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Dublin - Study Abroad in Ireland and Learn English
For English study abroad programs Dublin is a great city to consider for its friendly people, it’s vibrant nightlife, interesting tourist attractions and mild weather.

Study Abroad in Dublin and Experience the Luck of the Irish!

Known for being a lively city with lots of tourist attractions and a vibrant nightlife, Dublin is another great alternative to consider for a study English abroad destination, and has a reputation for fun!

Where is Dublin?

Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland and is situated on the country’s east coast, about half way down, on the River Liffey. Dublin is by far the largest city in Ireland, with about 505,000 people living in the city itself and over 1.6 million living in the greater Metro Dublin area. This means that over a quarter of Ireland’s population lives in Dublin, so you can see what a popular city this is!

The Tourist Attractions of Dublin

Dublin has long been a popular city with tourists too! The city centre is small enough to be able to get around on foot, and this also means language travel students shouldn’t have too much trouble finding their way around! There are some important old buildings in Dublin, including Trinity College and Christ Church Cathedral.

Other attractions include the Bram Stoker Museum if you’re a fan of Dracula, plus there’s Dublin Castle. Dublin also has the largest urban park in Europe – the Phoenix Park is huge and a popular place to go on a summer’s day. Maybe you could take your books and study some of your foreign language course here?!

Friendly People & A Lively Nightlife Awaits Those Who Study Abroad in Dublin!

Irish people are known for being very friendly so as a language travel student you’re bound to feel welcome here in Dublin! There are two official languages in Dublin, Irish and English, but English is the most widely spoken making Dublin a popular alternative to cities like London for study abroad.

The Culture of Dublin

One of the things Dublin is best known for is its high number of pubs. There are reputedly over 600 pubs in Dublin, many with their own unique characters. Try the oldest pub in Ireland for example, which is nearly one thousand years old! Dublin also has a large number of clubs, so if you enjoy a vibrant nightlife Dublin is a must for your study abroad experience! Sports are also popular in Dublin with Gaelic Football being one of the top sports – maybe you could catch a game and work out how it’s played!

The Weather in Dublin

When you study abroad in Dublin you’ll find the city has a mild climate, which gets never too hot and never too cold! In the summer months of July and August the average temperature is usually in the low 20’s. During the winter months it averages at a mild high temperature of 8C.

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