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Munich – Study Abroad in Germany and Learn German
The Bavarian city of Munich, in Germany, is famous for its beautiful architecture, its beer, its gardens, and its culture, and is a very special destination to spend some time in. Consider Munich as an alternative study abroad destination to other German cities such as Berlin.

Study Abroad in the Beautiful City of Munich!

Munich has been a popular tourist destination for years and is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to cities such as Berlin for studying at a foreign language school. There’s more to Munich than the famous Oktoberfest, though admittedly language travel students who like beer will love spending time in this city!

Where is Munich?

Munich is situated in the south of Germany and is the capital of the state of Bavaria. The city is surrounded by beautiful countryside and sits just north of the spectacular Bavarian Alps. After Berlin and Hamburg, Munich is the third largest city in Germany with about 1.3 million people living here.

Architecture, Parks, Museums, and more in Munich!

Apart from the Oktoberfest (more details below!), Munich is most famous for its great architecture. The quality and variety of buildings here is superb and it’s the kind of city where you can just spend time walking around admiring what you see. Sites like the New and the Old Town Hall and the huge Marienplatz square in front of them; there are beautiful churches and stunning baroque palaces that are in stark contrast to the modern architecture of the BMW headquarters!

Then there are the parks, so many beautiful and large parks to enjoy relaxing in when you don’t have classes to attend at your foreign language school! Plus there are many great museums to visit to find out more about the city and Germany in general.

Enjoy the Culture When You Study Abroad in Munich!

As well as the architecture Munich is famous for its culture. Beer is very much a part of the culture here, so language travel students who enjoy beer will certainly do well in this city. Munich also has a good nightlife.

The Oktoberfest in Munich

The best known thing about Munich is the Oktoberfest. This takes place during September and October and is a time for trying out many different beers in the beer tents and enjoying other festivities such as the fairground attractions. If you’re attending a foreign language school in Munich during this time, you must not miss Oktoberfest!

Munich Cuisine

If beer is not your thing Munich also has a good café culture. As a language travel student you’re bound to spend some fun mornings or afternoons sipping coffee and watching the world go by. There’s also some quite unique cuisine to try here such as white sausages, Bavarian sausage loaf, apple strudel and much more!



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