Spanish Courses in Boquete, Panama
Spanish Courses in Boquete, Panama


Why just learn Spanish in Central America? Live your Spanish learning experience at Panama's top rated Spanish School in a dream setting town full of friendly faces and exciting adventures.
With a wide array of Cultural, Social & Eco-Adventure Activities, at Habla Ya you won't just study Spanish: you'll have the time of your life and live the most amazing Spanish learning experience!


Top 10 Nationalities: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden.
Average number of students per class: 3 (maximum is 6).
Average age: The majority of our students are young professionals who need Spanish for their careers (some of them in their late 20's and others in their 30's). But we also have a significant number of students who are full-time university and grad-school students. There is also a large proportion of travelers who want to learn Spanish to enrich their vacations in Latin America (these usually join us for a short period in our Spanish for Travelers Course). We yet have another group of students in their forties and early fifties who also decide to learn Spanish. The last group of students is made of those who have retired or relocated in Panama and want to learn Spanish to have a much more enjoyable life in their new country. A small percentage of our students are small children and young teenagers who are traveling with their parents or older teenagers still in high school who have been sent by their parents in an exchange program to learn Spanish.


    Habla Ya is located in the heart of Boquete, a charming mountain town with spring like temperatures all year long, which is considered Panama's Eco-Adventure Capital!
    The school's building itself, designed in neo-colonial architecture, occupies the entire first floor of Los Establos Plaza, Boquete's most popular commercial area, and is only one black away from the town's main square, close to shops, restaurants, internet cafés, hotels, bars, coffee houses, and just a short walk to the Caldera River and numerous hiking trails.
    Within Habla Ya you will find fourteen modern and fully equipped classrooms, a lounge and cafeteria area, an ample reception space, free wireless internet, and last but not least, the most helpful staff, who will ensure that you have and find everything you need, and most importantly, that you will have a blast outside of the classroom as well.


    - Traditional Panamanian Dinners: on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. put your culinary skills to test by helping make (and then eat!) a traditional Panamanian meal.
    - Eco-Adventure Tours: everyday of the week: hikes, ziplining canopy tours, white water river rafting, coffee sampling, hotsprings, horseback riding, island hopping, beach and river trips, rock climbing and rappelling...
    - Movie Nights: every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. we watch the best Spanish spoken films...
    - Charity Parties: every Thursday from 8:00 p.m. we party hard and collect funds for a local cause
    Get-Togethers: each weekend (Fridays and Saturdays) we visit Boquete's restaurants & bars to celebrate life!
    - Conversational Sessions: every Saturday at 11:00 a.m. practice your Spanish in a relaxed environment.
    - Free Latin Dance Lessons (Salsa & Merengue): on Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. we learn the latin rhythm.
    - Panama Road Trips: explore our fascinating country!
    Visa Information
    Citizens from most countries do not require a visa to enter Panama. For those that do, an acceptance letter is granted when students pay their course in full in advance, and guidance is given to obtain a visa.

    How to get there

    - Airport Pickup in Panama City at Tocumen International Airport, $35
    - Airport Pickup in Panama City at Albrook Airport, $15
    - Airport Pickup in David at Marcos A. Gelabert Airport, or Bus Station Pickup, $25

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    Most Helpful Reviews

    • by Sue H.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Private classes with Alex
      I had private classes with Alex for 2 weeks, Alex did a wonderful job of finding information about my specific interests to make the time in class extremely productive for me. Alex also did a great job of bringing my grammatical errors to my attention so I could be more deliberate about speaking correctly. I would recommend Alex as a professor to anyone .
      Saturday, 07 March 2020
    • by Stephen M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya - Boquete
      My journey to learn Spanish began with a great week at Habla Ya in Boquete. Alex was a very patient teacher and I believe we helped each other learn our respective languages. I am excited to say that I am learning Spanish, one small step at a time. Thanks Alex!
      Thursday, 20 February 2020
    • by Sabina M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      A Great Experience for Solo Travelers
      I spent three weeks in Boquete with Habla Ya. I came to Panama with no Spanish language experience and left with the confidence to try speaking and a greater ability to comprehend the spoken language. My teacher Erian was great at explaining concepts and the classes are kept small and the conversations interesting and useful. I’m excited to continue practicing and learning throughout the year. And I look forward to visiting HablaYa again in the future.
      Tuesday, 04 February 2020
    • by Ginny W.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Excellent Experience At HablaYa!
      My husband and I just finished four weeks of Spanish immersion classes at HablaYa! in Boquete, Panama. Our advanced class met 4 hours/day, 5 days/week and was taught entirely in Spanish. We got lots of individual attention, as there were never more than four students in the class. Our teacher Alex Cano was professional, patient, and encouraging and supplemented classroom instruction with word games like Scrabble and field trips to local points of interest. Other teachers and staff at the school were equally competent and friendly. We highly recommend HablaYa! to other Spanish students.
      Sunday, 02 February 2020
    • by Ryan F.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great Experience
      I spent 2 weeks studying at Habla Ya in Boquete (6 weeks total, I also spent 4 weeks at the Bocas location) and had an awesome experience. My teacher Leidys was excellent. She did a great job of making the classes challenging and fun at the same time, and she was very patient. I learned a TON of Spanish. When I arrived in Panama I knew only the most basic Spanish, and after 6 weeks I was having conversations with locals. The student body at Habla Ya comes from all over the world and I really enjoyed making new friends from around the globe. If you take the classes seriously and try to speak with locals outside of class hours you will be amazed at how quickly you learn! If you take the classes seriously and try to speak with locals outside of class hours you will be amazed at how quickly you learn!
      Tuesday, 19 November 2019
    • by Casalta R.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya - Boquete -Teacher Kimberly
      I took 3 weeks of class this summer with Habla Ya and for the beginner I was, I showed really great improvement. Thanks to my teacher Kimberly who was very kind, very listening. I couldn't hope more for a teacher. Really great experience!
      Monday, 11 November 2019
    • by John W.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya Boquete was a perfect learning opportunity
      Habla Ya was a great experience for both learning Spanish and experiencing the culture of Panama. I speak some Spanish and wanted to improve my language skills for an upcoming trip to Ecuador. I spent two weeks at the school in Boquete and definitely accomplished my objective. My teacher was Leidys Pitti and she was excellent. The classes lasted 4 hours each weekday and were conducted entirely in Spanish. This contributed to the total immersion concept and really worked quite well. Leidys also spoke very clearly and slowly which was a great help for improving my comprehension. She followed a structured lesson plan complete with workbook and examples on the whiteboard, but there was also plenty of free-flowing conversation about subjects in which I was most interested. Leidys was a joy to work with and you would be lucky to have her as your teacher. Boquete is the perfect location to study Spanish. It's a pleasant little town in the mountains of Panama with plenty of restaurants, etc. Importantly, few of the locals speak English so I had to use Spanish. Luckily, everyone was patient and appreciated that I was there to learn their language. I stayed with a host family a short distance from town. The Del Cids were a wonderful, traditional, couple who also did not speak English. This provided a great opportunity to practice my Spanish and learn about the local Panamanian culture. One final note about the Habla Ya school staff and policies. Every staff member I had contact with, whether the initial phone conversations with Tori, helping organize a tour with Ivan, and arranging my ride back to the David airport with Giselle, was great. They all made sure my experience went well. I was scheduled and paid for group lessons. When I arrived, they felt I was not at the same level as the rest of the group, so I ended up with private lessons for no additional charge. This worked out great and demonstrates the school's focus on the needs of the students.
      Tuesday, 29 October 2019
    • by Melanie W.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Spanish Classes in Boquete
      I only spent two weeks in Boquete with Habla Ya, but I learned so much, and cherish my time there! All of the teachers and staff were incredibly nice and helpful. My teacher Alex Cano made learning the grammar basics easy and fun, and he incorporated conversational exercises throughout class to improve my speaking skills. Alex was flexible with class time to include specific things I wanted to learn, and he even planned a field trip to the three waterfalls since I wasn't able to book a tour!
      Saturday, 19 October 2019
    • by John W.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Spanish Immersion, Boquete, Panama
      I am 60 years old and live in Boquete, Panama. I just finished a 3-week, 5-hr per day, 5 days per week intensive Spanish course at the Habla Ya facility in Boquete, Panama. My teachers were Erian and Kimberly. I had one hour of private lessons, a lunch break, followed by 4 hours of group lessons. My teachers were fantastic. They did not speak English during the lessons, which greatly aided my listening comprehension. We had a set curriculum but there was flexibility to review aspects of the language that I was having difficulty with. Although I did not participate in the extracurricular activities offered through Habla Ya, we did activities outside the classroom to expand our understanding of the language and culture. I have learned another language and find that immersion is the best method for me. I highly recommend Habla Ya and if available, schedule classes with either Erian or Kimberly. Both are very energetic, knowledgeable and patient.
      Wednesday, 09 October 2019
    • by Jeremy F.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great intro to Spanish
      I really enjoyed my time learning Spanish with Leidys at Habla Ya in Boquete. She knows how to make learning fun and she was very patient with me as an absolute beginner. I only completed 1 week with Habla Ya but feel that I did learn many of the basics of Spanish and I am confident that with Leidys as my teacher I would have progressed much more if I had more time. The location in central Boquete is great for exploring this beautiful city.
      Monday, 07 October 2019
    • by Aubrey R.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Boquete is beautiful
      My family of five settled in Boquete for 6 weeks to study Spanish at Habla Ya. We were split into classes by age and Spanish level. My husband had never studied Spanish before and so was put into a beginner adult group class. Similarly, my two younger children joined a beginner group class while my older daughter (13) was put into an intermediate group adult class with me because she already had a foundation in Spanish. At times, the school had very few students and my family ended up being the only ones in each of our “group” lessons. My oldest had a harder time because she didn’t fit into the schema that they’ve developed. She wanted to be with other kids her age but the classes were too basic for her. However, the school tried to accommodate our needs as best they could and the teachers really demonstrate that they care about student progress. I studied with Leidys Pitti for 5 weeks. She did a great job incorporating conversation into our daily classes and making note when we had an opportunity to practice new skills. I am so glad we chose to study Spanish in Boquete because it was the perfect place to settle in for 6 weeks. The center of town is always bustling with friendly activity, people saying hello, shops, restaurants, and, lots of beautiful fresh produce at the outdoor market stalls. In addition, the weather in Boquete is refreshing and always the perfect temperature. On extra warm days, showers would come in and cool the air down to a comfortable range. We also met a lot of friendly people from the area and everyone was willing and generous about letting us practice our Spanish, even though they speak very good English themselves. The kids loved the variety of extra activities that they could participate in around Boquete, such as white river rafting, zip lining, rock climbing, hikes, horseback riding, and swimming in the mini canyons. If you’re on a tighter budget, the hikes in the area are spectacular and only cost a small fee for the taxi ride to the trailhead. The food was also a highlight for us. We had some really spectacular meals both local food and other cuisines. The family favorite was Colibrí, a restaurant on the gardens of the hotel where we stayed (more about Isla Verde below). Colibrí agreed to teach our family a private cooking class after my husband talked to the chef about his and the kids’ interest. They thought the class was phenomenal and learned new techniques, and how to make some of the best food we’ve ever had. The traditional Panamanian food of the area includes a soup called Sancocho, rice, beans, a meat, plantains, and a side salad. There were a number of local restaurants that served this food beautifully. Our favorite was Las Orchillas. The other cafe that we really enjoyed was called Sugar and Spice which had great breakfasts and salads for lunch. Finally, the place where we stayed was absolutely perfect for us. We rented a large roundhouse at Isla Verde. The house was a single room with a loft. It was small but didn’t feel too tight or crowded for our family of five. The house was surrounded by beautiful gardens and fruit trees. The staff was extremely helpful all the time and we met some wonderful other guests from all over the world.
