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Study Abroad in Wales for an English Immersion
Growing in popularity as an alternative to England for English immersion programs, Wales has a lot to offer language travel students. There’s plenty of culture here and sports are popular, plus there’s some fantastic, rugged scenery across the country, perfect for exploring! And the cities are popular and vibrant too!

Study Abroad in Wales, Land of the Red Dragon!

Although England probably springs to mind as the best place in the UK to study an English language immersion program, Wales is actually becoming a very popular alternative. Language travel students will find that Wales has picturesque scenery, vibrant cities and friendly people.

Where is Wales?

Wales is a country within the United Kingdom, in Western Europe. It’s the western part of mainland Britain which juts out from the rest of the island and has a population of about 3 million people. Two thirds of these people live in the south west part of Wales, meaning that many of the central areas are sparsely populated.

Big Cities, Picturesque Landscapes and National Parks in Wales

Foreign language schools in Wales are more likely to be located in the bigger cities, but language travel students are encouraged to take time out from the cities and look around the rest of the country as there’s some unique and beautiful places to see in Wales. Cardiff is the capital and largest city of Wales, and is the most popular destination in the country. Culture, sports, history and shopping are the big attractions here!

Other popular cities include Bangor, Swansea, Aberystwyth, Llandudno and Caernarfon. There are three national parks in Wales – Brecon Beacons in Mid Wales, Pembrokeshire Coast in South Wales and Snowdonia in North Wales. These and many more destinations are great for hiking, biking and more. Snowdonia is the highest mountain in Wales and has great scenery.

A Great Cultural Experience Awaits You in Wales!

Language travel students will find that the people of Wales are both friendly and proud. They’re proud of their culture and heritage and of the beautiful, yet rugged countryside around them. English is the de facto language in Wales and is spoken by just about everybody. A small number of people speak Welsh and you’ll also see Welsh written on road signs and attractions.

Wales is the Land of Song!

Wales has built a reputation around the world for producing great singers, as well as many of today’s popular British actors and actresses. Some of the best known include Tom Jones and Catherine Zeta-Jones, but there are many others too! Welsh choirs are very popular, so try to catch some of this culture when you’re attending a foreign language school in Wales.

Popular Sports in Wales

The Welsh are proud of their sports teams too! The most popular sports are rugby union and football, and many big events take place at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Other less mainstream sports include British Baseball, played mainly in Cardiff and Newport, plus there have been many great Snooker players from Wales, making this a popular sport too. Language travel students who enjoy motor racing will like the fact that Wales hosts the British section of the World Rally Championships!


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