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ZA Cape Town - South Africa

  • 4.7759 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.7759 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.7759 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.7759 Star Rating: Recommended
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241 review(s)

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Language school overview


Visit our website: www.ecenglish.com/school-locations/learn-english-in-cape-town

Organisation memberships

EC Cape Town is a member of EduSA and SAYTC.

Language School description

Located in the Central Business District, EC Cape Town English language school is truly in the heart of the city. The school is just a few streets away from famous Long Street and there are many bars, cafes, shops and restaurants all in the immediate vicinity. EC Cape Town is finished to a very high standard, with beautiful Table Mountain providing an incredible view from many of the schools' stylish classrooms. At school you will find all you need, with a Computer Room, Library, Study Areas and free Wi-Fi available throughout the building. There is a wonderful community feeling at school, with a vast array of activities planned to make sure you are entertained after class as much as during your English lessons.

School facilities description

• Established: 2002

• Centre capacity: 275

• Minimum age: 16 (Business Mini Group: 23)

• 26 fully equiped classrooms with views of Table Mountain

• Access to 22 internet connected computers

• Cafe located on the ground floor of EC Cape Town

• Free wireless internet access throughout the centre

• Library/Self Study Room

• Modern student lounge with a large plasma TV

• Testing Centre for Cambridge Exams


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Language Course type

Au pair program
Courses for Academic purposes
Courses for Business/Executives
Courses for Specific purposes
Courses Plus (sport, culture etc.)
Examination preparation courses
General and Intensive courses
Group programs
High School
  High school preparation courses
Language immersion at teacher's home
One to one courses
Senior programs
Summer or camp programs
Teacher training programs
University Foundation/Access courses
Vacation courses for adults
Vacation courses for young learners
Work experience programs

Language courses description and prices

Most courses at EC Cape Town require a minimum one week stay. There is no maximum lenghth of stay.

EC Cape Town Prices


Included in Course:



• Course book

• Welcome lunch

• Airport transfer (arrival) - when accommodation is booked with EC

• Internet access

• English activities and workshops

• Subsidised gym & healthclub membership

Certificates & exams preparation

• FCE, CAE & CPE Preparation

• IELTS Preparation

• Academic Year 20/30

• University Access Programme 20/30

Student nationalities, average age & average number per class

The nationality and age mix at EC Cape Town varies over different time periods, courses and levels. The nationality mix is made up of 61 different nationalities.


EC Cape Town offers a combination of free and optional activities. Free activities include a welcome lunch and optional activities include a 3 Day Safari, Township Tour and Robben Island by boat. Whichever activities you join, you will escorted there by our social leaders. They make sure you keep safe and relaxed on your trip.


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At teacher's home
Courses without accomodation
  Host family
Student House

Airport / Station transfer

You can be picked up from Cape Town International Airport. Just give us your flight details and arrival date. You must book your airport transfer in advance.

Visa support

When you have booked your course, we will give you all the guidance and necessary paperwork you need to apply for a visa.

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75 Church Street
Postcode : 8001
City : Cape Town
Country : South Africa

Tel. : +356 23790575
Website : http://www.ecenglish.com

Latest student review

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Dieter F.

Posted by Dieter F. (Bad Salzdetfurth - )

on August 2014

My expierences in Cape Town and EC School.
My Name is Dieter and I am from Germany. I stayed only for two weeks in Cape Tow and EC School.
Now I will tell you about my expierences I have done in Cape Town and EC School.
When I arrived to Cape Town it was well after midnight. Two young men of EC School were waiting for our more than three hours late flight..
Next day my lessons started at EC School. From the first moment, I arriived there, I was very impressed of all the nice people I met at EC School.. Teachers and classmates were, no, they are so nice and friendly people. There I found a warm and familiar atmosphere..

Other than teaching, the school offers an alternate and interesting leisure program, for example to visit Table Mountain or Point of Good Hope.