      Thursday, 22 August 2019
    • by Andrew R.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Six weeks of language school at Habla Ya Panama Boquete
      My family and I attended Habla Ya Panama in Boquete for six weeks, in anticipation of a move to Chile for a year. The experience was great. First, a word about Boquete and surrounding Chiriqui. We visited in July and early August, which is the rainy season, and the weather was great for us. It was never hot, and there was usually a strong cool breeze, just perfect summer weather. In the afternoons, at least in July/August, it often rains, so you might schedule classes for the afternoon. We stayed at Isla Verde, a series of bungalows with kitchenettes about a 3-4 minute walk from the school. They were surrounded by lush gardens, and I was very happy with our stay there. The restaurant at Isla Verde, Colibri, was our favorite in Boquete, but mostly we ate at the inexpensive local restaurants, Sabrason, Amarillas, and Orchiadas. The main part of the town, Boquete Centro, is fairly small, and has a mix of supermarkets, stores, and restaurants catering to locals, as well as more tourist oriented restaurants. Boquete some great coffee and chocolate shops (this is the source for some of the best coffee in the world). The town is surrounded by verdant hills, which is lovely, and you can buy pineapples and other vegetables on the street and in the fruit and vegetable market for inexpensive prices, so it’s nice to have a place to stay with a kitchen. There are fresh fruits everywhere, a few of which I’d never seen before, and many restaurants have batidas (fruit shakes) and fresas con crema (strawberries and cream). Boquete positions itself as an adventure town, and there is a lot to do outside the town, including hikes, coffee, honey, and chocolate farms, Volcan Baru (which I didn’t visit), and ziplining and other trips. For the hikes, you can just take a taxi to a trailhead, and then catch a minibus back to town. My favorite out of town adventures were a rafting trip and two visits to the Mini Canyons, where you can swim and picnic with the locals in lovely warm water. In town, we had an amazing cooking class experience at Colibri, and a chocolate making experience at A Perfect Pair, which we loved as well. I came to Habla Ya with no Spanish language experience, and after six weeks I can communicate fairly well, having a conversation with anyone. I’m very happy with the progress I was able to make. My vocabulary is still fairly small, and when native speakers talk with me rapid-fire, I often need to ask them to slow down. For the first three weeks, I worked out of their first workbook, which gave me all of the foundations for the language. It was well organized, and I learned basic past, present, and future tenses, how to conjugate verbs, and a lot of other language structure. The next three weeks I worked out of a second book that added additional tenses, and other concepts. I think the school is very language structure oriented, which worked well for me. For these two books they were essentially laying the foundations for me so that I could add vocabulary later and conceptually know how to use it. The classes we took were from 1-5pm, with a 20 minute break in the middle. I had about 15-20 minutes of homework at night, but then I would generally spend another 40 minutes or so reviewing the day’s work, which was a big help in cementing my learning. Because I was there in the off-season, I had essentially about 3 weeks of private lessons (since there was no one else at my level at that moment), and three weeks with 2-3 other students in the class, who were coming from the US, Germany, and France. I had two professors: My professor, Pedro Abrego, was great. He’s a quiet person, and fairly reserved, and conveys both humility and an unflaggingly positive attitude. He’s extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to teaching. He keeps the class moving at a quick pace, although he’s happy to work through a concept until you understand it. He will not speak English, which in some cases might have saved some time (it can take me a long time to ask a question in Spanish), but I think that is part of the professors’ training. His explanations were clear, and I couldn’t believe how much I knew by the end. He was a good fit for me, and he pushed me far in Spanish. I appreciated the chance to learn with Pedro. My professor, Erian Marin, was wonderful. At different times, he taught both me and my kids, and was equally adept at both. He has a great sense of humor, and makes classes fun to attend. At the same time he helped me move quickly through the lessons, he was attuned to the students who might need extra support, and kept us all on the same page. In the case of my kids, he understood how to balance learning with fun and games. My younger son was not as excited about the material as his older sister, and Erian worked hard to keep them both engaged (including the occasional soccer game). I was so impressed with Erian’s teaching skill and charm, and I routinely looked forward to my classes with him.
      Thursday, 22 August 2019
    • by Dennis O.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      A great class with Erian at Habla Ya in Boquete
      I completed level B-2 Spanish during the month of June 2019 at Habla Ya in Boquete. I highly recommend the school and I definitely improved my Spanish. Erian is a wonderful teacher and he certainly gets us speaking the language (and even using el subjuntivo). He makes the class interesting and relates to everyone in class. The pace of instruction was just right. It was also great having Katie as my classmate for the four week period. I really liked Boquete. It is safe and quiet, but there are a lot of outdoor activities in the area. I rented an apartment in Valle Escondido and I can recommend the location. Others at the school stayed with host families and enjoyed that experience. I would like to return and continue with level C-1.
      Wednesday, 17 July 2019
    • by Carey F.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Excellent teachers!
      I completed one week of Spanish classes at HablaYa in Boquete and can understand the teachers and full sentences in 5 days of full immersion classes with four hours a day plus one hour of private lessons. The teachers are truly dedicated to each individual learning styles and needs. Bravo to the school and teachers, especially Pedro and Leidys! I am truly grateful for a wonderful, fun, positive experience!
      Saturday, 08 June 2019
    • by Anais L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      My experience at HABLA YA was incredible. I had the chance to have Benita as a teacher for 4 months, starting from scratch she taught me so much and i’m really thankful for that. She’s a wonderful woman and have so much good energy. HABLA YA bocas is the best option if you wanna learn Spanish in a good environment and feel at home!
      Thursday, 23 May 2019
    • by Thiya H.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      une semaine en immersion à Habla Ya à Boquete
      Le campus de Habla Ya est au centre de Boquete. il est facile de s'y rendre à pied ou en taxi (40 cts la course). Il est entouré de restaurants agréables dont les prix varient de 3 à 6 dollars, il y a donc moyen de se restaurer agréablement pour un prix raisonnable. Avant le cours, nous avons un test écrit et oral qui permet de situer précisément notre niveau de langue. je m'étais inscrite à un cours de groupe, mais pour le même prix j'ai eu droit à un cours particulier. Tout le personnel du campus est formidable, plein de prévenance et de gentillesse et très professionnel. Ma professeur Leidys Pitté est excellente, elle explique très bien la grammaire, donne beaucoup de devoirs de maison selon les erreurs qu'elle a pu noter dans les conversations tout azimut. La progression des cours est parfaite. Si de plus, vous choisirez de résider dans une famille, l'immersion est totale. Je recommande vivement cette formule d'apprentissage de l'espagnol.
      Wednesday, 22 May 2019
    • by Pam S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      At Habla Ya in Boquete, Panama, my professor, Leidys helped me get thé Spanish words stuck in my head to come out of my mouth! Each day she encouraged me to speak in natual, relaxed conversations as she reviewed material I had studied previously and introduced new things. She was patient, kind and found effective days to help me learn.
      Tuesday, 23 April 2019
    • by Susan N.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Week of language study in Boquete
      A week of study in HABLA Ya provided atmosphere of excellence by actively engaging students using multisensory activities.My instructor Alex C. did a professional job of relating to our learning styles. We had a memorable week hiking through the rain forest with well informed tour guides who helped with our language learning as well as recreation. HABLA Ya provided opportunities to sample traditional Panamanian Foods and experiencing the joys of Salsa dancing. One of the additional highlights was the immersion into a host family. I have been in Panama two weeks with a host family each week. Both families were excellent host families and instrumental at helping to accelerate my language acquisition.
      Sunday, 07 April 2019
    • by Lauren B.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Fantastic experience
      I spent a week in Boquete, learning Spanish at Habla Ya and participating in their activities. I went with my teenage daughter who stayed an additional 3 weeks on her own. We loved our time there, staying with a wonderful family. If you are serious about learning Spanish, Habla Ya offers many activities and opportunities to add to your experience outside of class. It was a well run program, and the teacher I had (Kimberly) was outstanding: warm, fun, knowledgeable and a skilled teacher. I learned an incredible amount of Spanish in only a week. My teenage daughter, who stayed for a total of 4, learned even more. Boquete is a great small town with lots of outdoor activities that are easily accessible either on your own or arranged through the people who run Habla Ya. We had a minor mixup regarding the family we were staying with (we were given info about a different family than the one we we ended up with). But other than that, they were quite organized, and I felt very comfortable about leaving my daughter there for the remainder of her trip.
      Friday, 29 March 2019
    • by Ken A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya Spanish - March, 2019
      I wanted to take a few minutes to compose a review of my experience in Boquete Panama and in particular, speak about Habla Ya, a world class Spanish immersion school that I keep returning to there. Firstly, I’m a 63 year old Canadian and have lived in the U.S. for the last 28 years. During my formative years in Canada I had little interest in learning a second language and regrettably, while French was an option in the Canadian curriculum, taking it was not mandatory. After my relocation to the U.S. in 1991, I soon learned what a benefit it would be to learn another language. As almost half of the population of Phoenix and San Diego where I divide my time, are Spanish speaking, Spanish had to be my defacto choice. Unfortunately, as an entrepreneur, my 30’s, 40’s and 50’s were dedicated to building my businesses and this left little time for anything, much less learning a second language. Secretly, during these 3 decades, I had a burning desire to learn the language and during the many trips my wife and I had taken to Mexico, I watched, listened and envied every non-native communicating in Spanish. Now, fortunately I have an abundance of time and have diligently spent the last 3 years learning the language poco a poco! We’ve all heard metaphor, “slow and steady wins the race” and this is no more applicable than undertaking the exercise of learning another language. I’m completely dedicated and though I may be a little slower than the 20 somethings, I will achieve a level of mastery over this language. I can tell anyone who may be contemplating learning another language, the decision is not to be taken lightly. It’s grueling, frustrating and time consuming! So, why do it? Learning the language is no different than building blocks; you simply keep building on that which you’ve already learned. I’m by no means proficient but there’s very little that I can’t communicate to someone in a Spanish only speaking country. And this folks, is what keeps me going! Now, to the school. I just completed my third trip to Habla Ya in Panama and each time keeps getting better. The first 3-week segment was in Bocas Del Toro, a quaint little beach town frequented by young and old from all over the world. The last 2 visits were to Boquete, a location I prefer due to its’ cooler climate, beautiful scenery and incredibly reasonable prices. Leidys was my profesora for levels A2 & B1 in Boquete. Leidys has been with the school for 10-years and I’ve found her to be excellent in her ability to teach new concepts and patient enough when certain concepts need to be re-explained. I’d recommend her highly! The school is completely professional in every respect and there’s little wonder in my mind as to why they’ve earned their very favorable ratings year after year. From trying to accommodate the smallest request to meticulously organizing fun outings for the students, these people do it all! YOU - QUIT PROCRASTINATING AND START LEARNING! Sent from my iPad
      Saturday, 23 March 2019
    • by Susan M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      This was the sixth year I’ve taken Spanish classes at Habla Ya. What keeps me and several other former students returning is our excellent teacher, Leidys. She explains difficult grammar in ways that make sense and provides interesting exercises so that students can understand and use the language in real life situations. In addition, she’s friendly, patient and positive, with a good sense of humor. Conversations help students improve speaking skills, so they can progress in a short time. The administrative staff, Giselle and Ivan, are terrific at making arrangements for student requests.
      Friday, 22 March 2019
    • by Nina S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Amazing 6 weeks in Panama
      We LOVED our time at HablaYa. My husband and I quit out jobs in Nashville, TN and moved to Jupiter, FL. In between careers, we wanted to go on an adventure and learn Spanish- a long time dream for me. Searching the internet was intimidating because it was a big investment (money and time) and we wanted to go to a legitimate school. We found HablaYa and they were very responsive, super helpful, and had all the info we needed on levels, where to stay for our 6 weeks in Panama, and what to expect. In Boquete for 2 weeks of school, I had Alex for private lessons every day. He was patient and I was AMAZED that we had so much to talk about (ONLY in Spanish). He clarified Spanish for me daily and helped me advance quickly. In the afternoons, I had Kimberly for two weeks for 4 hours per day. She is a GEM. She is really passionate about teaching, speaks clearly and slowly, and has the sweetest smile. She’s been following up with me on WhatsApp about how my Spanish practice is going now that I’m back in the US. Its so fun talking to her in Spanish! In Bocas Del Toro, I had 4 hours of class per day with Benita. She’s the QUEEN of the school, so much fun, a complete joy. She spoke just quickly enough to keep me completely engaged and I learned both practical and street Spanish with her. We went to a local coffee shop on Friday to practice conversational Spanish, and the beach the next Friday. I absolutely loved my time in class. I learned so much and HablaYa is definitely worth the time and money. The students were varied ages and nationalities and group activities were always so interesting getting to know my classmates. Use the resources they offer of the places they recommend to stay! Isla Verde in Boquete is incredible!
      Monday, 18 March 2019
    • by Steve S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Boquete, February 2019
      I had such a great time in Boquete. Leidys was THE BEST teacher and I enjoyed both the instruction and the conversation in our classes. She was professional, but very personable and very easy to talk with, even though I struggled with my Spanish conversation skills. This was why I came to Panama! Boquete is a great place...perfect weather (not too hot, not too cold), lots of activities to do, amazing food and great people!
      Sunday, 03 March 2019
    • by Valarie G.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Alex at Habla Ya is a fantastic teacher
      In December 2018 I took a 3 week course with Habla Ya in Boquete Panama. My instructor was Alexander Cano. Alex is a patient, kind and effective Spanish teacher. I enjoyed being able to learn new Spanish concepts and have the chance to practice speaking Spanish in class. I liked the extra-curricular activities that Habla Ya offered. I participated in a group dinner and we went to a Panamanian garden. We also played Scrabble in Spanish and I learned lots of new words. All of the Habla Ya staff are very kind and helpful and I plan to return. Valarie
      Tuesday, 08 January 2019
    • by Rosemarie P.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great School
      I spent a week in the language school "Habla Ya" in Boquete (Panama) and my teacher was "Leidy". I felt very comfortable in my class. Together with a student from Sweden we have made great progress. Leidy has a nice way to teach so that we could follow her well. We only talked in spanish. I can recommend this school and our teacher Leidy.
      Saturday, 15 December 2018
    • by C S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      4 weeks Boquete and Bocas
      The highlights of this school are their dedicated teachers. Partly they did much more than necessary: Alex of Boquete introduced me e.g. to his family and friends and we spent a wonderful weekend together which enabled me to get an insight into local family life. I also stayed with host families and had the chance to see a couple of different host families (because I changed locations and also through other students). All of them were dedicated and warm hearted, however, the standard (also the level of conversation, if you are an advanced Spanish speaker) differs. Some families really live in very basic conditions (and I am not spoilt). The difference between what a student pays (for accommodation at host families or classes) and what the families and teachers receive seems quite unfair, even when you take into account that the school has expenses for renting the location etc. However, I would come again because the dedication of teachers and other staff as well as the warm hearted reception by the host families (in spite of the little money that they receive by the schools) was outstanding.
