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Bournemouth – Study Abroad in England and Learn English
Bournemouth is one of the UK’s top study abroad destinations and has been voted the happiest place in Britain, making this a great choice for language travel students looking to study English in a foreign language school.

Study Abroad in the Popular Seaside Resort of Bournemouth

Bournemouth is one of England’s top seaside resort towns, famous for its beaches, piers, and nice weather. The town has a really friendly and safe feel to it and is one of the UK’s top destinations for language travel students, giving Bournemouth a real international air as you bump into other language travel students studying abroad here!

Where is Bournemouth?

Bournemouth is situated on the south coast of England, in the county of Dorset, and is located 169 kilometres (105 miles) south of the capital city, London. Although the population of Bournemouth really bulges during the summer months, the permanent population of the town is only about 163,000 – not too large, though not too small!

Enjoy Beaches, Piers and Spas in Bournemouth!

Unlike some towns and cities which have hundreds of attractions, the main appeal with Bournemouth is its beaches! There’s plenty of space for language travel students to relax, swim or play games here as the sandy beaches spread for 11 kilometres (7 miles) in total! Originally Bournemouth grew as a spa destination, and spas are still very popular here now.

Take time out from your foreign language course to get pampered in one of the many spas in Bournemouth. The other popular attraction is Bournemouth’s piers. The main Bournemouth pier is about centre of the beach and is a fun place to spend some time on the fairground rides and in the arcade and shops.

Be Relaxed and Happy When You Study Abroad in Bournemouth!

Because this is a popular seaside holiday destination Bournemouth has a very friendly and happy feel to it which seems to rub off on all its visitors, including language travel students! You can’t help but have an enjoyable time here! Bournemouth was actually voted the happiest place in Britain!

Bournemouth has a Great Nightlife Scene!

Bournemouth’s happy atmosphere extends into the evening as well as this becomes a real party town! The nightlife scene is very vibrant here which many language travel students love about study abroad in Bournemouth. There are over 40 nightclub venues, plus many pubs and bars too, so plenty to keep you occupied!

Mild Weather in Bournemouth

While Bournemouth isn’t exactly the tropics, the temperate climate is very nice all the same! Summers are warm and winters are mild. Being by the sea it never gets too hot here, but never too cold in the winter either. July and August are the warmest months when temperatures are in the 20’s C, and the average temperature in the winter never gets below zero. Although Bournemouth has its share of rainfall, actual rainfall is well below the national average.


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