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  1. About us

    What is Mylanguagetravel?
    MyLanguageTravel.com is a new type of website that will help change the way you search for language courses online.
    MyLanguageTravel.com is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what's great and not so great about your study abroad experience.

    You already know that asking friends or other consumers is the best way to find the best place to learn a language. MyLanguageTravel.com makes it fast and easy by collecting and organizing students' recommendations in one convenient place.

    Mylanguagetravel is...

    The ultimate language course guide that taps into the community's voice and reveals honest and current insights on language course providers from Beijing to Vancouver and everywhere in between.
    - Just real people, writing real reviews, and that's the real deal.
    - A fun and engaging place for students to share the experiences they've had with local language schools.
    - Word of mouth amplified.  
    Share your experience in our language course directory and help others make more informed decisions!