      Monday, 10 December 2018
    • by James W.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great immersive experience
      I live in Costa Rica, struggling with my limited Spanish, and a friend recommended Habla Ya in Boquete, Panama as an alternative to some of the more expensive alternatives locally. I contacted Habla Ya and they quickly make arrangements to accommodate my need for private classes at their school in Boquete. I chose 30 hour a week private lessons and full immersion with a Panamanian Family for three weeks. The staff at the school took care of everything including finding the family, directions for getting to David from the border, and transport from David to Boquete. Once at the school they quickly put me to work with my instructor Alex Cano, and his associates. During my first lunch break, they transported me to my host family's house, introduced me to my new "roommate" and let me drop off my luggage. Habla Ya uses a brilliant technique of daily lessons along with constant practice, daily and hourly. After my 2nd class I was not allowed to use English at all anymore which forces you to start thinking in Spanish immediately. An average class would consist of greetings and conversational speaking about your day and previous night. The instructors pretty much let you talk about anything you want as long as it's in Spanish. If you break into your mother tongue, the instructor will quickly move you back towards the lesson or prompt you to change languages. So there was constant pressure to stay "on point" but you had plenty of freedom and encouragement to talk about anything you wanted. But they were happy to engage with you on any topic. The class would end with some sort of homework which generally was based on the lessons for the day. At the end of the day (which was about 3pm local time for me) you were allowed to continue using the wifi or school facilities for as long as the place was open. There were plenty of restaurants, stores, tourist attractions, and markets within easy walking distance (including a modern public library). Reception would help me with anything I needed from finding coconut oil to taking a tour of the local volcano, Baru. The host family in Boquete consisted of an elderly lady who rented out space to among others, her son and his wife. She was nice, cooked me two meals a day and regularly engaged me in conversation (especially at meal time)….oh yeah and she also did my laundry. Boquete itself, is beautiful. The air is fresh and sometimes cool but everything is within easy walking distance and taxi's are very inexpensive (less than a dollar for places in and around Boquete itself). I would definitely recommend the school for any aspiring to learn Spanish. It was a wonderful experience that improved my Spanish dramatically. Thanks to Alex and the entire staff at Habla Ya Boquete!!!
      Saturday, 22 September 2018
    • by Michelle B.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Good experience at Habla Ya Boquete
      I studied at Habla Ya Boquete for 2 weeks, and my Spanish has definitely improved. My teacher, Alex, did a great job of incorporating my interests into the structured curriculum. All of the teachers and staff were very helpful and welcoming, and my host family was amazing. I would defintely recommend Habla Ya Boquete.
      Friday, 24 August 2018
    • by cathy A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya in Boquete--Awesome Experience!
      I attended Habla Ya in Boquete for three weeks. Alex was my Spanish teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable. He is an excellent teacher. He challenged me and encouraged me to improve each day. I looked forward to coming to his class. He was fun and engaging. He explained things and gave great examples so that I could understand things clearly. Alex has a huge heart and a passion for teaching. My experience at Habla Ya was fantastic!
      Tuesday, 21 August 2018
    • by Amber H.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya - fun & friendly!
      Habla Ya is the 7th Spanish school I’ve studied at in Latin America. I’m happy I chose to study at the Boquete campus. The town itself is beautiful and I had a great walk to and from my homestay through the lush scenery every day. My teacher, Alex, made class fun and lively. I could tell the other teachers, like Laidys and Erian, were also effective teachers. I was most impressed with how helpful and lovely Giselle was in the front office. She helped arrange a great weekend trip for us with one of the many tour agencies in town. Julio, an Habla Ya Travel Consultant, helped us plan our weekend in Panama City even though we were not taking classes at that campus. The staff, other students, my homestay family - they all made my time in Panamá unforgettable!
      Saturday, 11 August 2018
    • by Dennis M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Recommendation for HAbla Ya and Leidy's as an instructor
      Leidy's is an excellent instructor. I did not realize this was total immersion so I was momentarily overwhelmed, but she spoke slowly and clear enough it actually helped me learn faster. It will push you, but that should be why you are there. I highly recommend the course and Leidy's as an instructor.
      Wednesday, 01 August 2018
    • by William L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great Spanish language learning experience with Leidys at Habla Ya
      My family and I just finished a one week Spanish class (5 half days)in Boquete with Leidys as our instructor. She was patient, supportive, and knowledgeable. We had fun and learned more than we had hoped and now feel prepared and excited to travel more in Panama and Ecuador. Boquete is fun with lots of good restaurants and has many well organized outdoor activities to choose from. The school was very good about accommodating each of our needs based on our current knowledge of Spanish. They were even able to accommodate our daughter with high functioning autism. I highly recommend this school and Leidys and hope to return in the future.
      Saturday, 28 July 2018
    • by Andrea L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Spanish classes with Leidys
      I first met Leidys during my time at Habla Ya in Boquete. She's absolutely lovely - so I was very excited to hear that she was going to teach my online classes. Leidys is a very professional teacher who focuses on the aspects that are most helpful to me. I particularly asked her for listening and speaking practice and there has not been a moment where she wouldn't come up with great topics to work on. She makes sure to always have advice how to avoid common mistakes and how to specifically improve my Spanish. I'm very happy to have her as a teacher and can definitely recommend her as a teacher.
      Sunday, 22 July 2018
    • by Hannah M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Beautiful Boquete!
      We spent two wonderful weeks in beautiful Boquete at HablaYa, and I can't say enough good things about our experience there! My profesora, Leidys was excellent. She helped me make enormous progress in a very short amount of time. I had my two sons, ages 12 and 7 in the program as well and they had very positive experiences with Kimberley, Yeremy and Alexander. The whole vibe of the school is very positive, and Giselle, at the front office is excellent at her job as well. My four hours of class flew by each day, and I was sad to have my time come to an end there. I plan on continuing my education with online classes and I also plan on returning to Boquete in the future! Keep up the great work Habla Ya!
      Saturday, 07 July 2018
    • by Fraser L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great Spanish school
      My overall experience of Habla Ya was very positive - fun, interesting and I learnt a lot. My teachers (Alex in Boquete and Yarixell in Panama City) were both great, with engaging classes and a range of different activities - my level improved significantly in the time I was there. The school is well organised and very helpful with administration and activities outside classes - I'd definitely recommend it.
      Wednesday, 13 June 2018
    • by Bernd K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      learn chill speak
      Great place to learn and practice Spanish. Fantastic environment with protruding and motivated young teachers that create a nice atmosphere for the students. They adopt to your level and take it from there. Unfortunately the city is very well adopted to the growing number of US Americans that spend their retirement here. local shops have adopted to it by being very proficient in english which makes practicing Spanish outside the school a challange. Special thanks to Alexander Cano who proved unhuman patience with me.
      Wednesday, 25 April 2018
    • by Bernd K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      learn chill speak
      Great place to learn and practice Spanish. Fantastic environment with protruding and motivated young teachers that create a nice atmosphere for the students. They adopt to your level and take it from there. Unfortunately the city is very well adopted to the growing number of US Americans that spend their retirement here. local shops have adopted to it by being very proficient in english which makes practicing Spanish outside the school a challange. Special thanks to Alexander Cano who proved unhuman patience with me.
      Wednesday, 25 April 2018
    • by Meike N.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Excelentes clases de español
      Yo soy una estudiante frequente de Habla Ya Boquete. Este año tube mis clases de grupo y clases privadas con Leidys. Las clases son una mezcla de gramatica, tareas, communicacion. Leidys prepara sus clases buenissimo y adapta su velocidad de enseñar a los niveles de los estudiantes. Ademas las clases siempre son divertidos tambien. Gracias por la experiencia!
      Tuesday, 10 April 2018
    • by Rebecca B.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Excellent professors
      I spent a week at Habla Ya in Boquete. My professor Leidys was excellent. All the Habla Ya teachers have great diction and are very good instructors. I also enjoyed a homestay with a local family - that was a treat! It really helped my Spanish. I enjoyed participating in activities around town, and had some hilarious bus and taxi rides because the drivers did not understand me. Not a problem. It's a small town and everyone knows everyone. I also spent a week at the Habla Ya Panama City campus and really preferred Boquete; the Boquete campus is much more pleasant. If I could do it again I would have just spent a couple days in Panama City solely as a tourist, and spent more time at the Boquete campus for actual class.
      Tuesday, 20 February 2018
    • by KIMBERLY E.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I’ve tried taking Spanish at college night school, using online tools and listening to educational CDs. Nothing truly worked before immersing and attending three weeks at Habla Ya, and particularly working with my professor, Leidys Pitti. Leidys is not only extremely patient, but has the ability to recognize the level of each student’s ability and progress and meet them where they are. My first week of class was with three other students, and Leidys skillfully engaged each of us in asking questions, writing, and practicing new learning in fun ways in class. The second week, I was a solo with Leidys, and we had the opportunity to have real conversations every day. I’m amazed at how well we each understood each other and enjoyed the discussions and practice. The third week, there were two students. With Leidys teaching and a lot of practice, we had gained confidence in remembering not only many, many words, but in understanding how to put them into sentences and improve on grammar usage (verbs, adjectives, possessive, plural, etc.). I cannot recommend Habla Ya and Leidys enough. These three weeks have been game changing in building a solid platform for my ongoing use of the Spanish language. I’m thrilled to be going back to Los Angeles to practice with friends and look forward to returning to Habla Ya to continue building my skills to speak this beautiful language.
      Wednesday, 31 January 2018
    • by Merran W.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      6 weeks in Boquete
      In total I took 6 weeks of private lessons at the Boquete campus and could not be happier with the outcome! I took 6 hours of spanish a day and I was impressed with how effecient Habla Ya's lesson books are. Yubal, my professor, exceeded my expectations! He prepared interactive and interesting lessons. For 6 hours a day, I was impressed that Yubal always found ways to keep class focused on the subject and fun at the same time. It is helpful having a professor that is able to answer my questions in English, seeing that I am a beginner. I am so grateful to have Yubal as my professor!
      Thursday, 13 July 2017
    • by George R.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Conversational Spanish Online
      Kimberly Rodriguez was a great instructor for conversational spanish. We spoke in spanish on many topics but it could have been any language. She's well informed, prepared for each class and fun.
      Sunday, 11 June 2017
    • img
      by Frogge C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      My Spanish Classes
      I have attended Habla La for Spanish classes in Boquete, Panama with Leidys Pitti as my instrucyor. It was exactly what I needed to become more proficient in speaking Spanish. The lessons have been presented in a way that makes them easy to learn and enjoyable at the same time. I like Boquete because it is so beautiful and the climate is perfect almost all year long. The people are very friendly and welcoming. Plenty to do and see with 83 restaurants a beautiful park in the center of town and activities for all ages.
      Friday, 18 November 2016
    • by Schmitz L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      “Another visit to Habla ya”
      This is my sixth visit to Habla ya and adding all the time together that I have spent at this school it is 15 months. Virtually all this time I have had the same teacher Leidys and I always took private lessons. She has helped me to achieve a very advanced level in Reading and talking not just on a coloquial level but also on subjects more erudite. This includes the use of idiomatic expressions, difficult grammatical phrases, use of the subjunctive in all tenses. It has been hard work but extremely rewarding and I am extremely grateful for Leidys' help and for the support from the entire school. Many many thanks Habla ya.
      Thursday, 10 November 2016
    • img
      by McAbee B.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya Escuela de Espanol en Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama
      I have taken over 180 hours of Spanish classes in Habla Ya, an example of the proof being in the pudding. I wouldn't return if I wasn't pleased! But it goes deeper than that, ultimately it is the quality of the Profesora that determines the quality of the experience. I took part of Level A2 and levels B1 and B2 with Mitzila Vega. I specifically asked for her after the first class because she exhibits the patience and Knowledge required of an exceptional teacher. Several of my friends have now taken a class with Mitzila and they confirmed my recommendation. There are optional activities throughout the week, perhaps the most beneficial is the Saturday morning conversational class with a Profesora and other students. If you fail to improve your Spanish with Mitzila and don't attend the conversational classes you have nobody to blame but yourself!
      Friday, 14 October 2016
    • img
      by Harshbarger S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Experience in Boquete
      I've spent the last three weeks in Boquete, studying Spanish at the Habla Ya School. The climate is extremely temperate with a constant temperature of 70°F and occasional showers in the afternoon. The school itself is wonderful and a perfect place to immerse oneself in Hispanic culture and language. My teacher, Leidys, was extremely kind and accommodating. She adapted the curriculum to suit every of my needs and interests. Moreover, during my week I stayed with a host family I was greeted with open arms and a warm hearth. I'm greatly indebted in the improvement of my Spanish to my time here in Leidys' class. It was a great experience and I recommend the school wholeheartedly!
      Wednesday, 24 August 2016
    • by Atkins H.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great experience
      Habla Ya was a fantastic experience. I stayed 5 weeks and my teacher was Leidys. She is the best teacher I've ever had! She is extremely fun, kind, and her patience is endless. :) She definitely has a talent for teaching. The entire class was in Spanish, but I still understood everything that was going on in class (despite having very little Spanish when I arrived). I have learned so much from her since I arrived. All the staff were very friendly. Thank you to everyone at Habla Ya!
      Wednesday, 03 August 2016
    • by Schmitz L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      “Another excellent experience at Habla Ya”
      Once again I studied Spanish at Habla Ya from 23rd May to 16th June. This is the sixth visit and again my private teacher was Leidys with whom I have always had a very personal and friendly relationship. Because of my advanced level I often had questions which she could answer very professionally. This time we worked with the passive voice and used articles with special grammatical points. As usual I was very happy and this will not be my last visit to Habla Ya. Thankyou to Leidys and all at this school.
