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  1. Study abroad in Brighton

    Brighton – Study Abroad in England and Learn English

    City Guide

    Brighton is one of England’s great seaside towns with typical seaside attractions like the beach, Brighton Pier, great shopping, a bohemian culture and vibrant nightlife, al making this very popular with language travel students!

    Enjoy Being Beside the Seaside When You Study Abroad in Brighton!

    Brighton is one of England’s popular coastal cities and has been attracting visitors for hundreds of years. It’s developed into a cosmopolitan city and is known for its bohemian culture and fun and vibrant lifestyle.

    Where is Brighton?

    Brighton is a seaside town on the southern coast of England in the county of East Sussex. It’s almost immediately south of London which is about 47 miles (76km) away to the north though Brighton is well linked with rail services to the capital city. The population of Brighton has really grown over the past few decades as the town has become more and more popular with people moving out of bigger cities like London, yet in comparison the population is very low at around 156,000 people.

    The Tourist Attractions of Brighton

    Historically Brighton attracted tourists because of its seaside location and it gained a reputation as being a health resort. The seaside still attracts tourists today and the town has also developed into a popular language travel destination. The beach is a nice sandy beach and there’s the famous Brighton Pier with its amusements to enjoy too. Water sports are quite popular from Brighton beach.

    Other attractions in Brighton include some great shopping, interesting sites like the Royal Pavilion, and the fun Sea Life Centre which happens to be the oldest working aquarium in the world! If you want to spend some of your free time from your foreign language course try shopping in the Lanes as this is lots of fun, plus Brighton has many other places to shop too.

    Culture, Festivals and More Awaits Language Students Who Study Abroad in Brighton!

    Study English in BrightonBrighton has lost its image of being a boring seaside town and developed into one of England’s most fun and lively towns. Of course English is the official and main language spoken here, and Brighton attracts a high number of language travel students who come to the many foreign language schools to study English.

    The Culture in Brighton

    Brighton is known as the gay capital of England because many gay and lesbian people have made Brighton their home. It’s also a very bohemian town with lots of artists, writers and musicians, and most of the people living here seem happy and laid back.

    Brighton is also getting a reputation for great festivals – the Brighton Festival is the second biggest arts festival in the UK, behind Edinburgh, and there’s also the Brighton Pride festival too which is very important for the gay and lesbian population but also enjoyed by many other residents of the town too. If you want to study abroad in a town where there’s lots of nightlife, Brighton definitely hits the mark!

    The Weather in Brighton

    Brighton has good enough weather in the summer to be able to enjoy the beach and going swimming and sunshine levels are usually higher than inland cities. Brighton remains mild all year round and never gets too cold, so even during the winter this is quite a pleasant town to spend some time in!

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