to complete my studies, also I want to learn English. When I came to Boston I was not able to speak with the people. I only knew two words, "I want and I need." The teachers were excited to teach us new things such as writing reports and writing the photographic. I will be so excite to learn english when the teachers are teaching us very well.

In fact I like this school a lot and I like all the teachers and friends. Because I had learned the other language in this school. And all the flags and all the friends like brothers in one place. Everyone in this school loves makes a lot of friends. I hope that my English is evolving for the better in the coming days.

Gahee S.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Posted by Gahee S. (SEOUL - South Korea)

on September 2011 - South Korea


I have been studing in EC boston for 1 month
EC is so great and i enjoy my life in here

Wen chun W.

Posted by Wen chun W. (Taipei - Taiwan)

on September 2011 - Taiwan

Studying English in Boston

I like traveling in the world . During the traveling time I though English is very important to me , because you can speak English in any country . At the time I want to learn English . In other side I come from Taiwan is a small island , so I want to see more different experience in my life for example the culture and the environment , so I decided to study English in Boston ,
because this city has deep history culture for example the old bulidings so beautiful and have history story . Moreover Boston more convenient that you can walk around this city
and enjoy the nice weather . And you can meet a lot of new firiend here , because everyone friendly to foreigner.
I think if you study in Boston , you could as soon as understand the USA's culture . So I have a great time in Boston .

Floriane S.

Posted by Floriane S. (Switzerland)

on September 2011 - Switzerland

Go to Boston to improve your english

I came to boston to improve my english and do some progress. Of course goinig to school doesn't sound so great, but it's not like what you're used to. First of all you do it for yourself and the classes are actually very fun. You can have some great conversations and you get to know some interesting people from all over the world. Although you come to boston to study/improve your english, it's not all of it. You will meet new friends and you start to explore the city all together. Because Boston is an amazing city, very safe, a huge variety of things to do or vistit and the best of all you can do many things by public transport, but it's also easely accessible by foot. So I totally can recommend it even though I have been here for only a week!:)

Barbara B.

Posted by Barbara B. (Balangero (TO) - Italy)

on September 2011 - Italy


My experience in Boston has been very intense in every point of view. When I arrived in Boston I was very excited; the first week was fun and with many things to do...but the second and the thirt weeks were very different..! I was alone and I felt sad without my family, my friends and my boyfriend...but after this hard period all the things changed. My experience started to be positive, enjoiable and useful. Boston is a fantastic city, big but not too much: it is a "walking city", and you can found nice parks, many shops, restaurants, busy dountown, beaches, rivers..and many different kind of environments. I was been in many cities in the United States, and I think that Boston (with S.Francisco) is the better city where you can have living/studying experience. The city is safe and clean, and the bostonian people are very kind and open.
The experience in the EC school was been very positive, especially for the teachers. I changed many teachers and I like all of them. I think that sometimes I missed the presence of european people, because people from different part of the world in some case are too different. I live in an apartment, close to school, and I think that this is the best way for met your friends, share your life with students and discover the city.
Until four days I will leave Boston to come back in my country...I'm happy because I need to see a lot of people but I'm sad too to leave this fantastic city!

Sunghun J.

Posted by Sunghun J. (Busan - South Korea)

on September 2011 - South Korea

Boston is really good place to study

I've been in boston for 5 months and I am going to stay in boston untill December. Because I heard it is too cold winter of boston and I want to be through many cities in USA before i go back to my country.
The reason why i chose boston to study was that boston is said that it's perfect city to study. There are many well-known colleages such as MIT and Harverd. Since I don't want to speak korean, I really hoped that there are a few koran at school.But it wasn't.
I don't know how many korean are there other city and other school. One thing I can say is that There are a lot of korean in EC boston. Sometimes I feel like it's english school in korean.
If you are korean and you want to meet a lot of korean, I don't recommend studying in boston.
Go to west coast... It already began getting cold..

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