      Wednesday, 15 June 2016
    • by Massel V.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Would highly reccomend!
      I studied with Habla Ya in Boquete for 4.5 months (private classes, 4 hours a day) and I had a great experience. I worked with Tamara for the majority of the time and I loved her! Her explanations were so clear. If I didn’t understand something, she would always find another way to explain it to me. And she was fantastic at correcting me when I spoke. We also did fun activities together – I love to cook and at the end a few classes, we made Panamanian food! I miss her and Habla Ya. I just got home and now I’m ready to go back to Panama.
      Friday, 03 June 2016
    • by Markson J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great School - Great People - Great Location
      If you want to learn or improve your Spanish Language Skills and you’re interested in doing that in a beautiful mountain town with an eternal spring like climate year round you won’t find a better place than the Habla Ya Spanish School in Boquete, Chiriquí, Panamá. Of course you probably won’t be in school all day, so better to be in a place that is beautiful with lots of other activities to keep you busy when you are not studying. Before relocating to Panamá my wife and I decided it was imperative to learn the language if we wanted to live in the countryside among Panamanian families. After doing a considerable amount of research we chose Habla Ya’s Boquete campus. We were given placement tests and assigned to classes appropriate to our skill level – I started at the beginning never having been good with languages in my youth. My first class (group) was with Kimberly who is an awesome Boquete native and great teacher. Group classes, which meet four hours daily, are fun as you get to meet students from all over the world and student interactions can be quite hilarious. We’re all there for the same reason and everyone lends assistance when needed; it’s a great way to make new friends. After a long break for a visit to the U.S. for the Thanksgiving Holiday I returned to Habla Ya and made a decision to take private lessons (2 hours daily) and what a great choice it was. With my new teacher Ladys I found that I was learning much more in half the time. In a private setting Ladys was able to focus soley on me and my abilities. Being the consummate professional, Ladys has the patience of a saint and is a gifted teacher. I am not fluent by a long shot by I can now communicate and get my message across to people that do not speak a word of English. Ladys and Habla Ya have given me the knowledge and confidence to go out in the real world of Panamá improving my language skills as I go. Everyone at Habla Ya including the front office personnel, administrators and teachers are great… it’s like having a big family here in Panamá. Highly recommended!
      Sunday, 14 February 2016
    • img
      by Blattner F.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      quality instruction!!
      I studied at Habla Ya in Boquete for 2 weeks. I was very pleased with the quality of instruction. I was initially placed in a small group class with Leidys. However, during the first couple of hours she noticed from my speech that I already knew some of the subjects her class was going to cover. Therefore she suggested I move to a higher class. I was impressed that she was paying close enough attention to my speech to recognize this (there were 5 people in the class), and that she took the initiative to suggest a change. She was a wonderful teacher, by the way, and I know the rest of the group really enjoyed being in her class. So then I ended up changing to private lessons because it turned out I was between levels. So for the rest of the time I studied 2 hours a day with Tamara. Tamara was great! She was patient, encouraging and flexible. Several times I requested schedule changes and she accommodated me each time. Since I really wanted to improve my ability to speak, she let me work on that, and listened patiently and corrected me gently as I spoke. She did it just the right amount so that I didn't get discouraged and could feel more confident about it. Tamara always paid attention and seemed interested in my topics. As my ability grew, we were able to have some really good conversations and she shared information about herself as well. By the time the 2 weeks were up, not only was I much better at having a conversation in Spanish, I also had a new friend in Panama.
      Thursday, 04 February 2016
    • by von Lukowicz A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great location for a School
      only can say good things about Habla Ya in Boquete, a wonderful place to study. The school is well organized,the staff friendly and helpful. I had both, an individual and a group class for two weeks in January 2016. My teacher Leidys Pitti was excellent, helping me a lot to improve my Spanish. Our lessons were all very entertaining having so many topics to speak about. Leidys, being such an open minded young women taught me a lot about live and culture of Panama and made me practice my Spanish by showing interest in all my concerns.The work in small groups (we were only 2 students for the first and 4 for the second week) was very effective too and the broad range of teaching materials used made it a great fun. I can highly recommend this school. Antje
      Tuesday, 02 February 2016
    • by Wallace G.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Excellent language school
      Habla Ya is a fantastic Spanish school. The teachers are professional, dedicated and talented, and well-prepared to teach any level, beginning to advanced. The school staff and administrators put forth incredible effort to make sure that their clients have a positive experience both inside and outside the classroom. I am a Spanish teacher, and spent 4 weeks at Habla Ya Boquete last summer, studying 5 hrs a day. My two teachers, Yubal Tapia and Leidys Pitti, were both wonderful. At my suggestion, Yubal and I read the first 10 chapters of Don Quijote together, and it was a fun and rewarding exploration of that classic text. Leidys and I worked on the material of the C1 course of study. Their methods and materials are excellent. With both teachers I enjoyed far-reaching discussions on a wide variety of topics. I was checking out the school for my high school students, and I highly recommend it. Every week there was a slightly different mix of students there, and I enjoyed that diverse community of language learners. Habla Ya arranged activities to explore the area , selected host families (mine was wonderful!) and was a great resource for all of us as we explored the area. Habla Ya is an outstanding organization!
      Friday, 01 January 2016
    • by Sherling L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      1st course completed!
      Just finished my first 10 week course at Habla ya. It was great! Content was fun and challenging. I enjoyed the small class of students and Profesora Yorelys is an excellent instructor. I will definitely go back.
      Saturday, 28 November 2015
    • by Schmitz L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Advanced Spanish Course
      For the fifth time I attended Habla ya Spanish school for private lessons at the level C1/C2. My teachers were Ericka and Leidys, both of whom helped me enomously in the complex written and oral exercises. Not only in their professional capacity but also in their friendly attitudes did the show their competence. I can recommend this school in all aspects for anyone wanting to learn Spanish whatever their level.
      Wednesday, 25 November 2015
    • by Botti J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      A Fun Learning Experience
      I want to thank Habla Ya Panama for an excellent course of study. I spent 50 hours with Leidys and she is the best teacher I could ever imagine :) She was so friendly, helpful and humorous. The lessons were so much fun! We focused mostly on conversation and continuing my studies with Libro C1. Our conversational topics were quite varied and I increased my vocabulary substantially. I am sure that I will return to Boquete to visit and study with Leidys. Also, Boquete location is pretty, has great weather and lots of opportunities for outdoor adventures. So, whether you are in a classroom--or white water rafting--you will enjoy yourself!
      Tuesday, 13 October 2015
    • img
      by Sterne V.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great Experience at Habla Ya Boquete
      I studied Spanish for 4 weeks at Habla Ya in Boquete, and had a great experience! Boquete is a beautiful town in the mountains, with lots of hiking and other outdoor activities available. My teacher, Yaira, is an expert at what she does. She is great at making everyone feel comfortable enough to practice speaking - which we did a lot of. I came here a beginner and learned so much this month. I hope to come back another summer to continue developing my Spanish at Habla Ya.
      Friday, 03 July 2015
    • by Carruthers M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great experience
      I recently attended A2 level classes at Habla Ya's Boquete campus, and I was very impressed with my teacher, Leidys. She has a warm personality, good sense of humour, speaks clearly, and has lots of patience. One day I was not feeling well and was struggling to keep up with the conversational material (unlike me, the other student in the class had already been immersed in Spanish for a few weeks), but Leidys continued to encourage me. My only regret is that I signed up for just one week of classes--certainly 3-4 weeks would have been better if I could have spared the time. I am considering the idea of following up with more lessons via Skype. ¡Muchas gracias, Leidys! I also enjoyed my two-hour private Spanish lesson with Erika, as well as the tours and volunteer experience arranged by Marisa, who was very helpful. I assisted in an informal English as a Second Language class for local residents of Boquete, and met some really nice people. My home-stay went well too, great family! However, Habla Ya should strive to provide more accurate information to students about such things as the availability of hot water and the cost of local taxis.
      Friday, 20 February 2015
    • by Verheyen A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya Boquete
      I had a good experience with Habla Ya. I took an 8 week course and this was the first time I took Spanish lessons. The first days I felt a litlle bit overwhelmed because it is a very intense course. I think it is a good format though. You have the opportunity to immediatly start speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. The teacher I had lessons from during 7 weeks is Yaira. She speaks to you mostly just in Spanish. Only for vocabulary and when you really don't understand, she will help you in English. I was very happy with her lessons! Today I even got a spontanious compliment on my GOOD Spanish after using Spanish only starting 4 months ago now. Thanks to Habla Ya and to Yaira I learned a lot!
      Tuesday, 06 January 2015
    • img
      by Sim S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Boquete Spanish School
      I am on my second week so classes. And love it. What a great way to learn a new language. My teacher Laidys is amazing, easy to understand and she makes learning fun, I requested her for my second week and going forward. Would highly recommend the school and Laidys.
      Friday, 28 November 2014
    • by Odinga M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Thank you, Habla Ya!!!
      I studied 2 weeks at Habla Ya in Bocas and everyone and everything was better than I expected! Special thanks to Iveth, my private teacher, who was so nice, understanding and always in a good mood. She really knows how to teach people and not let them think that they are learning but just having fun! Gracias por todo!!!
      Wednesday, 12 November 2014
    • img
      by Nelson C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Excellent School and Excellent Teachers
      I studied for four weeks in Boquete and two weeks in Bocas, and I couldn't be happier with my experience at Habla Ya. Facilites, classes, activities, home stays- all were excellent. I have been to other language schools, and Habla Ya is top notch.
      Saturday, 08 November 2014
    • by torriani J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Best teachers ever!!!
      We had an incredible experience at Habla Ya Boquete with our teacher Tamara - she is the best teacher we have ever had for a language course. She made learning fun and entertaining, and we looked forward to our classes everyday. I wish we could have spent more time with her! Tamara taught us a lot about not only the language, but also about the culture and people. She was very professional and friendly, and I feel we really improved with her as our teacher. I highly recommend Tamara and hope we return next summer for more lessons with her. Thank you Tamara and Habla Ya! Widad was absolutely fabulous with our children, and they were all sad to leave her. She was so patient with them, and really encouraged them and motivated them. They learned more in one day with her than their sum of the previous classes. They really looked forward to seeing her every day, and were excited to do their homework each night! She had a great variety of teaching methods to keep their attention, and made each class so fun for the children. She was excellent in addressing each of the children's learning styles and was amazing with the 3 different ages and personalities. The children would love to return to her for more lessons, and would rather be in her class in Panama than at their school at home! The teachers we had were so amazing, that we didn't even notice the time passing so quickly! I can recommend without a doubt Tamara and Widad to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. Gracias!
      Thursday, 04 September 2014
    • img
      by McClenahan R.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great Spanish school!!
      Don't look any further! I have been trying so many different ways/schools to learn Spanish, and Habla Ya works!! They are great and have an excellent staff. I don't know how they do it, but it works! I learned so much!
      Tuesday, 29 July 2014
    • by McCoy M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Wonderful Expereince!
      I spent three weeks studying at HablaYa in Boquete this summer and loved it. Class sizes were small and the instruction and facilities were great. Widad was a great instructor. She was very patient, knowledgeable and encouraging. The school was so accommodating that I was even able to take my 6-year-old niece with me, who also took classes. Fantastic experience!
      Sunday, 27 July 2014
    • by Chun Taite E.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Spanish in Boquete.
      Great school! After 2 years of Spanish in university I couldn't conduct a conversation, after 8 weeks at Habla Ya in Panamá I can converse confidently. Such a difference! Wonderful teachers, well trained and very encouraging, and so patient. If you want to speak Spanish, go to Habla Ya!
      Sunday, 04 May 2014
    • by Chun Taite P.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great experience
      My husband and I had a wonderful experience studying Spanish at the Habla Ya Spanish School in Panama. The teachers are excellent - well-trained, flexible, helpful, fun and just plain nice people. It felt like being part of a family. More important, after the course we felt that we had learned a lot and could now express ourselves.
      Sunday, 04 May 2014
    • img
      by Rhijnsburger N.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Learned Spanish really quick at Habla Ya
      My first week at Habla Ya was in Boquete with Araliz and later with Jenny. I booked group lessons but was alone. Both the teachers were patient and knew exactly how a student learns the best. I couldn't speak a word Spanish when I came, after one week I could easily do my groceries and had a simple conversation with strangers. The second week I was at Habla Ya in Bocas del Toro with Iveth, who also is an amazing teacher. She taught us all the verb forms in just one week. I can recommend Habla Ya to everyone.
