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US Miami - USA

  • 4.6364 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.6364 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.6364 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.6364 Star Rating: Recommended
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33 review(s)

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Language school overview


School is in the process of receiving ACCET accreditation.


Language School description

Our school is located in the heart of South Beach on the world-famous Lincoln Road. We are a short walk from the beach, straight down Lincoln Road past lots of restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. The famous Art Deco hotels on Ocean Drive are very near, as well as the high-end shops and boutiques on Collins Avenue. When the sun goes down the action continues in some of the world's best nightclubs and bars. We are in the middle of everything you imagine when you think "South Beach"!
It's the place to see and be seen!

School facilities description

· Established: 2012
· Centre capacity: 196
· Minimum age: 16 (Business Mini Group: 23)
· 14 modern classrooms
· Access to 13 internet connected computers
· Free wireless internet access throughout the centre
· Library/Self Study Room
· Modern student lounge

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Language Course type

Au pair program
Courses for Academic purposes
Courses for Business/Executives
Courses for Specific purposes
Courses Plus (sport, culture etc.)
Examination preparation courses
General and Intensive courses
Group programs
High School
  High school preparation courses
Language immersion at teacher's home
One to one courses
Senior programs
Summer or camp programs
Teacher training programs
University Foundation/Access courses
Vacation courses for adults
Vacation courses for young learners
Work experience programs

Language courses description and prices

· General English

· Semi-Intensive English

· Intensive English

· One-to-One

· Cambridge ESOL Exams - FCE CAE CPE

· TOEFL Exam Preparation (4 or 8 weeks)

· Academic Year

· Business English One-to-One

· Full Immersion

· Volunteering

· English for Work


More information about EC's English courses in Miami.

Certificates & exams preparation

• Cambridge ESOL Exams - FCE CAE CPE

• TOEFL Exam Preparation (4 or 8 weeks)

Student nationalities, average age & average number per class

· Great nationality mix

· 1 lesson = 45 minutes

· Class size: maximum 14 (average 11)

· Minimum age: 16

· Minimum stay: 1 week


We offer a full and fun acticity programme. Daily activities available for students to mix, explore, learn and have wonderful experiences. Come and make some new friends!


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At teacher's home
Courses without accomodation
  Host family
Student House

Accommodation details

Stay with a local host family or share with other students in a residence.

Airport / Station transfer

Transfers available from Miami International Airport. Transfers must be booked in advance.

Visa support

Contact us for help and information about visas.

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1111 Lincoln
Suite 301
Lincoln Road
Postcode : FL 33139
City : Miami Beach
Country : USA

Tel. : +356 21388500
Website : http://www.ecenglish.com/school-locations/learn-english-in-miami

Latest student review

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Vani B.

Posted by Vani B. (Mödling - )

on June 2013

EC Brighton

It was not my first time abroad, but it was the first time i felt really comfortable and happy all the time. The members of the EC Brighton school tried to do their best for our well behave. It is the first time that i can say i really love the school, the teachers and all the acitivities you can do with the school or another agency.
The location is perfect - just 1 minute away from the Brighton Pier and the beach.
I really enjoyed the welcome event for all the new students on monday - it is really a great chance to meet the other new students and even the teacher.

I just can recommend this school to everyone who likes meeting new people, studing english, having fun with and without school and just for relaxing on the beach or Brighton Pier.

Thank you really much for the nice stay in brighton!! :D
Maybe i can come back!

Emanuele R.

Posted by Emanuele R. (Rome - Italy)

on June 2013 - Italy


Hi guys! i want that all the word know that EC Miami is the best! I love the school, the location, the students, the teachers.. the air conditioning inside :P ahah, everything.. and I don't know what you will do, but when i have free time i will came back in EC Miami! Of course I recommend this school at all people in the word.. also english people that speak good in english.. :D Is so amazing after a good lesson of english walk in Lincon Road for a ice cream and go to the beach.. ok now that i have written this i'm missing miami.. :( so, if u want learn english and spend many good times go in EC Miami..
ah! don't forget your swimming shorts!
bye bye Emanuele Ragusa :*
let's go Miami Heat ;)

Marisa S.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Posted by Marisa S. (Switzerland)

on June 2013 - Switzerland

EC Miami

EC Miami is located in the Lincoln Road. This is in the famous pedestrian area.

The school is quite new and has comfortable
classrooms. The teachers who I had were friendly and helpful.

I lived in an apartment close to the school and beach which was really good for me. I had my apartment cleaned once a week.

It's an experience which I would repeat if I could.

Marion D.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Posted by Marion D. (Switzerland)

on June 2013 - Switzerland


EC Miami is located in the heart of South Beach at Lincoln road, so you have everything near the school.

The teachers I had were friendly and helpful.

I was not really happy with my host family because they were too far from South Beach. But you can change it, if you want.

The school is new and the infrastructure is modern.

I learned a lot and it prepares me well for the Cambridge exam.
There are a lot of Swiss students, so i had to be very disciplined to speak English all the time.

Marina S.

Posted by Marina S. (Switzerland)

on December 2012 - Switzerland

Miami Beach

EC Miami is a good school located in the center of Miami Beach. The school have good teacher they are always friendly and well prepared for the classes. EC helps us a lot, with meeting other students, doing activities out of school.

I really recommend Miami and EC

Margaux J.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Posted by Margaux J. (Nyon - Switzerland)

on December 2012 - Switzerland

EC Miami

EC Miami is a really good place to learn English. Situated on Lincoln Road, in Miami Beach, the school is close to a lot of nice restaurants, cafes and bars.

