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ES Granada - Spain

  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended

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Language school overview


Instituto Cervantes
D.E.L.E. Examination Centre
TANDEM International

CSN (Accreditation for the CSN Programme of the Swedish Government)
FOREM (Accreditation through FOREM in Belgium for Professional Training)
Bildungsurlaub Germany

Organisation memberships

TANDEM International
«Asociación de Escuelas de Español de Granada»
(Association of Spanish language schools in Granada)
Granada Chamber of Commerce
Madrid Chamber of Commerce
Hotel Association Granada
E.E.A. - Español en Andalucía  
(Association of Spanish language schools in Andalusia)
(Association of private public schools in Andalusia)
(National Federation of Spanish language schools in Spain)

Language School description

We have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language since 1986. Our Spanish school is located in Granada, one of the most fascinating cities in Andalusia, southern Spain. The Spanish courses are held throughout the year. The friendly atmosphere and personal touch of our Spanish classes as well as Granada's Andalusian charm will turn your language holidays into an unforgettable experience. Students from all over the world and from different age groups participate in our Spanish language programme throughout the year. An extensive cultural programme always complements the Spanish courses. With 800 students every year we can be considered as a medium-sized Spanish language school. For further information visit: www.escuela-montalban.com

School facilities description

The school building, characterised by its Andalusian style, its friendly classrooms, and its beautiful courtyard, retains much of the charm and intimacy of a family home. It is situated in a quiet location just ten minutes away from the city centre.

We offer the following services:

  • Student service and councelling in 5 languages: travel advice, visa application, accommodation reservations, airport transfer and travel health insurance.
  • 24 hours emergency phone line.
  • An extensive Culture Programme.
  • TANDEM language exchange.
  • Nearby coffee bar.
  • courtyard as a meeting place for students.
  • Internet access (WiFi)
    We offer free and unlimited Internet access; 8 computers are available to our students.
  • Book and Video Library
    Our library with approximately 500 novels, grammar books, course books and journals, and the video library with more than 400 recent Spanish films are all available to our students free of charge.
  • Bike rental
  • At the nearby O2 Centro Wellness our students can take advantage of reduced fees.
  • Reduced fees at the nearby O2 Centro Wellness.
  • Certificates
    A certificate of attendance will be given at the end of each Spanish course and is included in the course price. If they so wish, students are also able to participate in a final, internal examination to obtain the "Certificado de Nivel de Español como Lengua Extranjera" (Price 40 €).

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Language Course type

Au pair program
Courses for Academic purposes
Courses for Business/Executives
Courses for Specific purposes
Courses Plus (sport, culture etc.)
Examination preparation courses
General and Intensive courses
Group programs
High School
  High school preparation courses
Language immersion at teacher's home
One to one courses
Senior programs
Summer or camp programs
Teacher training programs
University Foundation/Access courses
Vacation courses for adults
Vacation courses for young learners
Work experience programs

Language courses description and prices

Standard Course: A Standard Spanish Course of 4 lessons of 45 minutes per day allows students to complement holidays with language study. The Standard Spanish course is recommended for those who wish to combine a relaxed language course with the study of Spanish culture in real life situations. Students can start to learn Spanish from scratch, or improve their linguistic skills.

1 week: 175 € / 2 weeks: 325 € / additional week: 150 €
Longterm course (8+ weeks): 140 € per week

Enrolment fee: 50 €

Intensive Course: An Intensive Spanish Course with 5 lessons of 45 minutes per day guarantees maximum progress during a short period of time. These Spanish courses are ideal for people whose stay in Spain is mainly work-oriented or study-based. With more Spanish classes added to the Standard Course, students put into practice the communication skills learnt in the morning sessions.

1 week: 220 € / 2 weeks: 415 € / additional week: 195 €
Longterm course (8+ weeks): 185 € per week
Enrolment fee: 50 €

Superintensive Course: A Superintensive Spanish Course of 6 lessons of 45 minutes per day guarantees maximum progress during a short period of time. These Spanish courses are ideal for people whose stay in Spain is mainly work-oriented or study-based. With more Spanish classes added to the Standard Course, students put into practice the communication skills learnt in the morning sessions.

1 week: 265 € / 2 weeks: 505 € / additional week: 240 €
Longterm course (8+ weeks): 230 € per week
Enrolment fee: 50 €

Standard-Plus 1: A Standard-Plus 1 Spanish Courses combines 4 group classes with 1 private Spanish classes per day. The group classes are interactive and help students to improve their speaking skills. The private classes allow individual students to cover areas that need extra practice or to study special topics.