      Monday, 17 March 2014
    • by Kohler M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya! Vale la pena
      Im on the brink of completing my 3 months at Habla Ya Boquete and I must say my experience exceeded my expectations. I have attended other schools in other countries,albeit for shorter periods ,however my experience at Habla Ya Boquete was the best. I ended up selecting Habla Ya because whilst searching the internet for somewhere to go to learn spanish, I came up on this school which only had brilliant reviews and decided that I would have to experience it myself. The learning for the most part is well structured, the teachers professional, the setting intimate and the admin staff extremely helpful. The teachers did a good job in selecting topics for discussions interesting and relevant to everyday life to complement the content of the textbooks. I was travelling alone and taking classes for four hours per day in a group setting. However for more than four weeks of that time I was alone in class with my teacher as there was no else at my level. My classes were therefore the focal point of my day. And at this juncture I must mention my teacher or rather more so my friend, Leidys Pitti. I had Leidys from the outset and therefore we had time to forge a friendship. I am truly grateful for her professionalism, helpfulness, camaraderie , and having the uncanny ability to make me look forward to classes everyday. I enjoyed our classes alone even more than those in a group and Leidys never failed to make me feel like each day I came away with something new. As part of our class experience we went shopping and to lunch together, she provided me with material and tips for my journey throughout the rest of Panama, no subject was off limits, she was always available by phone and just has one of the most pleasant personalities ever; at all times she projected an image of genuine interest and pleasure to be in my company; she never lost an opportunity to provide me with assistance and I because of this had no intimidation to learn, speak, make and laugh at my own mistakes. Habla Ya isn't perfect, but it might be the nearest you will get to perfection...smile. I hope you too enjoy your experience
      Wednesday, 26 February 2014
    • img
      by Krieger M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      a great way to learn spanish
      Habla Ya Spanish language school was the best learning experience of my life. The course was astonishingly good and it was total immersion. Prior to beginning my class, I was a little worried about how I could possibly understand and learn if only Spanish was spoken. I spoke zero Spanish, being from Canada. But, much to my surprise, I learned! The professors have an amazing way of teaching you so you understand what they are saying. After only a few classes, I was so happy at my progress. I attended Habla Ya in a classroom situation of five-students at first and later I had private lessons. Professora Ivonne A., is a wonderful professor! She taught me so much, was so patient, and very encouraging to me. She is an excellent Professor and I hope to continue my education with her this coming spring. I will seek her out for my next course. I highly recommend Habla Ya Boquete, you cannot go wrong with this language school! Mrs.Sherry Krieger Boquete, Panama
      Sunday, 05 January 2014
    • by Miller M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Experience at Habla Ya in Boquete
      Although I only had a week and three days to attend the school it was a great experience. My first week was spent in a group class with two other students who were at the same level as me. This enabled rapid learning. It was amazing how well the school ded at placing me in the perfect level after a brief written and oral exam. The following week consisted of three days of private lessons as I only had a two week vecation. My group class and private class was with a teacher named Leidys who was great at knowing exactly what I needed and was able to explain the gramatical conceps easily. I am so happy that she was my professor.
      Wednesday, 18 December 2013
    • by Coops D.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      My 3 weeks experience at Hablaya, Boquete!
      My trip to Panama was not in vain. My home stay was awesome! The family was very kind and inviting. I especially loved the food. Im sure I gained a few pounds. The teachers at Habla ya were very friendly. My first teacher Yaira was very nice as she helped me gain more confidence in Speaking with natives as that was always a fear of mine. She taught me alot about the culture as well as the use of the language. I really enjoyed two weeks of her classes and didn't want her to leave but she was about to give birth. We developed a bond; it was like we knew each other for years! She incorporated different methods to make the classes fun and exciting. My second teacher was Araliz who firstly asked us what we expected from the class. She was very nice and worked us hardddddd! But it was to our benefits! I really enjoyed the classes and it helped me to express myself more in Spanish! I developed friendships with other staff as well from Explora Ya! I went on a few tours but I loved horseback riding and the Natural Jacuzzi tours more! The views were very beautiful! Everyone was helpful around the school and the community. I'm taking another trip next year because I really enjoyed my time!
      Thursday, 05 December 2013
    • by Etienne P.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Review Boquete Habla Ya
      My time in Boquete, Panama with Habla Ya has been awesome! First I took five weeks of Spanisch lessons and after that I volunteered at a local social project. The school has always helped me with all of my questions and wishes and especially Giselle, Lorena and Alberto from the office were always friendly and helpful. Among the tours I took, I can expecially recomemend the trip to the Chiriqui Golf and the Little Canyons - that was a lot of fun! Teachers and staff have always been friendly. I hope everybody's experience will be as good as mine! Thanks everybody!
      Tuesday, 26 November 2013
    • by Bellomy A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Wonderful online experience with Habla Ya
      I recently decided to give myself the birthday gift of a month of individual internet Spanish classes with teachers from Habla Ya. The classes were intense – four hours a day plus homework every night. Yenny Serrano taught me in the morning, then an hour break for lunch, and Mitzila Vega taught me in the afternoon. I was so fortunate! These teachers were warm, patient, funny, intelligent, flexible in their approach, clear in their explanations, and encouraging. Since it was individual instruction, they could target the classes towards my weaknesses. To get me talking in Spanish, Yenny encouraged numerous conversations about politics, customs, and culture in Panama – how to properly and effectively accomplish things – what is and isn’t considered polite… Mitzila was amazing at clearly explaining grammar and vocabulary, step by step, with helpful examples. And everything from both teachers was all in Spanish! I came away with a much better ear for the language, with greater clarity on what I need to work on next, with more confidence in my speaking and writing skills, and with a great feeling of warmth towards Yenny, Mitzila, and Habla Ya. This is a fine, well run, honest, responsive operation. Their learning materials are top quality, as are their teachers. My only suggestion to anyone else doing this is to ensure that your internet connection is as solid and fast as possible. And there can be a few times, due to the cable company’s signal failure, that classes may need to be rescheduled. Classes in person, at Habla Ya, are preferable for that reason and for the chance to fully experience the wonders of Panama. But if you are limited by income or time, the internet classes are fantastic and I hope to study with Habla Ya again!
      Tuesday, 26 November 2013
    • by Kuhn D.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great Place to Study Spanish- Enjoyed my teacher Leidys
      I spent a month in Boquete studying Spanish with Leidys and it was super! I spent 1 hour in the morning with her in a private session and 4 hours in the afternoon in a group session. She is a wonderful teacher. She is patient and extremely professional. Our time always flew by as she made it fun and we shared lots of laughs. I highly recommend this instructor form Habla Ya!
      Thursday, 21 November 2013
    • by Ljungdahl S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya and Ivonne Ayala
      I returned last summer to Boquete and Habla Ya for the second time. While I enjoyed my initial time at Habla Ya and learned some, I learned so much more during my second stay (which was only two weeks compared to a month!) I contribute this both my choice to have private lessons and to the excellent teaching of my teacher, Ivonne Ayala. She was patient, kind, intelligent, thoughtful, funny and had an amazingly positive attitude every day! She is a true professional and a skilled teacher. I hope to return to Boquete this next summer and continue my private studies with her. The administration at Habla Ya responded to my needs and dealt quickly and seemingly effortlessly with my needs during a very busy time of their season. Thanks Habla Ya!
      Thursday, 24 October 2013
    • by bean J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Thank you Habla Ya
      I want to thank Habla Ya Panama for an excellent course of study. I have three reasons for loving, and wanting continue, studying at Habla Ya Panama. First, the administration really has their act together; registration is easy and trouble free, no problems with payment, etc. Second, the school offers a pre-evaluation process that is thorough and just about guarantees that you will placed at the appropriate learning level. Finally, and most importantly, my professor, Araliz Veliz, was truly one of best teachers I have ever known—and I have known many excellent teachers (I`m a retired New York City teacher). Araliz is so well organized that her lessons seem effortless, so smooth, everything clicks along so well. Also, she has the ability to emphasize with her students, to understand the feelings and emotions and frustrations that come with learning a new language. Araliz really cares, and always helps you keep a positive attitude. Like many great teachers, she is patient, calm and has a great sense of humor. Araliz Veliz is well educated, organized, empathetic, easygoing and fun. I believe that is why I have learned so much, with such ease. I feel fortunate to have had Professor Veliz as my teacher. I am definitely looking forward to my next class! John Botti
      Sunday, 20 October 2013
    • by frazer K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Kate frazer
      Trying to schoose a language school/ There are many to choose from in many countries. We made our choice and I wanted to get a jump start to signed up for 30 hours prior to arriving in Boquete. The teachers from the school teach you....very reasonalbe prices for one on one to get you ready before you go! My teacher was Leidys Pitti, and she was very patient and dedicated...I'm a beginner and I recommend this experience to anyone...how fun to already know one of these excellen tteachers before arriving. Check out habla ya!!
      Thursday, 27 June 2013
    • img
      by Nayet O.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Hablaya Via Internet
      Hola, Antes de llegar a Habla Ya de Panamá, mi nivel de español era de B1.4 y durante casi un año, no pude tener mucho exito. Pero con el programa de mis profesoras, Paola Fernandez y Yaira Muñoz, mi nivel ha subido de B1.4 hacia C1.2 Estupendo lo que podemos hacer en un mes, no? Mi nivel ha subido de manera extraordinaria. Me gustaria seguir con Habla Ya, pero mi trabajo no me lo permite en este momento. Seguramente lo seguira de pronto cuando no me faltara el tiempo. Yaira y Paola son dos profesoras muy inteligentes, muy profesionales, simpáticas y amables y siempre estan para ayudar de cualquier manera. Tambien, me ayudaron mucho más de lo que pensaba que era posible. Fue una experiencia estupenda y he disfrutado muchisimo a tomar este curso. Ahora que mi curso se ha terminado, estoy muy feliz que tengo el conocimiento de un idioma tan bellísimo y también tengo dos amigas muy cercanas en mi corazón. Jamás me olvidaré de esta amistad. Aunque ya le dije antes, a Yaira y a Paola, quisiera aprovechar de este momento para decir una vez más: Gracias Paola, Gracias Yaira por todo, hasta siempre, hasta pronto! Chao Olivier.
      Thursday, 13 June 2013
    • by Nimaitre N.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Outstanding Class
      I finished a six-week group Spanish class at Boquete Habla Ya on May 31, 2013, and had a wonderful experience. The class size varied from four to six people. The professor, Ms. Leidys Pitti, was personable and professional and did a great job keeping the class interesting and engaging. I particularly appreciated her willingness to answer my frequent questions regarding Panamanian idioms and culture. All school personnel with whom I interacted were friendly and helpful. I without reservation recommend Habla Ya to anyone who wants to learn Spanish.
      Monday, 10 June 2013
    • by geiger N.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      A Great Experience
      I recently finished my third course of lessons at Habla Ya. I feel much more confident and comfortable with speaking Spanish. The curriculum was interesting and always challenging. My teacher this time around was Leidys. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, She was encouraging and very patient, and she always had a smile on her face. I look forward to the next course I take. I highly recommend Habla Ya to anyone who finds their way to Panama and wants to improve their Spanish.
      Monday, 03 June 2013
    • by Csargo N.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Una escuela sin igual!
      Acabo de terminar mi curso en línea con Habla Ya y quería escribir una reseña para mostrar mi satisfacción con el programa. Cuando yo busco una escuela de idiomas lo más importante es la calidad y formación de los profesores. Tuve el placer de trabajar con Yaira, una profesora titulada en la enseñanza de español que había llevado 5 años trabajando con Habla Ya. Al inicio no sabía lo que esperar de mis 30 horas de clases en línea pero después de mi primera clase con Yaira yo estaba seguro que iba aprender mucho. Cuando comencé ya poseía un nivel alto de español pero necesitaba mejorar en algunas áreas, principalmente en la escritura y practica oral, también tenía como objetivo prepararme para el examen DELE en julio de este año. Utilizando su experiencia en el campo de docencia y mis metas académicos Yaira me preparaba una lección especializada cada clase. Ella siempre me mostraba mucha paciencia cuando tenía problemas, podía aclarar cualquier duda que tenía, me proveía con muchas tareas útiles, y me daba la confianza que buscaba en mi escritura y conversación. He estudiado español en varias escuelas de idiomas y universidades y puedo decir sin duda que la dedicación de Yaira a mi aprendizaje era sin igual. Estoy emocionado continuar mis clases con Habla Ya en los meses que vienen y estoy feliz que haya tenido la oportunidad de trabajar con una profesora tan buena como ella y una escuela como Habla Ya, aunque yo estuviera estudiando desde mi propia casa Yaira y la escuela me hacía sentir como si fuese parte de su familia. Recomendaría esta escuela a todos buscando mejorar su español, ¡gracias por todo!
      Monday, 27 May 2013
    • by Schmitz L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Excellent Expereience
      A very rewarding time This year I spent several weeks taking Spanish lessons on a 2 hour daily basis. My teacher Leidys with whom I formed a great friendship demonstrated her skills and patience, adapted fully to my needs and helped me make huge advances in my command of the Spanish language. All members of the reception area were extremely helpful with particular questions, the school makes a great effort to intergrate students and make then identify with Habla Ya as well as improving the contact between the students themselves. This school can be recommended to students of all levels, I found it an unforgettable experience and would always return to Boquete.
      Saturday, 25 May 2013
    • img
      by Moss A.
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      My Habla Ya experience
      I studied at Habla Ya for 12 weeks and I enjoyed every second. My teachers were Victor Miranda and Mitzila Vega and i'm truly grateful for their help. My Spanish is much better than it was when I started and i owe it to those two. Initially i was shy and timid about speaking but with their methods and I much more confident and can communicate easily. The teachers at Habla ya are very skilled and i would recommend studying there, whatever your level might be. They truly treat you like family at Habla ya and try to accommodate you the best way possible.
      Tuesday, 21 May 2013
    • by Brown J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Fun and Helpful Private Classes
      I took several months of private one on one spanish classes at Habla Ya in Boquete with teacher Araliz Veliz. She adapted to my particular style of learning and patiently helped me make a lot of progress. The classes were very interactive and we talked about everything under the sun while improving my comprehension and use of the spanish language. It can be challenging and taxing to dive in so deeply, but definitely worth it!
