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US San Diego - USA

  • 4.8902 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.8902 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.8902 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.8902 Star Rating: Recommended
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82 review(s)

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Latest student review, opinion, recommandation and comment about his language courses in a language school

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Shunsuke K.

Posted by Shunsuke K.

on January 2014

EC San Diego's experience

I have been studying in EC San Diego for almost 3m... Read more

Bandar A.

Posted by Bandar A.

on July 2013

EC school San Diego

I really enjoyed learning English in this school .... Read more

Eva B.

Posted by Eva B.

on May 2013

EC San Diego

I enjoyed my stay here very much! That is the reas... Read more

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Language school overview


Visit our website: www.ecenglish.com/school-locations/learn-english-in-san-diego

EC San Diego is accredited by the ACCET.

Organisation memberships

EC San Diego is a member of AAIEP.

Language School description

Established in 1992, EC San Diego English language school is located in the beautiful area of La Jolla. The neighbourhood is well-known for its lovely homes, up-market shopping and incredible coastline, where seals can be spotted next to surfers and sunbathers! Just around the corner from the beach, the school's 23 bright classrooms, airy student lounge, computer areas and outdoor terraces with Pacific Ocean views all help to create the relaxed Californian atmosphere found at EC San Diego. In your free time, you can immerse yourself fully into the San Diego way of life with surfing and golf lessons, or joining in with other students for beach volleyball.

School facilities description

Watch EC San Diego Video

• Established: 1992

• Centre capacity: 220

• 23 bright and spacious classrooms which hold a maximum of 12 students

• Minimum age: 16 / Business Mini Group: 23

• Student computers: 22

• School is located very close to a number of sandwich bars, restaurants and coffee bars

• Audio and visual equipment available

• Free wireless internet access throughout the centre

• Student lounge and book lending service

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Language Course type

Au pair program
Courses for Academic purposes
Courses for Business/Executives
Courses for Specific purposes
Courses Plus (sport, culture etc.)
Examination preparation courses
General and Intensive courses
Group programs
High School
  High school preparation courses
Language immersion at teacher's home
One to one courses
Senior programs
Summer or camp programs
Teacher training programs
University Foundation/Access courses
Vacation courses for adults
Vacation courses for young learners
Work experience programs

Language courses description and prices

EC San Diego has English Courses for every level from Beginner to Advanced with start dates of every Monday for most courses. Minimum stay is one week, there is no maximum stay.

EC San Diego Prices


Certificates & exams preparation

• FCE, CAE & CPE Preparation

• TOEFL Preparation

• Academic Year 20/30

• University Access Programme 20/30

Student nationalities, average age & average number per class

In 2008/ 09 our nationality mix was made up of 45 different nationalities. We have a great nationality and age mix which varies over different time periods, courses and levels.


San Diego's wonderful climate makes it a great place to enjoy some outdoor activities. Our school in meters away from the ocean so you can try surfing or water sports. Explore San Diego, learn about the local culture, try something new and have some great experiences on our fantastic social activities programme.


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At teacher's home
Courses without accomodation
  Host family
Student House

Airport / Station transfer

Let us know your arrival date and flight information and we can arrange for an airport pick up from San Diego International Airport. You must book your airport transfer in advance.

Visa support

When you book a course at EC San Diego, a Visa Specialist will be appointed to you to help make your visa application go smoothly.

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1012 Prospect Street
Suite 200
Postcode : CA 92037
City : La Jolla
Country : California

Tel. : +356 21388500
Website : http://www.ecenglish.com/school-locations/learn-english-in-san-diego/

Latest student review

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Shunsuke K.

Posted by Shunsuke K. (Japan)

on January 2014 - Japan

EC San Diego's experience

I have been studying in EC San Diego for almost 3months. my experience here have been great!!
the first reason is that the teachers and the stuffs are so friendly that I can talk to them anytime and I can ask them help. Then, they help me with my problems and questions.
Second reason is that the shool is located really great city. the weather is fine and beautifull.
Finally, the firends i met here are totaly good. i have been to many places with them. i will definetly keep in touch with them after i graduate from this school!

Bandar A.

Posted by Bandar A. (Yemen)

on July 2013 - Yemen

EC school San Diego

I really enjoyed learning English in this school . Moreover, I recommend people who want to learn English to get this choice, because it is able to teach you from the lowest level until high levels.Actually that what happened to me.When I got this school I started from the first level "Beginner" and when I left it I was "high intermediate" close to "upper intermediate" that is a great achievement for me.By the way I had already had an acceptance from a flight school before I left EC,which means EC helped me to achieve my dream .
In the end I have to say "Thank you very much EC San Diego.

Eva B.

Posted by Eva B. (Munich - USA)

on May 2013 - USA

EC San Diego

I enjoyed my stay here very much! That is the reason why I extended two times. If you are interested to find a place where you can improve your English and at the same time find friends come here. The lovely and helpful staff will support you with every question. Heather the boss is always around and asks you if you need something or if you are satisified. Everybody takes care of you. My teacher Alvin is responsible that my English is getting better. I enjoyed the location around San Diego and I can really recommend EC San Diego to every I know and I will for sure come back. It has been one of the best times of my life.

Christina A.

