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RU Moscow - Russia

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Latest student review, opinion, recommandation and comment about his language courses in a language school

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Mayu N.

Posted by Mayu N.

on March 2013

If you have a chance to study Russian in Moscow, I... Read more

Jacques M.

Posted by Jacques M.

on February 2013

Learning Russian in Moscow: Liden & Denz, the place to be!

I attended twice the school for a period of 6 mont... Read more

Ildiko K.

Posted by Ildiko K.

on June 2010

I have been studying at Liden & Denz for almost 2 ... Read more

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Language school overview


Liden & Denz in St.Petersburg and Moscow are the only Russian members of the International Association of Language Centres IALC(www.ialc.org) and the European Association for Quality Language Services EAQUALS (www.eaquals.org). Our centres are licensed by the local governments as private language schools teaching Russian as a foreign language. Our courses are recognised as Bildungsurlaub (Germany),CSN partners (Sweden) and students studying with Liden & Denz can receive transferable university credits from Brookhaven College (USA).

Organisation memberships

Liden & Denz is accredited with various international bodies and a member of a number of chamber of commerces and similar organisations.

Language School description

Russia is one of the biggest and fastest growing emerging markets in the world. Working with Russia or  inside Russia  requires a good working knowledge of the language. Without it, many doors will remain closed. But Russia is also something else.
The Liden & Denz Language Centre in Moscow offers Russian language courses for academic, leisure or business purposes. Our internationally accredited language school combine excellent teaching with modern facilities and a competent organisation. It is our aim to familiarise all our students with today’s Russia, in terms of language, culturally and emotionally.

School facilities description

Our school in Moscow is located in the centre of the city a short walk from Belorusskaya Railway Station a terminus for trains from Berlin and Warsaw. Our premises are on the ground floor of a building that belongs to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Most of the office space is used by foreign diplomats and accredited correspondents of the international press. You can walk to the nearest metro station (Belorusskaya) in less than five minutes. Our school has 10 classrooms and is equipped with the latest technology (several workstations with wireless Internet for students, and LCD TV and DVD sets in all classrooms). At school we offer hot and cold drinks. You can find reasonably-priced places for lunch just round the corner from our centre.

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Language Course type

Au pair program
Courses for Academic purposes
Courses for Business/Executives
Courses for Specific purposes
Courses Plus (sport, culture etc.)
Examination preparation courses
General and Intensive courses
Group programs
High School
  High school preparation courses
Language immersion at teacher's home
One to one courses
Senior programs
Summer or camp programs
Teacher training programs
University Foundation/Access courses
Vacation courses for adults
Vacation courses for young learners
Work experience programs

Language courses description and prices

Our Language Centre mainly specialises in short-term courses, group or individual. The minimum length of a group course (20 or 25 lessons per week) is two weeks and of an individual (15, 20, 30 or 40 lessons per week) - one week. However, course length is not restricted. Classes normally take place in the morning from 10.00 a.m. until 02.00 p.m. One lesson lasts 50 min. Dates and Prices can be easily found on our web site.

Certificates & exams preparation

Both our centres are accredited preparation centres for the TRKI state exam (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language). The TRKI is recognized by the Russian Federal Ministry of Education and can be taken individually at the State university in St. Petersburg or Moscow. Each test consists of 5 components (written and oral) Why prepare TRKI at Liden & Denz?

Student nationalities, average age & average number per class

Student Body 20% of students are from Germany, 14 % from Switzerland, 14 % from Italy, 10 % from Japan,  6 % from the USA, 6 % from Scandinavia, 5% from Austria, 5 % from the UK, 5% from France,  4% from Central and Eastern Europe, 3 % from Benelux,  3% from Latin America, 2% from Turkey, 2 % from Spain, 1% from South Korea. 32% of students are ages 20-30, 21% are 30-40, 20% are under 20, 14% are 40-50 and13% are 50+. Group Class Size - Maximum 12 students. Average 6 students.