      Saturday, 18 May 2013
    • by Gould C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Fulfilling Experience
      Habla Ya is an amazing Language School..Not only in learning Spanish but the whole environment and extra curriculum. They offer day trips to the beach, movie nights, salsa evenings and much much more...Also I must mention the entire staff is so friendly and helpful.. But for me it was spending the last 3 years (as I moved here permanently 4 years ago) learning to speak Spanish...I went twice a week for private lessons with an wonderful teacher, Araliz Veliz...Because of her I am confident and communicate in this delightful community.....She truly enriched my life in so many ways and we have become fast friends....I thank you Araliz...Un abrazo, Cynthia Gould
      Monday, 13 May 2013
    • by Chase-Cochrane C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Learning in Bocas with Habla Ya
      I had a great time in both my group classes with Diogenes and my private classes. I spent two weeks there and left feeling much more confident in my conversation skills. I would definitely do it again.
      Thursday, 09 May 2013
    • by Marshall L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Learning at Habla Ya
      I came to Habla Ya in Boquete in March of 2013 and was so impressed that I returned in April for more. As a career teacher, I know a good teacher when I see one, and Leidys fits the bill. She´s kind and very knowledgeable and professional. She´s preparing me for the DELE exam. Be sure to request her. The Panamanian host family has made me feel very welcome and comfortable in their home. I can reccomend Habla Ya to anyone of any age at any level who wants to learn Spanish. Larry Marshall Kansas City, MO USA
      Friday, 03 May 2013
    • img
      by Cross L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      rigorous and fun program, great teachers
      I took 4 weeks of Spanish instruction at Habla Ya in Boquete, and I had such a great experience. My teacher Ivonne was very patient with me, she challenged me just the right amount, and I felt like I left Panama at a "conversational" level in my Spanish (and I started with just one semester of college Spanish under my belt, which I took 9 years ago). I was very lucky and got one-on-one instruction for three weeks and only had the price of group lessons (there just happened to be no other students at my level at the time). So I ended up having more of a private lesson experience -- 4 hours of one-on-one instruction each day. I loved working with my teacher Ivonne-- she led the class in a very conversational manner. She delivered direct instruction, but the greatest lessons I learned were from our conversations. The school also set me up with a family, who I absolutely adored. I think if you're going to try to become proficient in a foreign language in a short period of time, it's very important that you live with a family who speaks the foreign language only. I was very blessed to get to know the amazing people of Panama through my experience at the school and in my home stay. I will say the one major drawback of the school is the volunteer component. I didn't go there to volunteer, but three people I met through the program wanted to volunteer and were led to think they would get to take part in volunteering each day, and the volunteering experience seemed very inconsistent and disorganized. Personally, though, I wouldn't change a single thing about my own experience. Thank you, Habla Ya!
      Wednesday, 01 May 2013
    • img
      by Hurtado J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      great teachers
      During my stay in boquete I also Had a really good teacher named YUBAl! he is another very good teacher at habla ya. he is a great person, very outgoing and was able to teach me in a very fun matter where it was not just going through books and papers but also doing lots of activities. He also gave me information on things to do in David such as shopping and fun places to go out! I would really like to thank Yubal because he is a part of the reason that i Learned spanish up to a level I have always wanted to be at Thank you! My first Day at Habla ya I came in very tired after taking the bus all night from Panama city. I came in and was greeted and welcomed in a very friendly way I was given a tour of the school and was then tested to make sure I was at the right level. At 1 that afternoon I got to meet my first teacher, her name is Tamara she is very friendly and we quikly got along. She is also from David and a very good teacher at habla ya. When I was switched to another teacher later we kept talking and conversating and she is also a great person! Thanks Tamara!! PAOLA is also one of the teachers I had alot of conversations with she is very nice, She talks very clearly and always has interesting topics to talk about GRACIAS PAOLA!
      Tuesday, 05 March 2013
    • img
      by Issa M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Careful and friendly
      we appreciated very much that the explora ya team cancelled the overnight camping tour to vulcano baru because of upcoming bad weather. we got all our money back!! instead we enjoyed the hot spring tour with our guide israel which was a lot of fun and an fitted much better to the weather conditions...
      Sunday, 03 March 2013
    • img
      by Hurtado J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I have studied at hablaya for the past 2 and a half months, im very glad to say that my experience was more than excellent. the staff is super helpfull, they helped me with everything I desired. I started at habla ya in december with some spanish but it was all in a big mix. When i entered i was helped in a very friendly manner which immediatly made me feel at ease which is ofcourse important if you are travelling alone in another country. My teacher for the majority of the time was WIDAD!! she is a reeeeaaally good teacher over time we also became good friends, she was able to help me not just with my spanish but also understanding panamanian culture. she teaches in a way that makes a class interesting which is important if you are trying to learn. we had discusions about things, we went out to practice my spanish, listened to music and did audio listening sessions. she is very patient and explains things thoroughly. I would defenitely reccomend anyone that is going to study in hablya to ask for her because she is excellent when it comes to teaching, she gives you all the attention you need,repeats things untill you understand them and she is very good looking too. thanks to her I now just about speak fluent spanish and that is something i have desired all my life. I would like to thank everyone at hablaya and especially WIDAD for being the great person she is, and for having tought me spanish in a fun way which will help me out the rest of my life! Thanks again
      Wednesday, 27 February 2013
    • by Fer J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Loved it!
      I finished a six day course at Habla Ya with Yary. It was a great experience even though it was a short amount of time. The environment of the class was so open and warming that it was very easy to be comfortable in the room. I know that not everyone is comfortable in a new class and it might also take a long time to be comfortable with the class and the teacher, but with the help of the inviting atmosphere it was easy to be comfortable and learn a lot. Habla Ya’s approach to teaching Spanish is almost the same as a high school Spanish class with the teaching of grammar and verb conjugations, but it is also different in the small class size and with the games that are played in order to help with the learning. Personally I love the small class size; it might be awkward at first but after the first 30 minutes or so I found myself engaged and ready to learn. I also loved how there was so must student teacher interaction. If you didn’t understand something it was very easy for the teacher to explain it to you and that is also was Yary did. She was very patient and didn’t look to you as if you didn’t know anything. She was very helpful and didn’t put you down for getting things wrong which for me is how I normally fell in a high school classroom. The games that we played took a load off from the intense learning and gives your brain a chance to breathe while teaching you at the same time. Over all the experience that I had at Habla Ya was great and I would love to do it again.
      Tuesday, 05 February 2013
    • by chandler K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      TRY IT!
      I just finished a two-week private lesson course in beginner Spanish with Yary. Having studied French in high school and college, I am not new to learning languages. I found Habla Ya's approach fun, motivating and effective. My instructor, Yary, is professional, patient and encouraging. The staff and all Habla Ya personnel were friendly and helpful. Highly recommend Habla Ya!
      Saturday, 02 February 2013
    • by Nelson M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great experience
      I recently spent approximately ten weeks at Habla Ya. Most of my time at Habla Ya was spent in private classes with Yary. I can't say enough good things about Yary. She is a great teacher with the patience of a saint. I felt like she was very interested in teaching and she went out of her way to thoroughly cover topics that I had trouble with. She is definately an asset to Habla Ya and I plan on returning to take additional classes with her in the future. I had experiences with several other teachers and I have to say that they all seemed very nice. I would say that overall, my experience at Habla Ya was a good one.
      Saturday, 05 January 2013
    • by Rice L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      The Best Spanish Teacher in a Very Good Spanish School
      My wife and I recently spent 8 weeks in Boquete, Panama. My main reason for making this visit was to learn Spanish, and as such, I signed up for six weeks of classes at Habla Ya language school. I decided to go at it full-bore. For five days per week, for four solid hours per day, with several hours of homework per night, I worked hard at trying to learn the basics of a new language. I must admit, it was one of the more challenging mental exercises I have attempted since graduating college nearly 40 years ago! It was difficult, often frustrating, and sometimes exhausting, but I persevered, and am very glad I did. When I returned to Colorado, I vowed to keep up with my learning. And I have, so now I’m much more prepared—and eager—to return to Panama for three months in 2013 for more Spanish study (and to see other parts of the country, as well). At Habla Ya I had several teachers, but the one I had most often—for private as well as mini-group instruction--and the professor, in my opinion, who was the absolute best, was Donain Alexis C., or just Alexis, for short. I think Alexis is only 26 years of age, but his knowledge of the Spanish language, as well as how to teach it--always with total enthusiasm and professionalism--was stunning. And his abilities didn’t stop there. Totally bi-lingual in English, he is truly a renaissance man. He never failed to amaze me with his knowledge on a wide range of subjects, including world events, history, literature, politics, culture, sports, and social issues. All of these topics, of course, often sparked lively conversations between us, 98% of which were naturally in Spanish. Though always incredibly interesting, it did leave my brain smoking after several hours of conversing in Spanish, trying to make sense of it all! I highly recommend Habla Ya as a school if you wish to learn Spanish. And I even more highly recommend Alexis if you want an excellent teacher who will challenge, inform, and educate you in another language and another culture. I just hope he’s available when you get there!
      Wednesday, 07 November 2012
    • by Jefferson J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      July in Boquete
      I was most impressed with the accurate pre-assessment of my Spanish speaking ability, or lack thereof, the day I arrived at Habla Ya in Boquete, Panama. All of my teachers spoke only in Spanish, and my Boquete family helped to make my immersion experience complete. Boquete is a safe and tranquil place to live and learn. I plan to return again soon. I only wish I had more time to study and learn at Habla Ya.
      Saturday, 01 September 2012
    • by Boucif S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Nice trop
      That was a very good stay in Boquete with habla Ya ! I would like to thank my spanish teacher Leydis for the courses, advices...She is very patient and atentive with students and all the activities in class were very interesting. Moreover, all the staff of the school are very available. It is a really good place to study and learn spanish and a lot of activities are proposed (panamean dinner, salsa, conversation, movies...). I recommend the hikes in Explora Ya near from the school or the weekend trip. I wish I came back soon !
      Saturday, 23 June 2012
    • by Krokosky E.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      LOVED IT!
      Habla Ya was my first experience with a total immersion school and a very good one. My instructor, Mitchell, was patient, energetic and intelligent. We had many conversations in Spanish (mine halting) about various topics such as equality for women, the quality of today's music compared to past, how cell phones have changed our lives and more. There are activities that students can participate in every single day: a typical Panamanian dinner, salsa lessons, Spanish movies on TV, to name a few. You will not be bored!
      Monday, 14 May 2012
    • by Proctor K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Great Experience!
      I stumbled across the Habla Ya website while looking for a spanish school/study abroad program. The website was up to date and well layed out. The staff was prompt with responding to questions. That was just the beginning. The staff was helpful with arranging transportation once in Panama. Boquete was a beautiful city to live in. I stayed with a great family while there, which the program arranged. There are a lot of different activities you can participate in. My teachers at Habla Ya were great!! Group and private lessons were both very helpful and the teachers are very patient, making sure you understand concepts before moving on. I would recommend all three of my teachers (Paola, Tamara, or Alexis) to anyone interested in the spanish school. The program had a family feel to it which is one of the things I liked the most about it. If you're looking for a well organized Spanish school with awesome teachers, great staff, great location, volunteer opportunities and affordable....Habla Ya is the place for you!!
      Thursday, 26 April 2012
    • img
      by Groenendaal M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      salsa clases in the beautiful island surroundings
      during my stay in bocas del toro, panama I wanted to enrich my knowledge of the local culture so I took some salsa clases at habla ya. me and two other girls, some already knew some salsa, were very excited about it. they recieved us very kindly at the school and they gave us a little tour. everything looked brand new. then we met our teachter, christopher. he was really patient with us and explained every step, step for step. in the end we had a lot of fun and all of us improved our salsa dancing. later that night we showed off our skills in the local bar, our teacher watching us proudly.
      Sunday, 19 February 2012
    • by McM D.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya in Boquete, Panama
      I spent little over three months at Habla Ya, studying Spanish and teaching English. When I think of my teachers and students I miss the place dearly. I spent time with several of the teachers; Mónica Vargas, Malkidia García, Minerva Rodríguez, Aráliz Veliz, Christopher Clark, and Yaira Muñoz—all of them were terrific. The teachers and the rest of the Habla Ya staff were very professional, welcoming, fun, and enthusiastic, which created the perfect atmosphere for learning. Needless to say, my Spanish improved dramatically over my stay. I encourage anyone looking for a Spanish language school to go to Habla Ya.
      Monday, 16 January 2012
    • by Flynn L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      The Perfect Language Experience
      I was fortunate enough to spend 3 weeks in Boquete, Panama, studying at Habla Ya language school. The experience provided me with the perfect opportunity to advance my language skills and to increase my confidence level when speaking extemporaneously to native Spanish speakers. In private, one-on-one lessons with Mónica, I was able to gauge my progress and prioritize areas of study. Each day the focus of my lessons was on communication, verb tenses, grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. Mónica did an outstanding job of challenging me while providing consistent support and a wonderful learning environment. I would recommend this language school to anyone interested in improving their Spanish. I can almost guarantee you’ll fall in love with the beautiful town, the wonderful people and the opportunities for outdoor adventure.
      Wednesday, 04 January 2012
    • by Grant D.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I went to Habla Ya during July 2011 and my experience was fantastic. The instructors used a variety of teaching/learning strategies to get the best out of the students. The instructors are hardworking and made me, among others in my group, become comfortable with the language. I really enjoyed my time there although it was short. I would recommend this school to anyone who desires to embrace the language and grow. Habla Ya you are fantastic. Keep up the good work.