Posted by Christina A. (Switzerland)

on June 2011 - Switzerland

My favorite thing about coming to EC San Diego was the mood in the center and the open-minded and helpful staff! I really liked exploring southern California and taking trips to LA, Las Vegas and Temecula. I would advise students to try and study hard, even though the weather is so nice!

Mattia B.

Posted by Mattia B. (Switzerland)

on June 2011 - Switzerland

I really like the school, and the lessons are good organized... we work hard but we have some fun too with the games... Sorry that I couldn't take part at the spare time activities because I'm training... I will suggest this school to my friends... I like the teachers and the people on the front desk... I'll miss Ec-San Diego and Bay Pointe.

Fabio P.

Posted by Fabio P. ()

on May 2011

I've only good things to say about EC San Diego.

First of all the teachers are very good. They all have a pleasant teaching style and there is a excellent atmosphere in the classroom.

Also there are well-chosen textbooks.

I enyou

Woojae L.

Posted by Woojae L. (Seoul - South Korea)

on May 2011 - South Korea

I can explain a number of good things about EC Sandiego. First off, I was definitely satisfied with the way my teachers taught English focusing on how they could correct student's pronunciation and accents. That is, they teach how to speak English in an appropriate way. Ah, almost forgot, the staff members showed me such a great hospitality. Plus, you'll definitely see how beautiful and awesome San Diego is. It's one of the finest cities in the States. Indeed, SD is the first on my list of attractive cities.

Fahad A.

Posted by Fahad A. ()

on May 2011

before start studies in EC school. somebody told me EC school very bad. you are must be change. but I sed no change . i will try . now I have just one month. i feel my english improve day after day. I am very happy now.

Gabriel S.

Posted by Gabriel S. (Birigui/São Paulo - Brazil)

on May 2011 - Brazil

I have only good things to say about EC. The staff is super, very kind and attentive. Teachers? They are the best, you take classes without realizing the time that you spend there. As i already had some english knowledge the focus on conversation was great to improve my skills. I really miss EC and San Diego, beyond the good friends i made there.

Marta A.

Posted by Marta A. (Madrid - Spain)

on May 2011 - Spain

It's an amazing school!All the people that work there is waiting to everyone who want to learn English, and for sure, in EC San Diego you will learn, without doubt!And there is something that makes the school even better, the city, the place where is located, the beaches... you have thousands of things you can do there..If you want to learn English, meet great people and have an incredible time, go to EC San Diego, you'll want to stay more than you plan!!! ;)

Emanuel H.

Posted by Emanuel H. (Baden - Switzerland)

on April 2011 - Switzerland

It's a wonderful school! The staff is friendly and has an open ear for everyone. I recommend this school to anyone who'd like to combine their holidays with learning english but also to people who'd like to do a Cambridge course. The location of the school is splendid! In some classrooms you have a view to the Pacific. Lots of Restaurants are nearby and a Café is only 1 minute away from the school.
I really enjoyed my time there! If you want to be happy after your stay, go to EC in San Diego ;-)

Matthew C.

Posted by Matthew C. (Switzerland)

on March 2011 - Switzerland

I recommend this school to anyone who plans to learn english in San Diego. Teachers and staff are very friendly, location is nice, the city is awesome. I had a great time there !!

Patrick M.

Posted by Patrick M. (Zurich - Switzerland)

on March 2010 - Switzerland

I had a very nice time here.
All people were very frendly and did everything that im happy.

I think all students where join this scholl will be happy.

Thanks again for everything

Brian H.

Posted by Brian H. (Switzerland)

on March 2010 - Switzerland

EC San Diego is fantastic! The teachers are very heplful. I improved my English a lot! Apart from that, the school is very good situated and there're many restaurants near the school. Finally, San Diego is such a nice place to study English, because there're a lot of things to do, for instance, surfing, shopping, and hanging out in bars and clubs.

Pulunsol C.

Posted by Pulunsol C. (Gwachon - South Korea)

on March 2010 - South Korea

I have studied English since i came here last October. First , i took intensive class. And i took Cambrige class. Today is last day with my classmates. I took the class with my classmates for 10 weeks. Most of the classmates are going to go back thier country this weekend. They are good friends.
Even though I stay here 3 weeks more, i'll miss them.

Eriko T.

Posted by Eriko T. (kanagawa - Japan)

on March 2010 - Japan

I'm happy to be able to come San Diego and this school.Friends and teachers are friendly and kind.I strongly recommend you to study English at this school.Ths location is also wonderful.I eat lunch at beach,enjyoing fantastic weather.

Mohammad A.

Posted by Mohammad A. (Riyadh - Saudi Arabia)

on March 2010 - Saudi Arabia

For me, it was really good experience because SAN DIEGO is extremly an wonderful city and you can get the chance to learn English and practice English with American people.
this is your opportunity don't miss it :)

Alfaifi A.

Posted by Alfaifi A. (ABHA - Saudi Arabia)

on March 2010 - Saudi Arabia

The school is very nice and the city is very beautiful. The teachers have a very high degree of knowledge. :)

Irene A.

Posted by Irene A. (Milan - Italy)

on March 2010 - Italy

San Diego is a very wonderfull place where you can improve your english. You can also travel and meet a lot of people..

Silvia S.

Posted by Silvia S. (milano - Italy)

on March 2010 - Italy

I think that's a really good experience to studing,travelling and meet new people.
you can improve your english enjoy yourself.

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