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Sliema - Study abroad in Malta and learn English
Malta’s attractive city of Sliema is home to several of the country’s English language schools so it’s a popular destination for language travel students. The warm climate, beaches, and very friendly and welcoming locals are just a few reasons why Sliema is a good alternative to other English language destinations.

Enjoy the relaxing lifestyle when you study abroad in Sliema!

Sliema is one of the top tourist destinations in Malta, popular for its great shopping and restaurants, and relaxing lifestyle. With tourists from around the world visiting throughout the year you’ll never feel out of place at a foreign language school in Sliema, and because the locals are so friendly you’ll be made to feel right at home here!

Where is Sliema?

Sliema is on the northeast coast of Malta, in the Mediterranean. Once a small fishing village, Sliema has grown over the years and is now just about touching the neighbouring resort town of St Julian’s, so together these form Malta’s top tourist resort. Even though there are many language travel students and tourists visiting the town throughout the year, the permanent population of Sliema is actually very small, with only around 13,000 people living here year round.

Enjoy the café life, shopping, beaches and promenade in Sliema!

Sliema is a great place to spend time on a foreign language course, especially if you enjoy café life and shopping! There are many lovely cafés in Sliema which are the perfect place to hang out with your fellow language travel students, sipping a drink, having a chat, and watching the world go by. How relaxing! When you’ve stocked up on caffeine you can hit the streets and make the most of Sliema’s great reputation for shopping. There are designer labels here, as well as everyday, affordable brands too. The promenade is also a great place to sit and chat; bring your laptop down and use the wireless internet that’s available here, plus there are several rocky beaches where you can sunbathe and swim.

Study Abroad in Sliema and enjoy the great weather!

Like the rest of Malta the official languages spoken in Sliema are English and Maltese, and with many more English speaking people coming to Sliema for holidays you can really immerse yourself in the language here. Usefully, the currency used in Sliema (and Malta as a whole) is the Euro.

There’s a fun nightlife in Sliema!

Sliema has some fun and friendly clubs and bars and while this isn’t the nightlife capital of Europe, language travel students will enjoy a great atmosphere on a night out in Sliema. Rub shoulders with some of those friendly locals and try out your new found language skills!

Sliema’s warm Mediterranean climate!

One of the reasons why Sliema is such a popular choice for a foreign language course is the weather. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, the climate of Sliema is mild to warm throughout the year. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are mild and damp, making this a good year-round destination for a study abroad program.

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