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CA Toronto - Canada

  • 4.9167 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.9167 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.9167 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.9167 Star Rating: Recommended
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12 review(s)

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Language school overview


Did you know ILAC is the most awarded English School in Canada?

Year after year students and agents from around the world consistently vote ILAC as the #1 English Language School in the country. ILAC is honoured to be recognized for our excellent programs, quality of teaching and dedication to customer service.

We are very proud of our numerous awards and continuously strive to provide the best experience for international students who come to study and learn English in Toronto and Vancouver.

We thank all our partners for their support, and we especially thank our students for choosing to make us a part of their English Language Experience.

For more information about our awards, read on our website: www.ilac.com/en-ca/about/school/awards/

Organisation memberships

We are a member of numerous industry organizations.

Language School description

ILAC offers a wide variety of programs for those wishing to study English in the safe, multi-cultural and beautiful country of Canada. We offer customized study plans for all levels of English. Students can choose from among our general English program, exam preparation courses, internship programs and award-winning pre-degree programs. At ILAC, we are here to help you find the right program to suit your individual needs and goals.

School facilities description

The ILAC Toronto campus is conveniently situated in the trendy downtown neighbourhood of Yorkville. The campus consists of four unique boutique style schools with modern student lounges and common areas.

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Language Course type

Au pair program
Courses for Academic purposes
Courses for Business/Executives
Courses for Specific purposes
Courses Plus (sport, culture etc.)
Examination preparation courses
General and Intensive courses
Group programs
High School
  High school preparation courses
Language immersion at teacher's home
One to one courses
Senior programs
Summer or camp programs
Teacher training programs
University Foundation/Access courses
Vacation courses for adults
Vacation courses for young learners
Work experience programs

Language courses description and prices

We offer a variety of English courses for all English skill levels and fluency. For more information about our courses. Click here.

Certificates & exams preparation

We offer TOEFL, IELTS, FCE and CAE preparation, as well as preparation to GMAT and Canadian colleges and universities. For more information check out our website: www.ilac.com/en-ca/programs/programs-courses/program-list/ 

Student nationalities, average age & average number per class

Over the last 17 years ILAC has provided exceptional 70 countries. 


At The International Language Academy of Canada, we believe that Social Activities are a great way to help our students learn English. Not only that, we also believe that they help our students form lasting friendships with each other. That is why we offer different social activities every single day!


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At teacher's home
Courses without accomodation
  Host family
Student House

Accommodation details

We offer two Accommodation options for our students learning English at the International Language Academy of Canada -  Homestay and Residence.

Facilities for disabled students

All classrooms and facilities at the International Language Academy of Canada are completely wheelchair accessible. 

Airport / Station transfer

ILAC offers safe and secure airport pick up and drop off.

Visa support

Being aware of difficulties that students and agents may face when trying to get the appropriate permits (study and work, co-op permits) for career colleges in Canada, we have decided to assist our clients in the process of obtaining these documents. In order to help resolve these permit and visa challenges and achieve more successful results, ILAC is proud to announce that we now have a full-time Immigration Law office at our Toronto location. For more information ask [email protected] 

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920 Yonge Street
4th Floor
Postcode : M4W 3C7
City : Toronto
Country : Canada

Tel. : +1 4169615151
Fax : +1 4169615988
Website : http://www.ilac.com

Latest student review

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Iana K.

Posted by Iana K. (Kyev - Ukraine)

on August 2012 - Ukraine

The best school in Toronto

I have studied in ILAC during 3 months.It is a a great school with experienced teachers and friendly staff.ILAC has wide range of programs from general English to academic study.I have tried both.In my opinion the best teacher on the pre-advance level is Bob.We had a lot of role games,which tought me to speak fluently.The best teacher on the IELTS preparation program is Max.He gave me many important details,which helped me to pass exam.Finally,the best councelors are Cristina and Galina,who helped me all the time.Studying in ILAC was the best time in my life.

David �.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Posted by David �. ()

on August 2012

Holidays at ILAC

I was at ILAC Toronto for a month. The school facilities are nice. Teachers are very friendly and helpful. Homestay family was very nice and friendly too. My only problem was the distance from my homestay to ILAC, which was at least 45 minutes by public transport

Ana M.

Posted by Ana M. (Toronto - )

on August 2012

If you are going to Canada, you have to go to ILAC

My Experience at ILAC was just amazing, first I went there to improve my english with a 24 weeks course, after that I decided to extent my course for 16 weeks more. Being there gave me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, while I was preparing myself with an excellent tool "A second language". Definitely my best life time experience, so far! I totally recommend it! :)

Ana clara L.

