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ES El puerto de santa maria - Spain

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Language school overview

Language School description

Spark Spanish is a young, vibrant and dynamic language school and cultural residence situated 'off the beaten track' in the beautiful coastal town of El Puerto de Santa Maria. We are located close to the big cities and the pueblos blancos but away from the tourists, students get to experience authentic daily Spanish life. At Spark Spanish we strive to create a friendly environment with a dedicated, professional and talented team who are always at your disposal to meet your educational, personal and cultural needs. A big part of what makes us different to other schools is our range of courses, from general Spanish to total immersion and Spanish language holidays, all of which aim to allow anyone, regarless of age and level, to learn the Spanish language. Our courses provide a combination of in-class teaching and a range of cultural activites and events to ensure that our students throughly enjoy their learning experience with us. Students benefit from a truly personal approach to language learning with extra challenges and incentives which promote the use and consolidation of the language while our cultural residence brings a diverse range of people to live together alongside our Spanish speaking staff to create a friendly and communal atmosphere that makes our residence so popular with our students.

School facilities description

At Spark we believe your learning experience with us should be comfortable and convenient. Spark is a fully functioning academy and residence that is modernly equiped with everything you could possibly need. In the academy we have 7 classrooms, a big terrace that is perfect for BBQ's and socialising with other students or memebers of staff.

It is also located in the perfact area, El Puerto. We at spark truly love El Puerto and believe it to be a gem of a place for learning a language.  It is a medium sized town with 5 fantastic beaches, fabulous food  in the form of many excellent tapas bars and restaurants (including  one of the ten worldwide restaurants worth a visit, according to the NY Times, 2010!), a very active nightlife scene, and much more! 

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Language Course type

Au pair program
Courses for Academic purposes
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Courses for Specific purposes
Courses Plus (sport, culture etc.)
Examination preparation courses
General and Intensive courses
Group programs
High School
  High school preparation courses
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Language courses description and prices

All our Spanish courses are characterized by active and engaging classes that allow you not only to work on your Spanish skills, but, equally important, enhance your confidence in your use of the Spanish language and furthermore provide you with enough practice to be able to start communicating with Spanish people from day 1!

For specific information on all the programmes that we run, please click on the following links. We offer: Spanish and Sport, Spanish DELE preparation, Spanish and TEFL introductory course, and of course General Spanish to mention but a few, please check out all the options we offer. A special feature of our classes is our "bursting bubbles" methodology, which is designed to help students make the the most of their learning experience and seek out new ways of learning and most of all to not shy away from opportunities they will have to practice speaking outside of the classroom.

Our classes are run by professional, personal and experienced yet also innovative teachers with a passion for teaching and learning.  We run 6 different levels from absolute beginners (A1) to proficiency (C2) and our max class size is 8.

If you would like some information about our prices, please click here.

Certificates & exams preparation

With our Spanish DELE preparation  course option you have extra daily classes to improve your Spanish even faster and at the same time prepare you for the official DELE exam.

DELE stands for Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, or "Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma". It is the only certificate for non-native speakers of Spanish that is officially recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education. This diploma is of great international value for those who are going to study at a Spanish speaking university around the world and those who want to work, or are going to work in a Spanish speaking environment.

Student nationalities, average age & average number per class

Spark is lucky enough to have students from all over the world and from lots of different walks of life. The age ranges from students as young as 16 to students in their 80's! This makes the Spark experience that much better!


Here at Spark, we know that solely language learning can sometimes be a daunting thought, which is why we offer an exciting array of fun activities, to get you active. Whether you want to go golfing or dancing, go canoeing  or kite-surfing, Spark Spanish has definitely got something to suit you!

We offer a cultural events programme, where we combine various activites to allow our students to make the most of their time here, by combining cultural activities, such as sherry or wine tasting, horse riding shows and days to explore El Puerto de Santa Maria and the surrounding areas like San Fernando or San Luca. The cultural events programme is a perfect way to practice your newly learnt Spanish in a very practical way, and it is a great way to meet new people (usually local Spaniards).


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At teacher's home
Courses without accomodation
  Host family
Student House

Accommodation details

Sparkville, Spark’s very own residence, is located on the second floor of the Spark Spanish Academy Complex (a renovated hostel) and this is the reccommended accommodation option if you want to further enhance your Spanish speaking skills, feel part of and socialise with the other course members and at the same time have your own independence.