      Friday, 02 December 2011
    • by Robertson A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I studied in Habla Ya, Bouquete this summer and recently at Habla Ya, Bocas Del Toro. I had a wonderful experience at both schools. The Bocas school was new and therefore fairly quiet when I was there but it has the same excellent teaching standards as Bouquete. As there was no one else at my level, I had private lessons for the same price as group lessons. My most recent teacher, Christopher was enthusiastic and provided fun but challenging lessons. I highly recommend Habla Ya.
      Friday, 02 December 2011
    • by Mlawski S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Exceptional online learning
      I only have good things to say about my six weeks of online Spanish lessons with Leidys. Her lessons were always clear, and she clearly made an effort to tailor them to my specific level. Leidys is extremely patient, funny, and all around a wonderful teacher. Due to her lessons, I am much more confident when I speak Spanish. I hope one day to visit the actual school in Panama so I can hang out with Leidys and her fellow teachers in person. Gracias, Habla Ya!
      Thursday, 01 December 2011
    • by Smithson C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Wonderful Time
      Studying Spanish at Habla Ya in Boquete, Panama was a wonderful experience. I was lucky enough to have Leidys as teacher. As I had arranged to take private lessons she was able to concentrate fully on the points I needed and she provided me with all the explanations to help me improve on the less well-developed aspects of my knowledge. The entire month of September was a very fruitful time for me, not only for learning Spanish but also for the experience of being in a Latin American country. All the staff at Habla Ya are extremely helpful in personal needs, show a great dedication to their students and they make sure that everyone feels welcome. No surprise therefore that many students were there for the second or third time, I will return again next year.
      Saturday, 19 November 2011
    • by Horner S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I studied in Habla Ya for almost 4months. Initially I planned to do 6weeks and later I extended another 9weeks. I went to Habla Ya with minimal Spanish knowledge and my teacher Katterina prepared me to successfully pass my DELE B2 exams that I also took in the school. Habla Ya is a fantastic school! It delivers everything is promises! Katterina is an amazing teacher! She is enthusiastic and lively in class! Everyone in Habla Ya are helpful and caring! I had a great experience in Habla Ya Spanish school and highly recommend both Habla Ya and Katterina as a teacher.
      Saturday, 12 November 2011
    • img
      by Renfroe W.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Good learning experience
      I studied at HablaYa for 3 weeks this Fall and I believe it made a significant difference in my ability to speak Spanish. I was not a beginner, but I needed a lot of practice as well as a better understanding of grammar, and I believe my time at the school helped meet my learning objectives. My home stay was a good experience, and gave me a better view of the culture than I would have had otherwise. My teacher, Leidys, was knowledgeable and consistently well prepared for our classes. I recommend that students who plan to go to HablaYa make arrangements far enough in advance to be able to schedule afternoon classes since most of the extra-curricular options are in the morning. My only real regret is that I only had 3 weeks available; I wish I could have spent more time there.
      Sunday, 30 October 2011
    • by Martina H.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      great and still in my mind
      I studied for 3 weeks at Habla Ya. First I would do only 2 weeks, but than... They have excellent teacher and a very good ambiance at school! I can highly recommend this school! The classes are very small and individually. Also the activitys are great! A big learning effect.
      Saturday, 29 October 2011
    • by Wozniak L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Excellent School
      I studied at Habla Ya for two weeks in October, 2011. It is a fantastic program! The instructors are excellent, the administrative staff is very organized and I highly recommend the program if you are looking to learn Spanish and improve your knowledge. I recommend the homestay program as well as you will learn more Spanish outside of the classroom. Habla Ya has many activities to keep you busy when you are not in Spanish class as well. I wish I could have stayed longer but feel that I improved in 2 weeks. The instructors, staff, and other students are all very friendly. I highly recommend Habla Ya!
      Friday, 28 October 2011
    • by Redmond C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Aprender español por skype
      In January 2011 I studied for two incredible weeks at Habla Ya and enjoyed it very much. I decided I wanted to continue my lessons and asked if I could continue with internet lessons. The answer was yes - and I have been studying spanish from Habla Ya via Skype ever since. My teacher Minerva has been wonderful. I enjoy the lessons very much. I asked for conversation and vocabulary practice and that is exactly what Minerva and I do. During our conversation classes Minerva discusses grammar when it is appropriate, but we focus mostly on conversation and vocabulary. We have wonderful discussions, and never plan a topic. The conversation just happens like 2 friends having a conversation. I really love it and would recommend Skype (internet) lessons for anyone who wants to continue studying spanish when they return home. Habla Ya is a wonderful school and I would recommend it to anyone, but if you cannot physically go to the school, I recommend studying via Skype -- with Minerva, if you can. She makes it fun!!
      Monday, 24 October 2011
    • by Lindsay B.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Awesome Language Experience
      Before attending Habla Ya I had taken plenty of Spanish classes and studied the language throughout high school and college, but my mission during my trip to Panama was to become as close to fluent as possible. Before arriving, I was skeptical of any Spanish school because I believed that it would not benefit me to take even more "classroom" Spanish. The school totally disproved my assumption. My teacher Minerva was friendly and talkative so I received a ton of conversational practice, which is what I needed to boost my confidence in speaking with native speakers. Because I already knew a lot of the grammar, I was able to learn many of the idioms and phrases that took my Spanish speaking from a level of Good to Great in just 3 weeks. All of the staff was personable and the facilities were inviting and allowed for a social atmosphere that encouraged Spanish speaking among other students, teachers, and staff as well. Living in Boquete was also a plus for Habla Ya because it allowed me to actually make friends with some of the local people to practice my Spanish with, as well as the numerous adventure tours that the town offers. My teacher Minerva was even gracious enough to invite me to her house for salsa lessons, dinner, and dancing with her friends to try out my new moves!! I was also fortunate enough to teach English classes as a volunteer at night, which was yet another opportunity for me to get to know the people of Boquete, and other volunteers as well. There is a genuine sense of community at this school and I would recommend it first above all others if you want to learn fast, and also have great long-lasting memories while learning Spanish.
      Monday, 24 October 2011
    • img
      by Cullen M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      absolutely incredible.
      I attended Habla Ya with my best friend for four weeks starting at the end of July. It was the best experience i have ever had. I have taken spanish for a total of four years but I learned so much more in those 4 weeks than all those years combined. I absolutely would go back to Boquete any day I loved every second of my trip. None of it would have been possible without the incredible staff at Habla Ya especially my AMAZING teacher Minerva. She was great, I never liked to talk in Spanish because i always felt self-conscious but she made me feel so comfortable and helped me learn so much not only about the grammar and vocabulary but also Panamanian culture. I also was lucky enough to have most of the other teachers as well and they were all so nice and helpful. I cannot express how much I love the staff at Habla Ya, they are all amazing and by the end of the trip I felt so comfortable with all of them, which was really great knowing if I needed anything at all they would be there to help me. Not only were the teachers and staff amazing during my time in Boquete but now that I am home they have made an effort to keep in touch and practice Spanish every so often which I really enjoy. I would love to go back to Habla Ya either in Boquete or in Bocas, I loved everything about my trip and reminiscent with my best friend every day on the memories we had and things we did while in Panama. The location was optimal, the town being so small gave us a chance to meet so many amazing people. I remember walking down the street and seeing at least 2 or 3 people we knew each time. My parents were nervous about me going to another country by myself but I have never felt so safe, it was perfect. I could go on all day about everything I loved about Boquete, Habla Ya, and the people I met. It was the best experience I have ever had and I will never forget it. I LOVE HABLA YA!!!! and miss it so much! <3
      Thursday, 20 October 2011
    • by Louis A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      A great language learning experience
      I spent the first two weeks of September 2011 studying Spanish at Habla Ya in Boquete, Panama. The teaching was uniformly excellent. I had 6 hours daily of one on one lessons. My teachers were Araliz and Christopher. They each had their own styles but were both very good teachers. Araliz stuck fairly close to the text and made sure I understood all the grammar. Christopher was more focused on figuring out my weaknesses and helping me master aspects of the language that I had trouble with. He is an outstanding teacher and I would certainly ask to work with him again if I return to Boquete. The only downside was that September is in the rainy season and it did rain a lot. This is an excellent school with great teachers, and I would highly recommend it. My Spanish improved considerably in just 2 weeks. Boquete is also a delightful little town in the mountains.
      Monday, 26 September 2011
    • by Malotte M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Speak Aready!!!
      After taking spanish classes for 2 years in high school, and learning nothing, I wasn't sure how much I could accomplish in only 3 months. After a few weeks I realized that Habla Ya is actually a spanish IMMERSION school. Personally I need lots of extra practice and that’s exactly what I got. Not only did I practice speaking in class, but I decided to live with a local family. So every day after school I went home to speak and listen more! Unlike high school, we spent at least half of a 4 hour lesson conversing. It seemed like every day in my classes with Katterina we would wind up on some controversial topic which really motivated me to speak. The more comfortable I felt, the more fun I had, and the more fun I had, the more I learned. It’s a vicious cycle. So if you are really interested in learning the language, instead of simply studying it, I highly recommend choosing Habla Ya. You will instantly be welcomed into the Habla Ya family!! Michael Malotte Jr.
      Sunday, 25 September 2011
    • by Bumbarger J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya
      This is a great spot for learning Spanish, nestled in the heart of Boquete. I found the campus inviting, and all the staff friendly and helpful. My teacher, Minerva, was especially outstanding in every way. Jeff Bumbarger
      Sunday, 11 September 2011
    • img
      by Stevens L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I studied Spanish at Habla Ya language school in the heart of amazing Boquete. I had private classes with Irasema at Habla Ya for two weeks and she was a top notch teacher. She is a kind and approachable individual who sincerely loves teaching. She was patient and encouraged me to select the class material to match what I wanted to learn. My classes were also tailored to my profession, per my request. Irasema’s teaching style was creative and she always made sure that I was learning the language in a way that was practical and applicable – she wanted me to be able to converse rather than simply focus on a limited grammatical approach. Grammar is just as important, but the Spanish at Habla Ya and my experience with Irasema, is taught in a way that allows students to feel more comfortable speaking right away. Habla Ya is a fantastic and well-organized Spanish school in the heart of a magical town with loads of world class outdoor activities. The outdoor/adventure arm of Habla Ya is known as Explora Ya, which boasts an abundance of professionally guided outdoor adventures ranging from rock climbing to river rafting. These places are sought out from all over the world, and rightly so. I highly recommend both! Thanks Habla Ya and Explora Ya!
      Saturday, 27 August 2011
    • by Neuner O.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      What a great school
      Unfortunately we only spent one week at Habla Ya but if I could, I would have stayed as long as polssible! First of all you have to mention the great environments: Boquete is located in the middle of the cloud forest, surrounded by an untuched nature. The school itself is modern, light-flooded and well looked after. I think comparing the special atmosphere is impossible. A friend and me, we had a fantastic teacher, Minerva. I could never attend such a professional edication. When I came to habla ya, I've been learning spanish for 3 years but during this time i learnd more than in a few months at home. There was not a bit of pressure, It was more than talking to a friend that talking to a teacher. Minerva was able to explain us even the hardest grammar things faster than I thought it could be possible. Thanks a lot Minerva you're the greatest! I can recommend this school to anyone and I'm looking forward to my next visit!!
      Thursday, 25 August 2011
    • by Lutomski E.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      This school is second to none.
      Habla Ya was everything I could have asked for in a Spanish school. I spent eight weeks in Boquete, taking 5-6 hours of Spanish a day. After my time in Habla Ya, I feel comfortable speaking Spanish with anyone I encounter. The classroom instruction was superb and in my opinion second to none. I had three teachers during my stay in Boquete: Irasema, Yaira, and Monica. Each one brought something different to the curriculum in ways that made it fun to learn. The most important of all, though, was the clear fact that they wanted us to learn. Some days everything clicked and others it was more difficult, but I could always count on my teacher taking me aside to ask what was wrong or how she could better instruct me to get the most out of the lesson. For this, I am extremely grateful. Habla Ya employs educated, patient, and professional teachers, all of whom I became very close with during my stay. The classroom was not the only learning opportunity. What I loved about this school is that each Friday we would leave the classroom and apply our language skills in the real world. Whether is was walking through Bajo Boquete or heading to David, myself and the other students were able to put our lessons to use. Opportunities like these are ones you will not find many other places. It is one thing to learn curriculum, but it is another to learn the environment and be able to put your knowledge to practical use. Outside of the school, everything I learned was concreted each night as I returned to my wonderful host family. Habla Ya has a variety of wonderful families that are specifically paired with students. This was not only my experience, but also the experience of all the students. I made many friends during my stay and each one would agree with my sentiments regarding the host families. If ever a student did have a problem, Habla Ya made it their job to remedy the problem. In each one of these cases it turned out positive. I look forward to staying in touch with my family who treated me as one of their own while I lived under their roof. Personally, I believe the host family portion is vital to the entire learning experience. I plan on returning to Habla Ya in the future and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone. --Evan G. Lutomski
      Monday, 22 August 2011
    • img
      by London E.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Best Month
      I have now been home from Boquete, Panama for 5 days and am missing it immensely. My four week trip to Boquete was beyond unbelievable, thanks to the amazing Habla Ya Spanish School! I was a bit nervous but the faculty worked together to place me in the right class with Minerva where i instantly felt at ease! I had 1.5 weeks in a group class with 4 other students, and the other 2.5 weeks were spent with just my friend Miranda and I. Minerva was absolutely fabulous, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. She worked well to discover our weaknesses, and then found ways for us both to improve upon them. Minerva was absolutely hilarious and we were constantly laughing, while learning! I was shocked that I could be in a class for 4 hours everyday and never hear Minerva speak English, but still understand everything that was going on! She also made class extremely fun, we took a trip to Mi Jardin es su Jardin, to the visitor center, we walked around Central Park and the Bridge another day, and sat outside for class multiple times, which makes learning all the much better, thanks to Boquete's beautiful weather. Since I have been home I have had several conversations via facebook with Minerva and love being able to continue my spanish while i'm home in the United States. All of the faculty members at Habla Ya are so helpful and friendly, you feel at home the moment classes start! Everyone is like a little family, from all across the world, it's unbelievable. I would definitely recommend Habla Ya to everyone of all ages! We met 10 year olds and 70 year olds that both had wonderful things to say about their time with Habla Ya! In addition to the Language Center, Habla Ya has a partnership with Explora Ya that made our trip even more enjoyable. The possibilities are endless in Boquete, thanks to the professionalism and excitement of everyone working. I am already trying to plan my return trip! Thank you to everyone at Habla Ya, especially Minerva! Te extrano!
