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South Africa offers a great alternative to the more traditional study abroad destination for learning English. Great weather, a large mix of cuisines, scenery, wildlife and more all make South Africa an excellent choice!

A Great Alternative For Learning English – Study Abroad in South Africa!

South Africa may not instantly come to mind when considering an English language study abroad program but this is actually a great alternative to some of the more common English language travel destinations. South Africa is known for its great weather, scenery, wines and gold mining. Maybe you’ll strike gold if you study abroad in South Africa!

Where is South Africa?

As the name suggests, South Africa is located at the southern most point on the African continent. The countries of Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Swaziland surround it whilst Lesotho is an enclave country within South Africa. South Africa is the 25th largest country in the world, after another African country, Mali, and has the 25th highest population in the world too at nearly 48 million people.

The Tourist Attractions of South Africa

South Africa has some attractive and popular cities. Johannesburg is the largest city in the country and an excellent choice for attending a foreign language school, but there’s also the coastal city of Cape Town. This is the legislative capital of the country and the Seat of Parliament, most famous for the large Table Mountain overlooking the city. Another city, Pretoria, is the administrative capital of South Africa, and other popular cities include Durban and Bloemfontein.

South Africa is also a wonderful place for safaris and wildlife spotting. There are many national parks and game reserves where you can see large animals like the rhino, lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo and more. Plus South Africa has some spectacular scenery to enjoy too.

Study Abroad in South Africa and Enjoy Some Great Weather and Friendly People!

South Africa gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1910 and English remains one of the official languages of South Africa. This is a very widely spoken language though there are in fact a total of eleven official languages spoken in South Africa!

The currency of South Africa is the Rand, and one Rand consists of 100 cents, making this an easy currency for language travel students to use! South Africans are known for being polite and friendly to visitors.

The Food in South Africa

With a diverse population the food in South Africa is also diverse! Influences from British, German, Indian, Dutch, Portuguese and Malay can often be found so when you study abroad in South Africa you should have no trouble finding food that you like! Of course there’s also many fast food places and international names here too.

The Weather in South Africa

South Africa is renowned for having a good climate. The climate actually varies across the country because of different influences, but as en example Cape Town has warm weather all year round. Remember that South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere and so winter is between June and August and summer is December to February!

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