1 week: 300 € / 2 weeks: 575 € / additional week: 275 €
Enrolment fee: 50 €

Standard-Plus 2: A Standard-Plus 2 Spanish Courses combines 4 group classes with private Spanish classes per day. The group classes are interactive and help students to improve their speaking skills. The private classes allow individual students to cover areas that need extra practice or to study special topics.

1 week: 425 € / 2 weeks: 825 € / additional week: 400 €
Enrolment fee: 50 €

Certificates & exams preparation

The D.E.L.E. Preparation Courses are designed for students at the intermediate or advanced levels. In Granada you can prepare the A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2 examinations. In order to sit the D.E.L.E. exams, students must have a pre-intermediate level for the B1 examination; for the B2 examination, they should be at least intermediate level; and students wishing to sit the C1/C2 examination should be at an advanced level at the beginning of their Spanish course. After the D.E.L.E Preparation Course, students can take part in the following examination.

Long-term Course D.E.L.E.:
8 week Standard Spanish Course with 4 Spanish classes per day in a group and 4 private Spanish lessons per week of specific D.E.L.E. exam preparation.

8 weeks: 1920 €
Enrolment fee: 50 €

Intensive Course D.E.L.E.: 4 week Standard Spanish Course with 4 Spanish classes per day in a group and 8 private Spanish lessons per week of specific D.E.L.E. exam preparation.

4 weeks: 1425 €
Enrolment fee: 50 €

Student nationalities, average age & average number per class

Student nationalities:
Mainly European students; also students from the USA, Australia and Japan

Average age:
Minimum age: 16 years / average age: 25-35 years

Students per class:
Maximal number of students per class: 8
Average number of studens per class: 5


You can combine the  intensive Spanish courses with the following cultural activities:

Spanish & Culture: This Spanish culture course of 5 private lessons per week is designed for intermediate and advanced students to practice the Spanish language by discussing historical, social and cultural topics.
1 week: 125 €

Spanish & Flamenco
: Complement a Spanish Course with 6 Flamenco dance lessons of 45mins per week. The classes are given in collaboration with a recognized and qualified dance teacher; There are classes at all levels, starting with beginners (rumbas) up to the more advanced levels (alegrías, tangos, bulerías, soleá).
1 week: 100 €

Spanish & Tango: In addition to a general Spanish language course, 4 Tango dance lessons of 60 minutes per week on Tuesday and Thursday from 20.00 to 22.00 h; dance sessions in a ballroom every Monday evening and a «Milonga» every Friday evening.
1 week: 100 €

Spanish & Cooking
: Combine a Spanish course with 6 cooking classes of 45 minutes per week. Our teacher, Javier Vilchez, is a professional cook with many years experience in catering. He will demonstrate the preparation of special dishes, or a tapas selection.
1 week: 125 €

Spanish & Gourmet: Combine a Spanish course with 2 Gourmet evenings.
1 week: 120 €

Spanish & Yoga: Combine a Spanish course with 4 Yoga classes per week.
1 week: 40 €

Spanish & Horseback Riding in Sierra Nevada: Combine a Spanish course with a horseback riding programme in the Sierra Nevada National Park during 3 afternoons (approx. 9 hours).
1 week: 150 €

Spanish & Hiking in Granada Natural Parks: Combine a Spanish course with two hiking afternooons.
1 week: 100 €

Spanish & Rock Climbing: Combine a Spanish course with two climbing afternooons.
1 week: 120 €


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At teacher's home
Courses without accomodation
  Host family
Student House

Accommodation details

We offer the following accommodation options:

  • Accommodation with use of kitchen facilities in shared flats with students from the school.
  • Accommodation with use of kitchen facilities in shared flats with Spanish residents.
  • Host family accommodation with breakfast, half board or full board.
  • Accommodation in a Student Residence with breakfast, half board or full board.
  • Accommodation in a Hotel** or Hostel.
  • Accommodation in a self-catering apartment.
  • Accommodation in a Casa Rural.
  • Accommodation at the teacher's home.

Facilities for disabled students


Airport / Station transfer

If you would like an organised transfer from either one of these airports to your accommodation in Granada, please provide us information on the airport of your destination, your arrival date and time, you airline and flight number as soon as possible. Travel health insurance can also be obtained through the school.