At Liden & Denz we combine intensive studies with a wide range of excursions and other cultural and social activities year round to give our students an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the magnificent cities of St.Petersburg or Moscow and – no less important – with the way of life in Russia. Some activities are free, such as the city tour for new students and our Friday cocktail. Other activities are sold at reasonable rates. Our activity live schedules for Liden & Denz St. Petersburg and Liden & Denz Moscow allow for quick and convenient online bookings and check-out via paypal or credit card. The current cultural programme for both schools is available at the reception and on the Internet and is given to every new student.


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At teacher's home
Courses without accomodation
  Host family
Student House

Accommodation details

The choice of the right type of accommodation is an important decision as students typically spend more time at home than in the classroom.

We understand that people have differing needs and interests. For this reason we offer several accommodation options enabling each student to choose the most appropriate type.

Home-stay (host family) accommodation: providing the best opportunity to get to know the Russian way of life and offering the best possible language practice. Home-stay is available with breakfast only or half board (full board on weekends).

Shared flats offer an independent lifestyle at very affordable prices. This is a popular option for young people and university students. Shared flats are self catering.

Studio apartments offer higher standards than shared flats and guarantee full privacy and independence. Studios are on request only. Our accommodation officer will help to find an appropriate apartment either in St.Petersburg or Moscow.

Hotels of all categories can be booked directly with the school. While hotel rates in Moscow are quite high year round, St. Petersburg offers good deals – particularly in the mini-hotel sector. Hotels can also be booked without course. This is not possible for other accommodation options.

Facilities for disabled students

Russia lacks behind in terms of facilities for disabled students. Please seek our advice to see what we can do in this respect. 

Airport / Station transfer

We offer transportation from the airport or railway/bus station for free if you book accommodation with Liden & Denz.

Visa support

All travellers to Russia need an entry visa. On our website you can find plenty of useful information about Russian Tourist visa and Russian Student visa.

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Gruzinsky per. 3-181
Ground floor
Postcode : 123056
City : Moscow
Country : Russia

Tel. : +7 4992544991
Fax : +7 4992544991
Website : http://www.lidenz.ru

Latest student review

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Mayu N.

Posted by Mayu N. (Japan)

on March 2013 - Japan

If you have a chance to study Russian in Moscow, I think Liden & Denz is a great school for any level or for any period of time. Teachers are always ready to help you and motivate you to learn more.

I've already studied for almost 6 months in Liden & Denz, but never thought to change schools to the others. Every week I meet new students around the world and it is very interesting to share & discuss opinions.

Jacques M.

Posted by Jacques M. (Zurich - Switzerland)

on February 2013 - Switzerland

Learning Russian in Moscow: Liden & Denz, the place to be!

I attended twice the school for a period of 6 months each time (2006 and 2012).

The school is located in the center of Moscow in the Belorusskoi area. It therfore offers a great flexibility to visit the city after school.

The courses are given in small classes with young and professional teachers. They are dynamic and dedicated to see the students do progress. I was really impressed by the kindness of the staff. I felt like home ;) Really keen to do more than needed, I all the time got advices and recommendations on books.

In summary: if you need to learn or improve Russian for a short period of time or a longer one, then I would recommend this school

Ildiko K.

Posted by Ildiko K. (Budapest - Hungary)

on June 2010 - Hungary

I have been studying at Liden & Denz for almost 2 years now. I am very satisfied with the quality of the service and with the professionalism of the teachers. The school is very flexible always trying to meet everyone's needs. Although I am a lazy student in this school I am quite motivated to do a bit more.

Ralph W.

Posted by Ralph W. (Winterthur - Switzerland)

on November 2009 - Switzerland

i attended three days out of a five day beginners class and unfortunately was and still am unable to pick up the last two days due to a constant overload of work.

i can gladly say, that these three days with your very professional and friendly teacher made it possible for me to form some basic sentences and understand bits and pieces in daily life; for this i am very thankful.

also the reception here in moscow at your language school is absolutely professional and i felt warmly welcome.

the only thing i can think of to improve is the entry door to the apartment; which has probably already been made going easyer by now. everything else exceeded my expectations by far; congratulations!

i already had and will definitely continue to spread around your address as a perfect way to learn russian.

i still hope to be able to be able to pick up more courses one day at your location in moscow.

Madoka K.

Posted by Madoka K. (Japan)

on October 2009 - Japan

Very friendly teachers, it was nice to have opportunity to use the computers. I needed to change my flight ticket, but I couldn't do it by myself, so receptionist helped me. Thank you!

