Review guidelines

Our aim is to provide students with the information needed to make informed decisions, and we would appreciate your help in achieving this goal. Therefore, we would like to hear your opinion of the schools – both favourable and unfavourable.

How to Write a Review

• Provide reasons: Good reviews provide not only your opinion of a school, but also reasons for that opinion.

• Give details: Provide details of the school’s specific features as well as your experience.

• Detailed, but not too long: Reviews should be 75-500 words long.

• Be genuine: Both favourable and unfavourable opinions are acceptable provided you are honest. Critical reviews are not deleted as our belief is that students benefit from all useful and genuine information.

Reviews must be:


Your identity, name and photograph must be authentic.

Appropriate for All Ages

Reviews are not permitted to contain any of the following, or similar, content: Profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech and sexually explicit language.


Reviews should reflect the author’s personal experience with the school mentioned. Therefore, we do not allow reviews based on the experience of others, no matter how much information you may have about a particular school – it must be experienced by you personally.

Applicable to Prospective Students

Only information that pertains to researching and choosing a school is permitted. Therefore, reviews should not mention the working conditions/practices of the school, political opinions, or any other such content beyond what applies to regular customers – in this case students – of the business.


Reviews without text are not much help to prospective students. Don’t be scared to share you opinions.


Voicing your opinions is desired, but please ensure that your review does not elaborate unfairly about your experience or mislead readers. Facts mentioned need to be accurate and we expect reviewers to be consistent in their accounts. We do not align ourselves with either party in the event of a dispute of facts.


We ask that you provide your own content for your review and not quote from sources like web pages, emails, or the reviews of others.

No Conflicts of Interest

Please ensure that your review remains open-minded and fair. For instance, reviews should not provide details for a business run by yourself, family or friends, or any other personal contact.


Reviews may not contain information that promotes another business or services. We reserve the right to refuse emails, phone numbers, and URLs when deemed necessary.

Minimum Age

All reviewers must be 13 years of age of older.

Online Courtesy and Legitimate Addresses

The email address that you provide for your account must be authentic as it is sometimes necessary to contact reviewers when problems arise. In etiquette, please ensure that you do not use capital letters unnecessarily or slang, typographic symbols, and HTML tags.

What Is Not Allowed?

We are thankful to reviewers for taking the time to comment on and share their personal experiences with our schools. However, we do reserve the right to remove reviews that include:

Distasteful Content

• Objectionable and improper material, which includes comments that are sexually explicit or gratuitous

• Abusive or nasty remarks

• Material that may be deemed disrespectful, inciting, racist, or derogatory

• Contents that reiterate criminal allegations

Marketing Content

• Material that promotes, markets or repeatedly posts a particular point.

• Comments or opinions on behalf of an individual, business, or website that has monetary interests either in the school concerned or a competitor.

Improper Material

• Reviews written by another person on your behalf

• URLs, mailing addresses, and contact numbers that are unrelated to the host site

• Comments aimed at other reviewers

Unrelated Content

• Any remarks that do not relate directly to the subject being reviewed

Mylanguagetravel reserves the right to remove a review or management response at any time for any reason. The reviews posted on Mylanguagetravel are individual and highly subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in reviews are those of the users of Mylanguagetravel and not of Mylanguagetravel itself. We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers or in management responses.