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Toronto - Study Abroad in Canada and Learn English
A vibrant city, with a hugely diverse population, many foreign language schools to choose from, and English as the official language, that must be Toronto!

Study Abroad in Toronto, A Fun & Lively Destination!

Toronto is a large and lively city, famous for being very ethnically diverse. There’s a great deal to do here as a tourist and as a language travel student, from popular city attractions to activities on Lake Ontario, enjoying major sports teams and lots of entertainment.

Where is Toronto?

Toronto is in south east Canada in the province of Ontario, where it sits on the shores of the large Lake Ontario, one of the famous Great Lakes. Although Toronto is not the capital of Canada it is the capital of Ontario and also wins the award for being the largest city in the whole of Canada. The population in the city is around 2.5 million and in the Metro Toronto area it is around 5.5 million people.

The Tourist Attractions of Toronto

Toronto certainly isn’t shy of things to see and do so if you choose to study abroad in Toronto you’ll always find many attractions to keep you occupied! The most famous attraction in Toronto is the CN Tower. This is a huge tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the Americas and was the tallest in the world for 31 years! The best thing about the CN Tower is the spectacular views from the top!

Other Toronto attractions include the Toronto Islands, Lake Ontario, many great museums, two zoos, a theme park and more, and all this is within reach of the world famous Niagara Falls too.

Experience a Culturally Rich and Ethnically Diverse City When You Study Abroad in Toronto!

Toronto is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse cities as about 49% of the population were born outside of Canada. This great diversity is one of the many reasons why Toronto makes such a popular language travel destination as the people are very friendly and welcoming to visitors.

The Culture in Toronto

With people from so many different ethnic backgrounds, Toronto is also a very culturally diverse city. There are many neighbourhoods where groups of people of similar backgrounds have gathered together, but one thing that most of these people, no matter where they were from originally, is a love for Canadian national sports! Spectator sports are very popular here, so when you study abroad in Toronto try to catch some games – maybe the Toronto Blue Jays who are a Major League Baseball team, or the Toronto Maple Leafs who play ice hockey in the NHL.

The Weather in Toronto

Toronto summers are warm and humid and are definitely good enough for enjoying the city’s beaches and waters! The average high in July is a nice warm 27C (80F). Winters in Toronto can be cold and though there may be winter storms bringing in lots of snow and cold weather, these don’t normally last very long.

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