Mathieu M.

Posted by Mathieu M. (Canada)

on October 2009 - Canada

Very satisfied by quality of teaching! I would like to thank the school for registering me and finding a family for me within 48 hours. I was very happy with the lessons and the instructor. The lessons were exactly what I was expecting. My host mother is just great! She always prepared good meals and took the time to talk to me.

April P.

Posted by April P. (Canada)

on October 2009 - Canada

The friendness of the staff and the general feeling of a well-organised place I got when I first came in.

Laura W.

Posted by Laura W. (United Kingdom)

on September 2009 - United Kingdom

I chose to come to Liden and Denz language school in Moscow for a two week language course and stay with a Russian family. I have had an excellent time, thanks to the quality of the language teaching and the warm welcome from the Liden and Denz staff and my host family. Before I left, I was sent a “bumpf” of litterature on Moscow, some pointers about Russian family life and some do's and don’t’s. Extremely useful so as not to make the silly cultural slip. On arrival at Moscow, it was great to have a friendly face to meet me to take me by car to the host family (even with an arrival at the unearthly hour of 5 am). The family have been superb. I have had a good , well equipped room and very varied meals in sufficient quantities. The family also took the time to speak to me in Russian (even though they speak fluent English) and very kindly took me on their cultural tours to see a Rachmaninov piano concert and Pushkin's play the “Queen of Spades”. There was also a good welcome at the first day of school. Registration and streamlining into the appropriate classes was quick and efficient. My teacher was highly qualified and taught in Russian (explaining for comprehension in English).The text book we used was clearly laid out and had varied types of exercises. We progressed very steadily and surely and I now feel that I have a fairly solid grammatical basis to take the language up one more level. She also used their own personalised teaching material and topical newspaper articles. She was very open to questions, both on the language and about Russia in general. She put emphasis on getting students to actively participate in the lessons, so our oral Russian progressed as well. I thought, the daily four hour lessons with a ten minute break every hour was a good realistic rythmn. The general support from the language school for the welcome and introduction, little problems and queries were excellent. For example, they helped me to contact the airport for my lost luggage and order me a taxi. All in all a great stay and learning experience. Thank you.

Marion W.

Posted by Marion W. (Switzerland)

on August 2009 - Switzerland

I liked to be there, because everything was wonderful! All teachers have a great experience at teaching. Also, my host mother presented me some audio books and movies in Russian language.

Thomas P.

Posted by Thomas P. (Germany)

on July 2009 - Germany

After having visited several language schools for different languages, I claim to have some experiences in differing teaching methods and quality of teaching.

The language course itself was of high quality: the teacher explained the contents of the lessons very well, was patient and took time for the students' questions and problems. Due to that a sustainable progress in my language skills was reached.

What made the stay at Liden&Denz a little learning paradise was the fact, that the atmosphere was fantastic. The highly motivated and skilled team was always kind and willing to help, when I had questions. All in all the organisation was perfect.

My host family was really sweet and was offering delicious Russian food.

To sum up and make the point, I already booked for my next stay at Liden&Denz and I am pretty sure that my good impressions will be reinforced by the teams!

Dear Thomas,
Thank you very much for your kind review. We are looking forward to see you again.

Amha H.

Posted by Amha H. (Addis ababa - Ethiopia)

on July 2009 - Ethiopia

Dear Sirs/madamme

I would like to inform you that my stay in liden and Denz was really memorable.I was able to get confidence to speak the language in 2 weaks time.I recommend it to all.i give it 5 stars

Thank you for your testimonial.

Karin V.

Posted by Karin V. (Denmark)

on June 2009 - Denmark

I had such a great time at school! I decided to stay in Russian family to learn more about culture and traditions. I want to thank them, they was very nice to me. And also I want to thank my teacher. She gave me a lot of information about Russia and Moscow as well.

Dear Karin,

Thank you for the comment.

Aki F.

Posted by Aki F. (Japan)

on June 2009 - Japan

My host family met me very warmly. Host mother was so kind and all stories she told were very interesting. At school, we have focused on communication, so my spoken language has progressed a lot. So, I’m very satisfied with my trip.

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