Posted by Ana clara L. (Sao Luis - Brazil)

on August 2012 - Brazil


ILAC is a excelent school with a great structure and experienced teachers. It's a pleasure to study here!

Thiago V.

Posted by Thiago V. (Toronto - )

on August 2012


As a former ILAC Pre Degree student, I had the opportunity to reach an extraordinary level of English. With the techniques I learned at school, I was able to pass several Toronto College exams and prepare myself for my first job interviews in a new country.
In my job interviews, I was complimented on my English and Presentation skills & all that thanks to my classes at ILAC. I take this opportunity to thank this incredible school for teaching me not only English but also for giving me the necessary skills to live in an English speaking country.

Nadia K.

Posted by Nadia K. (Toronto - )

on August 2012

I learnt about ILAC during one of the workshops in Russia. Tatiana gave me all the information and encouraged me greatly!I studied in ILAC for two months preparing to go to Humber College. I had great time learning new things and lots of fun participating in activities offered by ILAC! The trips were amazing and all my friends in Canada are from ILAC. Most of my groupmates went to Humber and we continued to study together. ILAC really united us! Now I work and absolutely happy with my experience in Canada thanks to ILAC Family!

Marco B.

Posted by Marco B. (D.F. - Mexico)

on August 2012 - Mexico

ILAC the Best

Hi my name is Marco, im from Mexico City,I went to ILAC to learn English, and helped me a lot in my academic and personal life, for me ILAC was the most unique experiences, if you have the opportunity to go to ILAC, just take it don’t think about it….

Yuko Y.

Posted by Yuko Y. (Japan)

on August 2012 - Japan


I studied at ILAC for a month. Time at ILAC helped me not only improving English, but also making my life in canada fantastic. Everyone at ILAC was so helpful. Whenever I had a problem, they were there for me. Teachers are also kind and very patient. They have a lot of experience dealing with international students which helped me improve my English faster. ILAC has activities almost everyday where students can make international friends. Activities are really fun and I could make the best friend in Canada. The experience that I had at ILAC is absolutely unforgettable.

Arda A.

Posted by Arda A. (Turkey)

on August 2012 - Turkey

Best Life Experience

Hi! My name is Arda from Turkey.
I studied University Pahway program at ILAC for 4 months. During this period, I made a lot of friends from all over the world and had wonderful moments with the social activities such as trips, parties and events...
Also, ILAC prepared me well to go to College and I took Human Resource Management at George Brown College. Now I work in Canada and everthing started with ILAC. Thanks to ILAC Family.

Jimmy B.

Posted by Jimmy B. (Toronto - )

on July 2012

Excellent place to learn and have fun

Hi, I am from Venezuela and went to ILAC to learn General English. I ended up taking 3 months of General English and 3 month of Academic Pathway which is a challenging program that prepared me to go to college. After that they helped me to enrol in Humber College for the Advertising and Graphic Design Program. I have to say everything I learned at ILAC helped me to successfully fulfill my career (I graduated with honours).
The friends I made at ILAC and the fun I had while learning there are some of the best experiences I ever had. I highly recommend it.

Clément P.

Posted by Clément P. (Nîmes - France)

on July 2012 - France

Great experience

hello my Clément I am 25 years old and I am from France. Curently in Toronto since February 2012, I did 4 months study in general English and actually I do 4 months Internship. This is a great experience linguistic first but personal as well. The school is amazing with an ideal location, beautifull infrastructure and performing staff. The city of Toronto is very good because multicultural , safe and people here are very friendly, perfect conditions for student who arrive with low knowledges in English because people make you confident. BYE

Alain D.

Posted by Alain D. (France)

on July 2012 - France

I had a Great time at ILAC !

I have been in ILAC for 3 months and have never been bored! The teachers are very good and I met lots of students from all around the world. My English has increased a lot since I arrived here, and the Cambridge tests every 2 weeks let you well appreciate your progress during your study period. The activities are great and you can participate every time you want, it is a very good way to meet new people. In addition, ILAC organizes at least one party each week, which is a lot of fun. Nightlife in Toronto is amazing, and I am happy that I well experimented it with my new friends. Moreover, I chose the homestay program and it really helped me to improve my English faster! I plan to go back in ILAC next year, as it was for me a fabulous experience!

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