This trip was one of my best things I have done.
I hope for everybody, that you enjoy your trip to Cape Town as well I did
Take care and have fun
Greetings from Germany

Cristovao D.

Posted by Cristovao D. (Luanda - Angola)

on July 2014 - Angola

My experience in Ec Language

Hello My Name is Cristovao and I'm from Angola. I came to study English at EC Language for 3 months. When I arrived at EC I did a test and I started in Pre-intermediate. I had lot of difficulty to understand the lessons very well like: Grammar, vocabulary, writing and listening. But I have got nice teachers like teacher Hamima, Narjuan, Warfa and nice Classmates.

There are helping me when I have doubt. Now I understand how to use same word in grammar, vocabulary but I study hard do improve my listening because I have more difficulty at listening test.


Bye bye.

Ezdeen R.

Posted by Ezdeen R. (Tripoli - Libya)

on July 2014 - Libya

My experience from Ezdeen and Faraj

I am EZDEEN RFIEDA, from Libya, I am studying at EC Cape Town.
I arrived in Cape Town in March. I started at Elementary level and I stayed there for five weeks.

My Reading was good, but my Listening and Speaking needed more practice. The school has a FREE Listening Center and I went there everyday.

In my class, there are different students from other countries. I chatted to them about their lives and their countries. So I was able to speak English and understand different accents.

If you want to learn English, you must go to the Listening Center once or twice a day. You must write 80-100 words every day. Also, you must read at least one hour per day. You had better visit the library and read as much as possible.

The weather in Cape Town is crazy. For instance, in the morning it is sunny, after two hours it changes and suddenly it's freezing!

Ji hyun C.

Posted by Ji hyun C. ()

on July 2014

hello every body

I want to talk to you about my experience in South Africa. I came to Cape Town one month age to study English language. First, I was shocked about everything. I was afraid to talk to people, but after one week at EC I felt relaxed and I made a lot of friends. Really my teachers and friends helped me more. Also, they encourage me to not be shy and to speak with people.

Otman E.

Posted by Otman E. ()

on April 2014

From Otman (Libya)

I have been in Cape Town for studying English language at EC Cape Town, because I'm studying International Law in the future.

There are best teachers and good treatment of my teachers with all students. I was happy when I came here.

It is better country in South Africa. There are different nationalities, different people of Cape Town

The city is very nice because there are many places to see, like Table Mountain, Camps Bay and Waterfront. The weather in Cape Town changes sometimes in one day.

There are a lot of respectable people in South Africa because they are strong. They are better now than twenty years ago when Mandela strove for freedom.

I will stay here for three years and I hope to stay here for longer.

Cristina Q.

Posted by Cristina Q. (Luanda - Angola)

on April 2014 - Angola

My lovely experience in SA


I'm Cristina and I'm from Angola. I'll study in EC Cape Town for six months.
This school has good building and more classes with different levels. In my class teacher's are very friendly and helpful like a others teachers in EC.
My colleagues are friendly and fun. I love them because sometimes they make me laugh and I feel more happy .
In the school, it has a library with interesting books for example "The Mummy" .

About Cape Town, I think it is a beautiful city. Sometimes the weather is boring because it always changes.

There are many places to walk, like Camps Bay, parks, Table Mountain and more.

Finally, South Africa is a very beautiful country with different peoples and cultures, fun people, different langues and more people of other country's and here I have learned a lot from all.


Janaina V.

Posted by Janaina V. (São José dos Campos - )

on April 2014

From SP (Brazil) to CT (South Africa)

Hi New Students!

I'm Janaina from Brazil. I have been studying at EC Cape Town for 2 months.
I love this school very much, this city and the people.

EC Cape Town is good, have great teachers and they think carefully about all students. They have very nice activities for the students to do.

Some activities are free and you can go the others place with the school. I make a lot of friends here, from all the different places the world.

I live in Bo-Kaap, and it is near the EC School. Long Street has a lot of nightclub, bars and restaurants. Cape Town (CT) has a lot of things for you do ever day, every time.

