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Study Abroad in Germany for a German Immersion
Germany is the most popular choice to study German abroad and it’s an interesting country too! Vibrant cities with lots of nightlife and things to see and do and there’s some great scenery across the country too.

Enjoy Lively Cities and Plenty of Culture When You Learn German in Germany!

Germany has risen to become a cosmopolitan country whilst still retaining much of its culture. These elements combined with the beautiful scenery and the vibrant cities are what Germany is famous for today, and language travel students looking to study German abroad will find that Germany is the perfect place to do this.

Where is Germany?

Germany is the largest country in Central Europe and has borders with most of the other European countries! Nine countries border Germany – Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands! Amongst the European Union states Germany also has the highest population at around 82 million.

The Tourist Attractions of Germany

Germany is made up of 16 states, similar to the states of the USA, and each one has its own individual appeal, and to a certain extent its own culture. This makes Germany a very interesting country as visitors can experience great variety here. Language travel students will find there are German language schools across the country, so find out which state suits you and your requirements best.

Berlin is the capital and largest city and a very popular destination for both study abroad and tourism in general. It’s a vibrant city famous for great shopping and its cosmopolitan feel. Learn German in Berlin to immerse yourself in its atmosphere. Germany has so many other great cities as well though – Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne and more, are all popular destinations. Germany is also known for its beautiful scenery too, the Bavarian Alps, the Rhine Valley, the Black Forest – Germany has it all!

Study Abroad in Germany – Meet Friendly People and Try the Interesting Cuisine!

Germany is a proud and friendly nation, very welcoming of language travel students. This is partly due to the fact that Germany’s population consists of many migrants, making Germany home to the third highest number of international migrants in the world.

Attend a German language course in Germany and you should feel right at home! As with many of the EU countries, Germany uses the Euro as its currency.

German Cuisine

Across Germany there can be quite a lot of variety in the types of food eaten. There are certain foods that Germany is best known for though, such as sauerkraut (pickled shredded cabbage), bratwurst (a type of sausage) and schnitzel (veal coated in breadcrumbs and fried). Germany also has a huge number of international cuisine restaurants as well if these don’t appeal! Of course Germany is also famous for its wine and its beer! Learn German in Munich for example and you will discover it all!

The Weather in Germany

Generally Germany has a temperate climate, though it varies across the country.  Berlin, for example, has warm summers with an average high in July and August of 24C (75F). Winters are quite cool with January’s high being 3C (37F). Rain falls moderately throughout the year so when you study abroad in Germany bring your umbrella just in case!

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