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RU St Petersburg - Russia

  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended

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Language school overview

Language School description

Extra Class is a top quality language school located in St. Petersburg, Russia. We offer a variety of group and individual language courses for students, travelers, professionals, and executives.

Our clents have always given the highest marks to our all-inclusive packages with HB accommodation, tranfers, a vivid cultural program etc., combined with a unique combination of added value features such as free on-site Wi-Fi Internet and free tea, coffee and bottled spring water for all our students, which one can't find at any other language school in Russia.


Our school is centrally located in the historical part of St. Petersburg (5 min. walk from Dostoyevsky museum), has well equipped modern renovated classrooms, and has an impressive client list which includes diplomatic services, world famous banks, and international media. Our Russian books and programs have been used by Russian schools and teachers in many countries for years, and those who attended our teachers' training courses have always found them useful and inspiring, which can be a proof of our high teaching standards.

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Airport transfer upon arrival is included in the course fee for group courses, transfer in and out - for individual courses.

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Zagorodny prospect, 17
Postcode : 191002
City : St. Petersburg
Country : Russia

Tel. : ++7 812 315 27 20
Fax : ++7 812 315 27 20
Website : http://www.learnrussian.ru

Latest student review

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Jordan K.

Posted by Jordan K. (New York - USA)

on February 2013 - USA

Perfect environment for learning a language

I studied at ExtraClass for 3 months, 8 hours of lessons a day, with private lessons. The owner of the school was one of my teachers. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about my experience at ExtraClass. Not only are all the teachers there extremely professional and talented at what they do, they are also friendly and really make a point of getting to know you and making the environment friendly and relaxed. They use immersion techniques to teach you (I studied Russian), but they know exactly the level to speak with you so that almost 90% of what you hear is understood, and you are still constantly challenged to learn new things. I learned more in a week with ExtraClass than I did in a year in university setting Russian courses. I highly recommend this school for anyone wanting to study in beautiful Saint Petersburg.

Luca C.

Posted by Luca C. (ALASSIO - Italy)

on January 2013 - Italy

Simply perfect!!

I came to Russia speaking not even a word..
They told me that after 3 months I would be able to speak and understand russian language.. IT'S TRUE!! They can do it..
I can speak 6 languages but this is the hardest language I had never studied!
Grammar, words, cases it's very complicated and complex but at the same time very very logical language.. And for logical things you need smart teachers and a good and logical method to teach and they have it!
They have good and proper teachers and they follow a wonderful method..
The school is new, comfortable, and in THE CENTER of Peter, in a wonderful location!
With them everyone can speak russian!
They promise me to teach me russian in 3 months and they keep their promise!
Now I can said I can speak and understand russian!
Simply perfect!
спасибо extra class!

Tadeu D.

Posted by Tadeu D. (Amsterdam - Netherlands)

on May 2011 - Netherlands

Just had a fantastic week individual 3 hours a day Extra Class. Very professionals and friendly. Good balance in the lessons, speaking and grammar use. Location of school and host family very good center Petersburg.

Marija T.

Posted by Marija T. (Canberra - Australia)

on March 2011 - Australia

Extra Class is a great language school!

The school uses both modern and active teaching methods. Rather than learning by rote, I was encouraged to practice new grammar concepts by speaking, reading and writing and this made a huge difference to my progress. The teaching quality and materials were fantastic! All of our teachers were native speakers and philologists. They, not only, had the technical knowledge, but also, the teaching experience to be really effective teachers.

The school also has a real sense of community. In the evenings the school teaches local students other languages and the staff regularly organises social and cultural events so there are always opportunities to meet and make friends with locals. The staff were also great; always ready with tips and advice for getting around and for dealing with local authorities like the post office.

Living with a Russian family was also a great opportunity to regularly speak to real Russians. My Russian Mama taught me many traditional recipes, customs and stories. I really felt at home.

Alima M.

Posted by Alima M. (Cannes - France)

on April 2010 - France

Extra Class in St Petersbourg wound up being the right choice for me. I found the school through the Internet and selected it because it seemed less showy and large than some of the other schools that came up in my search.
As an adult, I was looking for both a great holiday and a way to pratice my Russian. My teachers seemed to know exactly how to tailor the classes to my needs. Lessons were a perfect combination of classroom study and practical conversational Russian. Teachers at Extra Class enjoy teaching and sharing their beautiful country with others. My boyfriend and I enjoyed our time in St Petersbourg, thanks to Extra Class and and we hope to come back as time permits. I would recommand this school for a wonderful language and cultural experience.
Spaciba to Stanislav Chernyshov and everyone at Extra Class !

Sebastien C.

Posted by Sebastien C. (Norway)

on January 2010 - Norway

This is just a wonderful school, with excellent quality courses, and very welcoming teachers and staff. I was there twice because I really enjoyed it!

Magdalena M.

Posted by Magdalena M. (Rijeka - Croatia (Hrvatska))

on November 2009 - Croatia (Hrvatska)

I loved to be Extra class's client! Since it is not big school, individual approach is guaranteed all the time,but also thanks to the staff, they make you feel safe all the time! I enjoyed trips organized by school, I was thrilled with russian banja experience, which I highly highly recommend! If I were going again in St Petersburg, I would choose again Extra Class, not just because their spotless teaching methods, but because of their approach of not being just a foreign student there, but part of their life then. It makes a person happy!

Edward M.

Posted by Edward M. (Canberra - Australia)

on November 2009 - Australia

Extra Class is a wonderful place to learn Russian and about Russia. Stanislav was a great teacher. He ensured that lessons were personalised and focused on what I needed to know, even preparing simplified versions of current news stories relevant to my work. He was also an enthusiastic teacher about Russian culture and history, which made the whole experience richer and more rewarding. It wasn't just language as a working tool, but language as part of a cultural sharing.

He and the other staff members were also very enthusiastic and efficient. All the logistics worked perfectly, there were enjoyable excursions, and generally a very friendly atmosphere. I would certainly recommend this school to anyone looking to be more comfortable in Russian and in Russia.

Maria R.

Posted by Maria R. (Detroit - USA)

on July 2009 - USA

Extra Class is a fantastic study abroad program!! Extra Class offered highly professional classes with a very personal touch. Stanislav Chernyshov is an excellent teacher of Russian language and I owe him many thanks for the dramatic improvement in my Russian language skills. Furthermore, the staff at Extra Class was organized and helpful and made my six month study abroad program a very enjoyable experience.

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