This city all the side you see, have natural beauty.

عبدالباري �.

Posted by عبدالباري �. (Tripoli - Libya)

on April 2014 - Libya

Hello from Abudlbari (Libya)

Hi, I'm Abdulbari from Libya and I have been studying at EC Cape Town for five months. All the classes, it is very nice and the education is good. All the teachers are excelling for teaching and the people from EC school are good for making friends. But I don't know all the people, because there are a lot of people studying here. I have some friends from Brazil and from Libya and from Saudi Arabia.

Cape Town is safe for me and for all the people. It has a lot of big buildings and is very nice. Really, it's very nice. I will go to my country after two weeks and I will miss Cape Town, my friends and my school...like my teacher, Sheetal :)

Monder A.

Posted by Monder A. (Cape Town - )

on April 2014

My 15 Weeks at EC Cape Town

Hello future students,
I hope you are doing very well as I hope to spend your best time at EC school as I already did.

I'm Monder and I'm 18 years old.

EC is not only an English school - it's really a guide for life and I really learnt more than studying. Also, Cape town is a charming destination and everyone will get a chance to meet new people who will become your family away from home.

During my 15 weeks at EC Cape Town, I started at Elementary level and finished at High Intermediate. My listening improved because I spent a lot of time with friends from other nationalities and I had the opportunity to speak to them.

I stayed in Bo Kaap, which is near to the school. I stayed with a lovely, warm-hearted family who were very kind.

I hope you enjoy your time in Cape Town :)

Seok ho J.

Posted by Seok ho J. ()

on April 2014

Welcome!!! South Africa & EC School

Hello~ everybody :)
My name is Seokho and I'm from South Korea.

I had been at EC school for two months.

When I arrived in Cape Town, I didn't choose my school so I was recommended EC Cape Town by my host owner and then I learned English at EC school for two months.

It's good choice! Even if I stayed a short time, my English improved so I think to thank EC school and teachers for me.

Also Cape Town is very good city.
There is a lot of famous places so I studied and also did some tours.

I am happy because I learned English at EC school.

I'd like to tell everybody who has plans that they should go to Cape Town. "Come on!"

Jongsik S.

Posted by Jongsik S. (Cape Town - )

on April 2014

My time in Cape Town

Hello~!! I'd like to tell you about my fantastic experience at EC Cape Town. Also, I want everyone to know some useful information.

Here in South Africa, it has good weather and kind people. If you go to Cape Town don't hesitate for your fabulous experience. Now I'm going to give information to you about accommodation, transportation and method of studying.

First of all, If you want to live near EC you can try to go Bo Kaap and ask some students at EC because there is cheap price in there and includes breakfast.

Secondly, in here, taxi price is very expensive that's why I recommend using "My City Bus" if you want to go to any places in Cape Town.

In addition you can get a "My City Card" at the Civic Center. They help you to get one!!

Lastly, in case that your listening skills is poor, I'd like to suggest to go to the Listening Center in EC because they serve perfect equipment for listening to you and of course - it's free. But don't forget the opening time which is 1 PM.

I believe that it will be good information for you. Also, I'm happy to share my experience.

Finally, I want say that JUST DO IT IN YOUR MIND AND ENJOY IT!!!. Thanks

Ahmed G.

Posted by Ahmed G. (Misurata - Libya)

on April 2014 - Libya

Studying for my Masters

I am here in Cape Town for four months. I think now I am better than my first month for speak English and I got used to life here better than first day.

I hope to complete what I came before - to learn English and get Master in my specialty.

These days are more interesting than the first weeks .

Zdeňka V.

