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Hamburg - Study abroad in Germany and learn German
Hamburg is one of Germany’s nicest cities and also one of its largest. The rich culture, numerous attractions, vibrant nightlife, and unique cuisine makes this a popular city with tourists from around the world and with language travel students who want to study German abroad.

Study Abroad in Hamburg, Germany’s Second Largest City

The historic city of Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, after Berlin. Like Berlin, Hamburg makes a great destination for a study abroad program as there’s plenty to see and do here when you’re not studying hard in your foreign language school!

Where is Hamburg?

Hamburg is in Northern Germany and has long been a major port city, so the harbour is an important part of everyday life in this city. It’s actually the second largest port in Europe and the ninth largest in the world. This busy city has a population of around 1.8 million so there are plenty of locals for you to mix with on a language immersion course in Hamburg!

Enjoy the beautiful buildings, museums, and parks in Hamburg!

When you’re not attending your foreign language course you can enjoy everything that Hamburg has to offer. This is a vibrant city with plenty to see and do including some great museums such as the Art Gallery and Gallery of Contemporary Arts, and the International Maritime Museum. Hamburg has both modern and historical buildings so there’s some charming German architecture to admire around the city; the Warehouse District for example is full of all the old warehouses from Hamburg’s past. If you’re here on a summer study abroad program you can also make use of Hamburg’s parks and gardens including several beautiful botanical gardens.

There’s a very rich culture to enjoy when you study abroad in Hamburg!

Hamburg is an ideal student travel destination if you’d like to combine your language learning with a great German cultural experience. You’ll never get bored if you enjoy the theatre, museums, music and clubs as there’s an impressive 40 theatres, 60 museums, and 100 venues and clubs for music lovers!

The interesting cuisine you can try in Hamburg!

Yes, the hamburger was invented in Hamburg, though it wasn’t popularised here, so unless you go into McDonalds don’t expect to find everyone selling hamburgers! On the whole Hamburg has a varied cuisine that includes influences from other cities because of its status as a port city. Lots of people have come through here over the years, including language travel students, leaving behind their own ideas of tasty cuisine!

Dance the night away in Hamburg!

Hamburg is certainly a lively city so if you’re hoping to enjoy some fun nights out when you attend a foreign language school this is a good place to come! There are some great bars, but there are also plenty of clubs with many different kinds of music being played or performed live, plus you’re likely to find open-air concerts around the city during the summer.

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