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Study Abroad in France for a French Immersion
France is the number one tourist destination in the world though it’s also a top language travel destination too, and the top choice to learn French. Famous for the culture and cuisine, France certainly has many things to keep you busy!

Study Abroad in France – the Most Popular Tourist Destination in the World!

It’s true, France is the most popular tourist destination in the world because it has such a diverse range of things to see and do! Language travel students will have so much opportunity to try out new activities here in France during their study abroad program. To study French abroad at a language school, then France is the place to go for it!

Where is France?

France is in Western Europe where it has a border with Spain to the south, Italy and Switzerland to the east, Germany to the north east and Belgium to the north. France also has an extensive coastline on the Bay of Biscay in the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. Although France still retains many rural areas with sleepy villages, the population for the country is reasonably high at about 62 million.

The Tourist Attractions of France

From north to south and east to west, France has countless things for language travel students to see and enjoy! Most famous amongst the tourist attractions in France is the capital city, Paris. Paris is the most visited city in the world and when you see the place, it’s easy to understand why! World-renowned landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe are just part of the appeal, but Paris has much more than these.

Across France students can choose from study abroad programs in a multitude of beautiful places. Visit French chateaus and vineyards, rub shoulders with the rich and famous on the French Riviera or enjoy some great skiing in the French Alps or the Pyrenees.

Study Abroad in France and Enjoy the Culture and the Cuisine!

Language travel students coming for French course in France will find that the French people are very appreciative of you trying to speak the French language, which is the primary language of France. This gives you even more encouragement to make your French language immersion a successful one! While you’re studying abroad in France, you’ll use the Euro, which can also be used in many of the neighbouring European countries too.

The Cuisine and the Culture in France

The French are very proud of their cuisine and their famous wines so you’re almost always guaranteed to get an excellent meal here. Some of the more popular French dishes which have made an impact around the world too include coq au vin, French cheeses, foie gras and moules marinieres, though if these don’t appeal you can always find international cuisines in France too. France is also a very culturally-rich country and the French are proud of their history. Take some time to find out more about the history and culture as the people you meet are bound to appreciate this!

The Weather in France

Generally France has a temperate climate, but the weather can vary greatly from one end of the country to the other. If you’re attending a foreign language school in Paris you’ll find that the summers are very pleasant with warm temperatures, though winters can be a little cooler and damp. In the south east, including cities like Marseille and Nice, there’s a warmer Mediterranean climate.

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