Posted by Zdeňka V. ()

on March 2014

EC school

I am Zdenka and I’m staying at EC Language School. I came from Prague {Czech} on the 6 January 2014 on my own. Anyway I had to speak English everywhere and every time. It has been very interesting experience to speak and to try and understand everyone from this school. It is not just about how to use a language. It’s also about how to get and to know people and their behaviour particularly. These interactions are amazing for me. To explore local culture has been fantastic as well. I like to speak people and to make friends. Those days I have many friends from Cape Town.
I would like to say that my experience at EC Language school is also about helping change my host family. Unfortunately my first host family had been living in District Six. There are not so many opportunities to walk, to ride a bike and to run, I asked to change that. They helped me very quickly to change my host family. Now, I have been living in Sea point and I am very happy. I enjoyed my time at ES school, especially during doing my homework . Thanks to everyone from the school for their patience and enthusiasm. Very, very nice experience.

Yujiro H.

Posted by Yujiro H. (Osaka-shi - )

on March 2014

Wonderful School - EC Cape Town

I'm Yujiro Hamaguchi from Japan. I was studying English at EC language school in Cape Town. The level of my class was high intermediate. At first, it was very hard for me because other students could speak and listen to English better. Also, I was the only Japanese student in my first week. However, thanks to my teachers, my friends, and my host family, I became able to speak English a little more fluently than when I came to Cape Town. I made so many friends such as Libyan, Yemeni, Angolan, Swiss, French, German and Brazilian. My experience at EC school in Cape Town was very short but very exciting, amazing and fantastic.

Emad E.

Posted by Emad E. (Tripoli - Libya)

on March 2014 - Libya


While I was looking for English language school in Cape Town on the internet , I found a lot , but by chance I found the EC school web site , it completely attracted my attention. Every thing was going smoothly and too easy to book and register at EC school. I started my 1st day with a placement test and a meeting with polite teachers and people in the school . Firstly I was in Pre Intermediate level , recently I am in higher intermediate level and I am going to start FCE Cambridge course next week . I feel as in my home as in my country , everybody here is unusual , thanks to every bodies , teachers , friends ,employers and administration members.

Véronique S.

Posted by Véronique S. ()

on March 2014

Veronique from Switzerland

I stayed one month in Cape Town to study English at EC School. I`m in high intermediate and I like our funny class and the sympathetic teachers. They never badmouth! They are always in a good mood and are not mad, when you don`t do the homework :)
My English is better now and I`m not shy anymore to speak in English.
I met a lot of people, from different countries and backgrounds. I found new friends, who I hopefully will see again :) Byeee!

Hanan M.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Posted by Hanan M. (tripoli - Libya)

on March 2014 - Libya

my EC experience

I am Hanan from Libya I study English at EC School from Libya. I started from beginner level for 4 weeks after that I changed to elementary. I have worked hard and now i am in high intermediate, my English now is better than before. When I arrived in Cape Town I could not speak like now. But now, I can. I can understand what people in the street say. I can deal with everything because I have to go to university so I have to be on track. I would like to say thanks to all the teachers who helped me and who are still helping me. I am really happy because I got the opportunity to study at EC school. I will not forget EC school at all.

Babette H.

Posted by Babette H. (Cape Town - Netherlands)

on February 2014 - Netherlands

EC Cape Town

EC school is a perfect opportunity to learn or improve your English. There are students from all over the world, I like this aspect, because this is the best way to improve your language and its amazing to have friends all over the world! EC school is well located and its nice to be in the city centre, so you can have lunch or do nice things in town with other students! If you wanna meet people from all different cultures and have an amazing time in Cape Town, choose EC school!

Giada L.

Posted by Giada L. (Switzerland)

on January 2014 - Switzerland

Hello my is Giada, I'm from Switzerland.
I've been in EC Cape Town for 4 moths.
I love this amazing city, because of the people are really friendly and the weather is warm. i enjoy the school and the place, it's a perfect choice.

Marlies M.

Posted by Marlies M. (Vienna - Austria)

on January 2014 - Austria

once in cape town

seb, our teacher today is a little bit crazy, but maybe the best teacher of ec cape town :)
because we learn a lot and laugh all the time. In general we could say that ec cape town is a school where you enjoy your time and get better and better in speaking, writing and listening in another language.
join us! :) greetings, sandy & marlies

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