French Courses in Montpellier, France
French Courses in Montpellier, France


A.S.Intercultures is situated in the center of Montpellier. We offer combined stays: french courses + Interships Either 1 to 1 or group classes followed by an internship experience in various sectors. The students are accomodated during their stay in selected host families offering half board or self catering accomodation. Our strength: tailormade stays for students, regular follow up sessions, internships


Students are from all over, mainly europeans with average age of 18 to 25 years old. Most come for language improvement and an internship experience.


    A.S.Intercultures is very centrally located Pick up and drop off service at station or airport of our students Up to date pedagogical material Guided visit of Montpellier offered Regular feedback sessions Internship follow ups Final delivery of an "attestation de stage" (= internship certificate delivery)


    A.S.Intercultures offers conversation classes and cultural activities around fench lifestyle: etiquette classes, french perfums, wine discovery...
    Visa Information
    YES; once the inscription process is done, A.S.Intercultures sends a confirmation of inscription and the adress of the students home during the stay indicating the dates. These documents can be used for visa application

    How to get there

    YES: pick up and drop off service is included from and to Montpellier airport or station

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    Most Helpful Reviews

    • by Deo S.
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      A.S. Intercultures review
      I spent two months in the south of France (Montpellier) with the help of A.S. Intercultures. I am satisfied with their service as they quickly found a wonderful place for me to stay (with a very nice family in the center of the city), French classes and an internship. It was a memorable experience and I was able to improve my French and learn a lot about the culture. I would recommend A.S. Intercultures to anybody who would like to experience studying/interning in the beautiful city of Montpellier, France.
      Monday, 02 January 2012
    • by Smith A.
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      I spent four weeks in standard French courses at Accent Francais to brush up on the five years of French I studied in middle and high school. Afterward, I completed a five-week internship in a renowned, local bakery, and just loved the experience! After having minor difficult in scheduling my interview with the bakery as I wasn't available the first date that was set for me, I met with the owner of the bakery a few weeks prior to my start date and met the rest of my bakery team my first day. My French improved much more quickly from the opportunity to work in an all-French, professional environment, and I made great, French-speaking friends through my kind and helpful colleagues. A.S. Intercultures did a great job in discerning what I was looking for in my internship and finding me the best possible opportunity.
      Wednesday, 07 December 2011
    • by Schoch J.
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      Internship with A.S. Intercultures
      I spent four weeks in Montpellier and did an internship with A.S. Intercultures. On the first day, when I came to the interview, the staff welcomed me very warmly and gave me an introduction of the company and its work. Afterwards they explained me what I would be doing during my internship. These four weeks have been a great experience for me since I improved my French and got an idea of the working life in France. I would definitely recommend doing an internship with A.S. Intercultures to everyone who is interested in the French language and wants to gain important work experience as well as life experience.
      Friday, 12 August 2011
    • by Tillmann C.
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      I spent five weeks in Montpellier in order to have an internship which was organised by A.S. Intercultures. The staff was welcoming, friendlich and very professional. They gave me important information about Montpellier and they accompanied me to the (university) organisation where I had an interview before starting the internship. Besides, I had a guided tour through the historic center of Montpellier that gave a first impression. It was really great and interesting. I can really recommend A.S. Intercultures because they try their best to offer you an amazing and interesting stay in Montpellier!
      Monday, 21 March 2011
    • by Schulz S.
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      My trip to France with A.S.Intercultures was organised very well and everything works out for me. I am currently doing an internship in a European association which is really interesting. My French keeps improving during my time here. The staff of A.S. Intercultures is very nice and they really know what they're doing. Since the first day everyoone was very welcoming and nice. I was accompanied to my first meeting at the company and got to know the staff. After that, A.S.Intercultures even organised a guided tour through town, which took an hour. I'm really surprised of how easily everything works and how nice and professional all the people are at the same time. If I return to Montpellier someday, I won't hesitate to get my stay organised by A.S. Intercultures again!
      Saturday, 19 March 2011
    • by Tarawneh T.
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      I just returned from a short, yet extremely beneficiary, course arranged through A.S. Intercultures. First off, the attention given to my initial request by the Center's management was unprecendented. They were prompt in responding and answering questions. They went out of their way to meet my criteria (which I must say were extremely difficult). I wanted to stay with a family, I wanted to be in a village environment, I wanted accommodation for my wife and kids, and on top of all that I wanted a family with kids the same gender and age as mine. As difficult as it was, AS Intercultures was able to find my request within days. Then came the actual trip which was the best trip I have taken so far with my family; I learned french with a great teacher (my hostess), my kids had a hell of a time with the family's kids, and my wife got to do her shopping. The family we stayed with made us feel right at home and went out of their way to meet our needs at all levels. They arranged social gatherings for friends everyday for me to practice my french which was extremely useful. The follow up and checking that the AS Intercultures did was very professional and the "after-sale service" was unbelievable. Ms. Anne of the center took from her own time to assist my wife in her shopping and showed her around the city. If, and when, I do another trip, I will NOT think of any other center.
