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Study Abroad in Ireland for an English Immersion
Ireland may not be as popular as the neighbouring United Kingdom when it comes to study abroad, but this beautiful country with its attractive cities and countryside is certainly worthy of a second look! Study abroad in Ireland for an English immersion program as a great alternative to the UK.

Study Abroad in Ireland, the Emerald Isle!

The beautiful country of Ireland makes for a popular alternative to England and the United Kingdom for a study abroad English immersion program. Ireland is well know for its lush green countryside and scenery and has friendly people. The top destination in Ireland for study abroad programs is Dublin, though there are a number of other great cities to choose from too.

Where is Ireland?

Ireland is an island in north-western Europe, off the west coast of the United Kingdom. Language travel students sometimes get a little confused as to what is called Ireland – well, Ireland is more officially known as the Republic of Ireland, whilst in the north of the island is Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is part of the UK, so politically speaking it’s a different country! The population of the Republic of Ireland is about 4.4 million which is quite low considering the size of the country.

The Tourist Attractions of Ireland

For many visitors to Ireland, a stay in Dublin (the capital and largest city) is the top of their list. Dublin is also one of the top language travel destinations too. This is a friendly city best known for its pubs and nightlife, though there’s a great deal of history and culture here too.

Ireland’s other popular cities include Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford. Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland and full of history plus it’s also the home of the famous Waterford crystal. The cities are just one small part of Ireland though, as this popular study abroad destination also has some beautiful scenery, coastlines, hiking trails, mountains, caves, ruins and even Neolithic monuments to discover!

When You Study Abroad in Ireland You’ll Find Friendly and Humorous Locals!

The Irish are known for being a friendly bunch of people and always happy to tell a joke and have a laugh, so as a language travel student you’ll find Ireland has a fun and relaxed atmosphere! The first official language of Ireland is Irish, though in fact English is more widely spoken so could be considered to be the first language of Ireland. Ireland has adopted the use of the Euro for its currency.

The Food in Ireland

Ireland has braved its way through a reputation for unimaginative food, coming out on the other side with many internationally renowned restaurants! You may find that eating and drinking out is on the pricey side in Ireland for a language travel student, but there are affordable, traditional meals available in many pubs where you’ll find roast dinners, Irish stew, Irish whiskeys and of course Guinness! Fish restaurants are also popular though you’ll be able to find cuisine from most parts of the world in the larger cities.

The Weather in Ireland

Ireland’s temperate climate is mild, never getting too hot or too cold, which will be a relief for many language students looking to study in Ireland! The summer temperatures often make it to the high 20’s Celsius and although winters are cooler it doesn’t get much below freezing too often. Ireland does experience a fair amount of rainfall, but then that’s why the country is so green!

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