Price for a one way transfer:
Malaga Airport - Granada Accommodation: 170 €
Granada Airport - Granada Accommodation: 45 €

Travel health insurance:
Price up to 15 days: 15 €
Price up to 30 days: 30 €

Please ask us if you require any further information on train and bus connections from other Spanish cities to Granada. 

Visa support

Before you enrol for a Spanish course please note that the conditions for granting a Visa include medical insurance covering your stay abroad, a residential address in Granada and sufficient financial means. You can obtain information regarding a Visa application from the Spanish Embassy in your country. Addresses of Spanish Embassies worldwide can be found at the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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C/ Conde Cifuentes, nº 11
Postcode : 18005
City : Granada
Country : Spain

Tel. : +34 958256875
Fax : +34 958256875
Website : http://www.escuela-montalban.com

Latest student review

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Melis E.

Posted by Melis E. (Izmir - Turkey)

on April 2013 - Turkey

Spanish Courses in Escuela Montalban-Granada

I had many different classes for learning different languages previously, but my experience in Escuela Montalban-Granada was totally different and much more efficient than the other ones. They have a very different strategy to teach Spanish which is very useful to learn really much thing in a short time. What I most like about this school is; they are not only a Spanish course, but also they are taking care of all your problems and necessities. For example you can leave at your home all the stress of booking a hotel/hostel, arranging a transfer from your airport etc.. or if you would like to have a guided city tour in Granada, trekking, ridding Andalucian horses, dive in Cabo de Gata, see a Flamenco show or whatever, they arrange all for you! So that you can just concentrate to learn the language and have fun in your times in Granada. I think that is one of the most important values of Escuela Montalban-Granada.

I felt totally comfortable in the course and learnt really huge amount of Spanish in a short time. Honestly all the professors, managers and workers are very friendly. You need to be here to understand what i would like to say. You will not want to turn back to your country :)

One more thing! I felt something here, that all the students are willing to learn this language. I havent seen untill now any person who is bored of the classes. I dont know why but everyone wants more homeworks :) This school is magical i guess :) Seriously, if you really want to learn Spanish and Spanish lifestyle, in my opinion there can not be a better place than here. I would definitely recommend Escuela Montalban-Granada to anyone who is looking forward to learn or improve their Spanish.

Kat L.

Posted by Kat L. (Germany)

on March 2011 - Germany

I've already been to some Spanish schools in Spain, but I've never felt so welcome as in the school Montalbán. In my opinion the great advantage of the Escuela Montalbán in Granada is its size. It is quite a small school, so if you look for personal and individual treatment, it's the perfect option. Concerning classes and progress in learning Spanish, they try to find the perfect level for you and don't mind to open a „new“ level for 3 students. Anyway, mostly there are just about 5 to max. 10 students in each class, which makes every lesson very intensive. Furthermore, all the staff is really nice and open as far as wishes for changes were concerned and I felt that they really cared, if I or others had a problem.You can see in every detail that the owners want to create a nice atmosphere – you will recognise the school as soon as you enter the street for all its plant decoration and in the classrooms there are nice pictures of the city and cultural events.
Studying here you don't only learn Spanish, the qualified teachers (who even manage to make shy people talk) will provide you a hugh range of information about the Spanish culture, even more if you take part in the extra activities in the afternoon, which I highly recommend!!! And there are so many options!!! You can go to the impressive Sierra Nevada for a long walk or for skying, depending on the season, you can see a lot of dance festivals and even take classes at school by Carina and „William“ - they were so patient with us!!! - and don't miss the arabic baths to relax enjoying a massage. Really, it's impossible to be bored in Granada! Even the beach is just about 50km away and there are buses with a good frequency... So, what are you waiting for? :-)

Serap K.

Posted by Serap K. (Germany)

on November 2010 - Germany

Merhaba Arkadaşlar!

Ben Ispanya´nin güneyinde „Girnata“ adiylada bilinen Granada şehrindeki „Escuela Montalbán“ dil okulunda 3 aylik bir staj yaptim. Hem şehrin kendisine, hemde ordaki yaşam tarzina hayran kaldim.

Endülüs tarzindaki hoş bir avluya sahip olan okulda, bilgili ve neşeli öğretmenler sayesinde, stajim çok eğlenceli ve rahat geçti. Bu okul yaklaşik 20 senedir yabanci öğrencilere ispanyolca kurslari vermekte. Buradaki kurslarda, ispanyolcayi daha çabuk ve verimli bir şekilde öğreniyorsunuz. Ayrica farkli ülkelerden gelen öğrenciler sayesindede ingilizcenizi bile geliştirme ve yeni arkadaşlar edinme şansiniz var. Kursda öğrenmiş olduğunuz ispanyolcayi, burdaki günlük hayat´da kullanabilmek, çok faydali oluyor.