All the apartments are near the school, and close to the beach. They're well-equiped and the cleaning is done once a week.

The school provides good classes, and I hope it prepare well for the Cambridge exam! We'll see tomorrow! We're not a lot in each class, so it's easy to talk with the teachers.

For me, those 3 months will stay in my head for a long time. It was an awesome experience in an awesome place, and I met a lot of amazing people!

Limbinaras N.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Posted by Limbinaras N. (Miami Beach - USA)

on December 2012 - USA


Miami Beach is a wonderful place to study. The School is near from the Beach and next to the Lincon Road.
I like the school, the structure is new and nice and the teachers are friendly. GO EDWIN :)

The last 3 months was for me a very nice experience, i meet a lot of new people and had a really good time.

Go EC Miami !

All Students a good time

Christoph S.

Posted by Christoph S. (Miami Beach - )

on December 2012


In this school on the Lincoln Road the teachers are very friendly and helpful. Every day you want to go to school because of the other students and the nice atmosphare. you can learn a lot new english stuff and the school makes some special events after the afternoon class like beachsports, go shopping, chat time on a bar etc.

And for the city miami i can`t tell you something, you must see it!!!! the nightlife here is too crazy :-)

Laura M.

Posted by Laura M. (Switzerland)

on November 2012 - Switzerland

Miami Beach

Fantastic beach, wonderful weather, the cool water in the ocean, a lot of shops, kind people...and what else do you need for an unforgottable holiday?!

Ribsime M.

Posted by Ribsime M. (Moscow - Russia)

on November 2012 - Russia

Just do it!

It's a very good place to find a new international friends, to feel the American culture, to see how people from other continent live. If you like sunny and a little windy weather, it's the best place to do this experience. Study with the best teachers and the most interesting students ever.
xo xo
Ribsi & Giuseppe

지수 �.

Posted by 지수 �. (Incheon - Korea (North))

on November 2012 - Korea (North)

Awesome!! EC-Miami!!

There are beautiful girls and handsome boys.
Teachers are friendly.
You can improve your english a lot in here.
I can't believe it!! Oh My God!!
Fantastic!! Gorgeous!! Can you believe it??
Come to Miami Beach!! Dreams come true!!

Alessandra K.

Posted by Alessandra K. (Miami Beach - )

on August 2012

Good experiences!

I am now at EC Miami-- it is a great experience! I like Miami Beach and the night life. Friendly teachers and a good environment.
I recommend this school - next stop EC NYC!

Özcan Y.

Posted by Özcan Y. (Miami Beach - )

on July 2012

doesn`t need a title :)))

they say about themselves that:"ec miami is the best!!"
that`s right...
this is my first trip to usa and i can find everything here what i thought before coming here.very nice city and the course and teachers and nightclubs and beach and and and...

Mehmet K.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Posted by Mehmet K. (New York - )

on July 2012


EC Miami is new school in Miami. Teachers are really friendly in here. Also, every week school offers activities for students and it is really nice to be here. Most of the people are friendly in here like choosen from a list.

Monika H.

Posted by Monika H. ()

on July 2012

English in Miami

I've been in Miami for a week and a half and i already love it. I heard about Miami on Tv, and it's really like in the movies- Exceeded my expetations. EC school is located in center of Miami Beach. Near by, there is Lincoln Mall, lots of famous shops, fast food restaurants etc.
Beach is amazing. I swim every day,and i love the waves. it's so exciting. :}
I'm not 21 but ilove to party, without drinking!
I do a lot of sports on the beach- running, valleyball, swimming etc.

Christina L.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Posted by Christina L. (Miami Beach - )

on July 2012

EC Miami is the best

I'm staying in Miami since 4 weeks and I'm enjoying every day here! My classmates and the teachers are very great and helpfully. The school is new and the activity program is very cool and varied.
Now some words about Miami.. Miami is a Party and Shopping City you have to bring a lot of money, because everything is so expensive. You have a big choise of tours (Bahamas, Key West, Orlando, Everglades). I really recommend EC Miami!!

regards, Christina

Eva M.

Posted by Eva M. (Übach-Palenberg - )

on July 2012

EC Miami

I am at the EC Miami just for one week, but I enjoy it . I have just a great time at school with the teacher and the other students. We learn a lot and can really improve our English. After school we enjoy our time at the beach, go shopping and go out at night ;-) You will have a great time too at EC Miami.
EC Miami is the best!!! :-)

Leo M.

Posted by Leo M. ()

on July 2012

My Miami's Experience

Being in Miami was a terrific experience for me, and EC School helps a lot to encrease this experience. Here, at school, we can met people for all over the world, and EC helps us a lot, with meeting others students, doing activities out of school. Just be careful with speaking just in english, AND enjoy a lot!

Lorenza C.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Posted by Lorenza C. (Ancona - Italy)

on June 2012 - Italy


I stayed in Miami only one week and I attended EC school . The school is in a good position , close to Lincoln Mall.
Everything is new and efficient and the teachers are very friendly.
The only problem I have is with the accomodation in an apartment they booked for me. Noboby helps me with the key that doesn's work... But I would have liked to stay there longer..

Sandro A.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Posted by Sandro A. (Switzerland)

on May 2012 - Switzerland

EC Miami

I've been here since 9 weeks and I really like Miami and EC. EC is a very new school, but everything is good organised. The teachers i meet were fantasic and allways helpful. They gave me many good tips. Perhaps where i should go for lunch or shopping. The school offers also activities after class, for example bowling, salsa dancing or volleyball. So far, I'm very happy here.

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