There are 13 rooms (1-2 people), nearly all of them ensuite. Sparkville has a communal kitchen and dining area which acts as a great social gathering point that adds to the unique Sparkville atmosphere. There are also numerous chill out/social areas, such as the Plaza de Américas (a little 'outdoor' space, with a tv and glass roof to protect you from rain or sun) and a big roof terrace which is ideal for barbecues sunbathing and evening drinks.

Sparkville also has a residence responsible who is there to encourage all students to speak as much Spanish amongst themselves as possible and also organizes social events which students can opt in (or out) on as they please.

We also offer homestay options and shared apartment or flats and can help organize hotel accommodation on request.

Facilities for disabled students

The Sparkville School/residence is fully accesible for any one who requires such facilities. The acedemy is equiped with a lift that goes up into the residence area.

Airport / Station transfer

We offer free of charge transfers to and from Jerez airport and from El Puerto train station at designated times.

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Calle de las Espadas 6
El Puerto de Santa Maria
Postcode : 11500
City : Cadiz
Country : Spain

Tel. : +34 956 003 300
Website : http://www.brightsparkspanish.com

Latest student review

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Katie C.

Posted by Katie C. (London - United Kingdom)

on April 2013 - United Kingdom

I had a really great time at Spark. I thought they were really professional and all the staff members were really willing to help at all times. I really liked staying in “Sparkville” (the student residence), as it was a great place to meet new people. El Puerto de Santa Maria was a great location to practice my Spanish, and in the 4 weeks I was studying there I really improved on my speaking skills, especially in the local bars and restaurants. Being a native English speaker, most places in Spain that I visit I seem to always only speak English, however not in El Puerto, which was an added bonus!

Laur B.

Posted by Laur B. (Ireland)

on July 2012 - Ireland

I went to Spark for four weeks to perfect my knowledge of Spain. I really enjoyed the classes - there's a small student-teacher ratio and everything is tailored to your level. The cultural activities in the afternoon/evening are great - I learned loads about Spanish culture and met a lot of people from all over the world who also wanted to learn and practise Spanish. The events give you a chance to use the Spanish you learn and are really enjoyable too! Even people who were complete beginners to the language were able to hold conversations in it by the end.

El Puerto de Santa María is a good town to learn in too, because there are very few foreign tourists and the people who live there are happy to speak Spanish with the students. Would definitely recommend it!

Tom V.

Posted by Tom V. (Haarlem - Netherlands)

on April 2012 - Netherlands

Toen ik bij Spark kwam sprak ik geen woord Spaans, maar de docenten en medestudenten bleven spaans praten en zo leer je heel snel goed spaans. De lessen zijn van een hoog niveau, maar wel zo dat iedereen mee kan blijven doen. Omdat de klassen niet groot zijn krijg je heel veel persoonlijke aandacht en begeleiding. Wat we die dag in de klas geleerd hadden konden we vaak de middag en avond weer gebruiken wanneer we jamon, sherry of vino gingen proeven in de lokale barretjes. Deze vrijwillige uitstapjes zijn alles behalve een straf! Er werkt een heel jong maar zeer gemotiveerd team, iedereen staat 24u per dag tot je dient. Boven de school zit een residentie waar alle studenten slapen. De kamers zijn eenvoudig, maar netjes (er komt zelfs twee keer per dag een schoonmaakster!) en de meeste van ons aten elke avond samen, om daarna naar het dakteras te gaan om nog lekker na te borrelen, spelletjes te doen of liedjes te zingen. Er is een gitaar aanwezig en daar wordt gretig gebruik van gemaakt.

Ik heb hier echt twee hele fijne weken achter de rug. Ik voel me zelfverzekerd over mijn spaans, heb hele leuke vrienden gemaakt en heb Spark al aan meerdere vrienden aanbevolen. Vooral de persoonlijke benadering, de culturele activiteiten en het vele gelach maken dat ik met warme gevoelens aan mijn tijd in El Puerto de Santa Maria terug denk!

Sanne V.

Posted by Sanne V. (Nijmegen - Netherlands)

on November 2011 - Netherlands


i was 3 weeks at spark and it was amazing experience. all the people who worked there were great and friendly and the other students also. my spanish was not that good before but i was having conversations in spanish with all the people in the shops and restaurants. the lessons were great!

Kevin P.

Posted by Kevin P. (Edinburgh - United Kingdom)

on August 2011 - United Kingdom

Great time!

I studied at Spark for 2 weeks and had a great time. The staff were so nice and personal and my teacher was great. Residence was fantastic to stay in, I loved the roof top. El Puerto has great beaches and locals were so friendly. I made so many friends and would love to go back.

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