      Wednesday, 18 August 2010
    • by Grant L.
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      I came to Montpellier with A.S. Intercultures to do 5 weeks intensive language classes and 5 weeks of an internship. The flexibility of the programs available was prefect and let me create a program that fit my desires completely. Having the opportunity to do an internship in France has helped my French much more than just doing classes would have because it allowed me to interact with native speakers daily. The entire organization is very welcoming and really wants to make sure that you`re happy with your stay, rather than leaving you to fend for yourself. I`d strongly recommend the organization to those interested in French and French culture. It has been an invaluable experience for me that I`ll always remember.
      Tuesday, 17 August 2010
    • by Worfolk J.
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      Wow, what can I say. I had a fantastic time with A.S. Intercultures, and enjoyed my time in Montpellier immensely. The organisers were very welcoming and well organised, and I was quickly informed about how the stay would work, and where I would be living. The accommodation was clean, and the food was excellent. It was especially nice to experience the French culture with the family. The internship was well organised as well, and I had plenty of opportunity to practice my French. All in all it was an excellent way to learn French, and experience the culture.
      Monday, 16 August 2010
    • by Arimond I.
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      "Je ne sais pas vraiment ou je peux commencer de raconter du temps extraordinaire à Montpellier. Premièrement je voulais ameliorer mon francais. C´etait ideal d' aller à A.S.Intercultures. Au début c´etait tout nouveau et je devais travailler intensivement. En fait, il s´est rentabilisé! Entre-temps j´y suis allé plusieurs foi et les stages etaient fantastiques. J´ai aussi reussi mon Bac Francais grâce à Montpellier, ce programme et ces profs! La ville offre tout ce qu´on peut esperer d´une ville du Sud en France: Shopping, la culture francaise, des concerts, des piercings =) etc... Finalement, je peux résumer que les semaines que j´y ai passé m´on aidé beaucoup et j´ai eu que des bons moment avec beaucoup de joie! Merci pour tout!"
      Thursday, 10 June 2010
    • by K... J.
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      Hello everyone! I took part in a language course in Montpellier last year. At the same time I did an internship at a home for old people. I had french lessons in the morning and internship in the afternoon. I lived with a french host family - the nicest one I've ever had( among those I met during several language holidays I made before) - for 4 weeks. They made me feel well from the beginnig and showed me the southern-french-lifestyle. The organisation A.S. Intercultures is really more than well-organized. The day I arrived, I was welcomed by my host mother and a girl who was giving me private french lessons once a week( integrated in leisure activities such as eating out,visiting the city,...). Additionally I had 4 hours of french lessons in a group in the mornings from Monday till Friday. There are also many activites offered by A.S.INtercultures like for example trips to cities around Montpellier(Avignon,Arles...), cooking classes, wine tasting workshops,sports,... Concerning my internship I was very satisfied as well.I've chosen a home for old people for I've been looking for something which could offer me some experiences for my studies(medicine).And it's really difficult to find an internship in this sector when you haven't finished your studies or another kind of apprenticeship yet. But A.S.Intercultures offered a programm which suited me perfectly. I was accompanied on my first day of the internship and helped by introducing myself etc... Besides , I really fell in love with Montpellier. It's a young,sunny,vibrant southern city which offers you plenty of possibilities for going out in in the evening, shopping, relaxing, ...And you get to the beach within 15-20 min by bus or bike! After my 4 weeks in Montpellier, I was sure that I'll come back again one day:) And I've improved my french very much and gained a lot of new experiences during my internship! I can really reccomend A.S. Intercultures for any kind of language-course-programm in Montpellier and I would choose it again and again:) Thanks a lot, Jessica
      Sunday, 11 April 2010
    • by Tran T.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Hi everyone, I undertook a one to one course with A.S. Intercultures in Montpellier for 2 months and overall, it was fantastic. I can not rate this language school more highly. I was a complete beginner and within 2 months had a attained an intermediate level of French. The professors were excellent - very patient, encouraging and flexible. The course was tailor made for my needs. For instance, given my passion for cooking, several lessons were conducted at the markets and at the restaurant where I was encouraged to do the ordering. Also, the professors organised for me to take cooking lessons. To help with my accent, the professors even organised for me to work with a speech therapist. At first I was quite nervous about travelling on my own to Montpellier but I was met at the airport by the co-ordinator who was very warm and from the start I felt completely safe and cared for. My experience was one that I will always treasure (and I have even gone back again!). Thank you A.S.Intercultures, Tam
      Wednesday, 31 March 2010
    • by Zandleven J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Dear Everyone, I have been taking twice a one-to-one course in Montpellier with a french family who is also working for the A.S. Intercultures. I have been taking lessons from different teachers in Grammar, Vocabulairy, Pronounciation and just having talks on the street. I have been taking a lot of french courses for several years from EF, StudyTravel, Tricolore, France Langue in France but never have I upgraded my skills so fast here. I was between A1-A2 level when I started. Now I have been rated B2. I can engage in any conversation and it is all thanks to the brilliant teaching methods which are far from boring and superefficient. I recommend everyone to take on one-to-one lessons at this school. There are facilities for it, just ask them. Additionally, I have searching for about a month for any type of one-to-one french lessons and this is by far the best. Not only in its effectiveness, also in its price which is far less compared to any other school in French I found on the web. I keep on recommending this school to anyone. Thanks a lot Joris
      Sunday, 04 April 2010


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