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  1. Study abroad in Canada

    Canada – Study Abroad in English Canada for an English Immersion

    Country Guide

    Canada is a very popular choice for study abroad because there’s so much variety here that it appeals to language travel students from around the world. As well as the snow and scenery which Canada is famous for, English immersion students will find that Canada has a lot more going for it too!

    Study abroad in English Canada and enjoy the great outdoors!

    Study abroad in CanadaCanada is the second largest country in the world and so offers language travel students so much variety from one coast to the other. There are many great cities here, each with their own unique appeal, and being a popular country for study abroad programs you’ll find there are a great many foreign language schools here too. Language travel students can really enjoy the great outdoors here as Canada has so many outdoor attractions to get involved in!

    Where is English Canada?

    Canada is in North America, situated north of the United States. It’s a huge country which spans all the way up beyond the Arctic Circle and has coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Being the 2nd largest country in the world you would think that Canada would have a high population, but for its size the population (at around 33 million) is really quite low.

    The Tourist Attractions of English Canada

    Canada is famous for its great scenery. Destinations like the Rocky Mountains are really spectacular both in the summer and the winter and of course in the winter there’s the added bonus of being able to ski or snowboard in the Rockies. If you enjoy winter sports, there are actually ski resorts near most of the major cities in Canada, including famous resorts like Whistler. 

    Talking of the cities, Canada has some really great cities too. Toronto is the country’s largest city and is situated in the province of Ontario. Within easy reach of Toronto is the spectacular Niagara Falls. North of Toronto is the Canada’s capital city Ottawa. Ottawa is much smaller than Toronto but it’s a lovely city, perfect for studying an English immersion program. Other notable cities include Calgary in Alberta, and Vancouver in British Columbia on the west coast.

    English Canada is a very friendly place for study abroad!

    Study abroad in English CanadaCanadians are probably some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet! They are very welcoming and helpful people, many of whom are happy to go out of their way to help out a language travel student! Whilst in Canada you’ll use the Canadian Dollar, and the major language everywhere in Canada, except in Quebec, is English.

    The Food in English Canada

    Canada has a very high proportion of immigrants from other countries living here so this means you can always find a great variety of cuisines. Asian foods are very popular and then there are also the more traditional Canadian foods such as steaks, gravy and homestyle cooking. On Canada Day (July 1) many friends and family like to get together and celebrate, as they also do on Thanksgiving in October.

    The Weather in English Canada

    Canada’s climate varies from coast to coast. In general summers can be very nice and the temperatures can get quite high, making this a good location for summer study abroad programs. Winters are colder, though the west coast (including Vancouver) is mild. Snowfall is very common in many parts of the country.

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