Granada şehri çok farkli bir karaktere sahip. Bu şehir en parlak çağını, Müslümanların yönetiminde olduğu 13-15 asırlar arasında yaşamış ve günümüzde caddelerde, arka sokaklarda, binalarda ve anitlarda bu izler hala görülmekte. Hiristiyanlarin görkemli katedralleri ve kiliseleride görmeye değer. Elhamra sarayinin eşsiz bahçeleri, havuzlari ve zarafetide bugünkü zamana adeta meydan okumakta.

Ayrica dünyaca ünlü yazar Federico García Lorca ve Flamenko sanatçisi Enrique Morente gibi bir çok Flamenko şarki ve danscilari bu şehirde doğup büyümüşler. Genelde akşamlari, muhteşem bir atmosferde büyüleyici Flamenko ve müzik şovlarini muhakkak izlemelisiniz . Granada´nin farkli semtlerinde değişik etkinlikler sunulmakta olduğundan, burdaki zamaniniz çok renkli ve macerali geçecektir.

Granada´da her zevke göre bir şeyler bulmak mümkün: kültür, tarih, sanat, eğitim, eğlence, yemek, müzik vs.

Bu staj benim için unutulmaz bir tecrübe idi ver herkese buraya gelip bu güzelikleri yaşamanizi tavsiye ediyorum!!!

Muchos saludos!


Sylwia L.

Posted by Sylwia L. (Lodz - Poland)

on August 2010 - Poland

Mam na imię Sylwia i w ciągu miesiąca uczestniczyłam w kursie języka hiszpańskiego w szkole Montalbán. Moja podróż językowa okazała się być świetnym doświadczeniem i bez wahania mogę polecić tą szkołę :)

Co więcej, Granada jest miastem naprawdę różnorodnym i z pewnością przyciągnie tych, których ciekawi historia muzułmańskiej epoki miasta i jego piękno! To właśnie ten aspekt sprawia, ze Andaluzja aż kipi mieszanką kultur i ma swój wyjątkowy urok!!

Mimo, że zajęcia z języka hiszpańskiego były prowadzone na wysokim poziomie i nieraz trzeba było przyłożyć się do nauki, to zawsze pozostawało trochę czasu wolnego na rozrywki :) Szkoła oferuje wiele ciekawych programów, ja postanowiłam wybrać się na spektakl Flamenco w ogrodach Generalife, zwiedzić Alhambrę, Sewillę i zarzyć kąpieli w arabskich łazniach, które mogę serdecznie polecić! Pobyt w Granadzie zdecydowanie podniósł mój poziom języka hiszpańskiego, ale był również czasem zawarcia międzynarodowych przyjazni, które mam nadzieję przetrwają lata! W szkole Montalbán miałam okazję poznać wspaniałych ludzi z całego świata, razem uczyliśmy się języka, zwiedzaliśmy Andaluzję i bawiliśmy do białego rana w weekendy!!!

Pozdrawiam wszystkich, których miałam okazję poznać podczas moich wakacji w Hiszpanii i nie Adios, ale Hasta Luego Compañeros!!!!!

Saludos de Polonia!


Karla A.

Posted by Karla A. (Münster - Germany)

on August 2009 - Germany

Studying at the Escuela Montalban has for me been a great experience from both a cultural and linguistic point of view. The classes, always organised in small numbers, are interesting and dynamic, and the teachers always make sure to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere so that it becomes a pleasure to learn Spanish! You also study in a truly international atmosphere with students representing cultures from all over the world, which you discover in addition to the Spanish lifestyle. What I enjoyed most about this school was the staff and the students’ friendliness and openess, which definitely helps to make you feel at home in a foreign country. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who is looking to improve their Spanish in a friendly environment and keep great memories of Andalusia!

Irina H.

Posted by Irina H. (Ansbach - Germany)

on June 2009 - Germany

I stayed 8 weeks in Granada, learning Spanish at Escuela Montalban. I would like to recommend this school to everyone with the aim to learn Spanish in a efficiant way and at the same time in a very friendly and personal atmosphere. The teachers are great and all classes are designed to the personal level and personalities of the students! - It was definatley a good choice!

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