      Saturday, 20 August 2011
    • by Goch S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya
      This is a great school nestled in the valley of Boquete, Panama. The town is big enough to have many services (a 24 hour supermarket) but small enough to be cozy. Students are placed at appropriate levels and classes are small. The shopkeepers and restaurant owners are very hospitable to the students and practical practice is easy. Admission is rolling with new classes starting every Monday so there is no waiting. Maximum class size is 4 but classes can run with less.
      Friday, 19 August 2011
    • by Burton K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya is a great choice for anyone looking for an excellent language school in a beautiful setting. The school is wonderful. I have been a student at other language schools in the region, and they do not compare to what you will receive at Habla Ya. The school is professionally run and is well organized in their curriculum and lessons. Great care is taken to ensure that you are placed at the correct level, with placement tests that measure your written and oral proficiencies. Teachers are held to a high standard. I had the pleasure of having two weeks of private lessons with Leidys, who brought interesting activities to each of my lessons. Leidys quickly met me at my own level, and helped me progress rapidly through my two week stay at the school. She was quite skilled at getting any and all conversation started, focusing in on areas of grammar that needed reinforcement. Habla Ya is much more than just a school - the partnership with Explora Ya helps you to create a well-rounded vacation. Habla Ya also provides multiple evening events that cater to the interests of the students. I completely recommend Habla Ya as a language learning experience.
      Monday, 25 July 2011
    • by Charous B.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Our family attended Habla Ya for 3 weeks in June and July of 2011. In addition to taking four-hour group lessons in the afternoons, we participated in many excursions offered by Explora Ya (under the same management as Habla Ya), volunteered at local schools, and stayed with local host families. Habla Ya is a very professional, responsive organization. They helped arrange all aspects of our stay in Boquete and were willing to make adjustments as necessary. The teaching methods are excellent, providing a wide range of teaching techniques including conversation, listening skills, grammar, and a variety of activities to keep lessons fun. Our teacher, Arelis, was excellent, and I would highly recommend her. In addition, prior to arriving in Boquete, my 14-year old son and I took some online lessons through Habla Ya with Janeth, who is also a wonderful teacher.
      Tuesday, 19 July 2011
    • by Bartlett S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      To anyone who want's to learn spanish well and fast I highly recomend nothing else but Habla Ya. Very profesional and patient teachers, a long list of choices of non-expensive activities to do every day, and very kind and welcoming families. After just two weeks in Habla Ya I learned more then what I would have learned in 3 months in my country.
      Tuesday, 19 July 2011
    • by Cooper S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      My mother and studied at Habla Ya for one week, and I learned so much! I took private lessons from Araliz Veliz, who was an awesome teahcer. She was good at incorporating games and stories into the lesson while making sure it was still educational. Habla Ya also has a lot of volunteer activities to choose from (we went to the orphanage and the animal rescue zoo) and things to do (such as salsa lessons and a movie night) that are a lot of fun! Overall, I had an awesome experience at Habla Ya and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Boquete!
      Sunday, 17 July 2011
    • by thaler F.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I spent an outstanding week in Boquete learning spanish with Habla Ya! Both my teacher (Janeth) and the admin crew at Habla Ya were highly professional and fun! Two thumbs up!
      Sunday, 17 July 2011
    • img
      by Echtermeyer A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I recommend the Spanish classes at Habla Ya. The town of Boquete is an ideal location. There are many activities to do during your free time and the area is beautiful. The local people are friendly and seem to cater to the gringos to a large extent. I walked most of the time but taking a taxi now and then could be difficult. Some drivers were great and others not so much. There is a set fee so don’t let the bad ones charge you more. I really enjoyed the home stay part of my visit. I couldn’t have asked for a better family to live with. I will keep in touch with my Boquete family in the future. I ate most of my meals with them but there are several places to eat with a variety of food. The numerous fruits and vegetables in the markets were very good and cheap. My professor was totally competent and had the patience required to teach absolute beginners Spanish. I had no previous Spanish but after my six weeks of instruction I came away with a much better understanding of the grammar and acquired many more words in my vocabulary. I’d like to say I can now speak Spanish but I still struggle with that and hearing it spoken is still difficult. However I now have to basics to practice and teach myself so I can get better. As my teacher always said; practice, practice, practice. There was a wide variety of students from all over the world. I enjoyed my classmates and we all laughed often. It was a fun atmosphere to learn in. There wasn’t the stress involved as there is in a college setting. It’s up to you as to what you get out of it. If you want to learn Spanish and have some fun you couldn’t go wrong in choosing Habla Ya. Andy Echtermeyer
      Sunday, 10 July 2011
    • by Philpot R.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I just spend three outstanding weeks at Habla Ya learning and living Spanish. Yaira Munoz was my teacher. She is amazing. Each day she came to class well prepared, made learning fun, and got me talking in the past and present tenses. At Habla Ya you live Spanish. I stayed with a host family. Since this was my sconed year I got to visit the families I met last year. Check them out.
      Wednesday, 06 July 2011
    • img
      by Rideout-Hanzak S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I was a student at Habla Ya for 2 weeks during May 2011. My teacher Katterina C. was amazing! I was in the very beginner class and I was always so impressed at how she was able to teach us completely in Spanish just by using her facial expressions, voice inflection or by acting something out. She was incredibly patient as we all stumbled over the same things repeatedly. I am amazed at how much we learned in 2 weeks. loved the classes so much! I think the school could do a better job of orienting people to Boquette, and finding host families to live with. I was part of a group of about a dozen people and we all had incredibly different experiences in our houses. My house was loud and stressful with lots of angry yelling, insanely cold showers (even though I specifically requested hot showers), and a terrible diet of beans and rice almost every single night. I loved Panama. It was a great adventure! Boquette was beautiful. The class was great! My teacher, Katterina, was the best part of all! Just make sure you get a good home to stay in.
      Thursday, 30 June 2011
    • by Fenn J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      My teacher, Christopher Clark, and “Habla Ya” were amazing! I spent two weeks studying Spanish at “Habla Ya” in Boquete, Panama, in May, 2011. My group class during those two weeks was taught by Christopher Clark, a 21-year-old teacher from David, Panama. I studied Spanish when I was in college (many years ago), and I have been trying to improve my Spanish during the last 4-5 years in various language courses taught here in Atlanta, Georgia. Many people in the States have a desire to learn Spanish, so these types of courses are popular. The problem with them is usually that there is no logical starting point (students are at different levels in their language ability), and so there is no step-by-step plan to learn the language. Another problem that I see, since studying at “Habla Ya”, is that the teachers here in Atlanta aren’t really trained to teach language. Most of the teachers that I have had here were native speakers, but they were not taught how to teach Spanish. I was so very impressed with my teacher at Habla Ya (Christopher Clark). In fact, I was shocked that his classes were so clear, organized, and easy to understand. I jumped in at a high intermediate level, and I began to wish that I had started with Christopher from lesson 1 because everything that he taught was taught so well and so clearly that it seemed worth starting over. One of the issues with Spanish classes here in Atlanta is that many Americans (younger Americans especially) don’t know the parts of speech in English or Spanish, so it is difficult to teach some aspects of grammar. When this came up in Christopher’s class, he backtracked and gave a really clear discussion of “what is an adverb and what is an adjective”, to give just one example. All of his explanations, of the different tenses, of the use of subjunctive, etc., were extremely clear and useful. Our class of 4 students included one Swiss girl who had just started to learn Spanish a few weeks before I arrived . She began studying Spanish in Christopher’s class, and then she continued in the same class that I attended. Her first language was German, so we had a crazy time with the German-English-Spanish triangle. The funniest thing in the world was listening to Christopher pretend to “read” her German dictionary definitions of certain Spanish words. But watching Salome, the Swiss student, continue with Spanish using the lessons that Christopher had taught her was amazing. She had a very good basis for the language, after only 2 weeks of study, and she continued at what I would consider a high-intermediate level for two more weeks. Another impressive aspect of Christopher’s class was the manner in which he handled the challenges of 4 students with differing language abilities and personalities. My 23-year-old daughter was also in the class, and she was the most advanced student. She had very high expectations of “Habla Ya”, and she really liked Christopher’s class. He responded very well to the day-to-day challenges: when our brains were too tired to say one more thing in Spanish, we moved class outside or went on a field trip; when one of us was especially talkative, he let that person talk; if one of us was frustrated, he continued with great aplomb with whatever lesson plan seemed right for that moment and the frustration eased. The combination of warm personality, poise, and a highly-developed and organized skill for teaching Spanish made Christopher a superb teacher.
      Thursday, 16 June 2011
    • by torres R.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      De vez en cuando uno llega a conocer a personas que dejan un buen sentir por su calidad humana, buena disposición, carisma y destrezas en su campo profesional. Tal es mi experiencia recientemente con la Profesora Leidys Pitti, a quien tuve el gusto de conocer y tener como profesora en Boquete, Panamá. Mi intención en este escrito es darle el reconocimiento que se merece por haber trabajado sido mi profesora de español durante dos semanas en Habla Ya. La Profesora Leidys Pitti es recomendable por las siguientes razones. Como persona se mostro atenta, amable, cortes y respetuosa a largo de las horas de instrucción dentro y fuera del salón de clases. En ningún momento perdió de vista que su función era la de hacer un buen trabajo representando a Habla Ya con dignidad, seriedad, y profesionalismo. Leidys fue siempre atenta, cordial y amable conmigo, cosas que aprecio y por las que le doy crédito. Además, Leidys demostró amplio y solido conocimiento de la materia y de la aplicación de la técnica de instrucción. En las pocas ocasiones cuando no tuvo respuesta a mis preguntas, como buena docente del idioma, se ocupo en buscar las respuestas necesarias. Consto que esto lo hizo bien, de manera eficiente, y rápidamente, conductas que denotan profesionalismo, seriedad, ética personal, e interés por sus alumnos y por representar a Habla Ya con dignidad. Tengan por seguro que Leidys Pitti es buena maestra de idiomas y que con ella van a aprender y tener buena experiencia durante el proceso de aprendizaje. Además, cualquier estudiante serio del español se dará cuenta que sus dotes interpersonales refezaran el aprendizaje de la lengua. En Leidys Pitti cualquier institución, pero en particular Habla Ya, tiene una promesa cumplida. Ella es el tipo de colega y representante que cualquier institución desea por las razones mencionadas. Mi recomendación en favor de Leidys Pitti, y por consecuencia de Habla Ya, es incuestionable y sin reservas.
      Tuesday, 07 June 2011
    • by Silliman D.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I had a great time at Habla Ya, Malkedia was a really great professor. Malkedia not only used the books provided by the school, she gave me extra handouts as well and we had some great, in depth conversations, in Spanish!! I never thought I would be able to learn so much, and I would totally recommend this school to anyone considering learning Spanish in Panama. The host family I stayed with was great as well, it was like being at my parents house, I felt so comfortable with my family. Boquete is a great town and I plan on returning again to learn even more Spanish at Habla Ya!
      Wednesday, 01 June 2011
    • by Wolfe D.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I LOVE Habla Ya! I was at the school for 11 weeks, and seriously, my life has totally been changed. I came to the school with only a minimal knowledge of Spanish, and with the help of my excellent professor Katterina, I now have a great grasp of the language. I am totally comfortable trying to express myself in Spanish and would recommend Habla Ya to anyone considering trying to learn Spanish in Panama. Not only are the professors amazing, so is the office staff and the town in general. The past 11 weeks have been the most amazing weeks and I am already looking forward to going back to Boquete and Habla Ya!
      Wednesday, 01 June 2011
    • by hurd N.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      estudiamos en la escuela por dos semanas y tuvimos una excelente experiencia muy divertida. porque pudimos parender mucha informaci{on necesaria para poder sobrevivir en nuestro gran recorrido por nuestro paseo. agradezco a mi profesora ella fue tan paciente con nosotras y muy dulce la extrañamos mucho. Irasema es la mejor profesora y gracias a tods en habla ya. los paseos son muy divertidos y el clima es encantador pudimos ver diferentes pajaros y disfrutas de algunas comidas muy buenas y todas las personas de este lugar fueron muy encantadoras
      Monday, 23 May 2011
    • by will K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      En diciembre de 2010 me dirigi a Panama para tener unas excelentes vacaciones pero fueron mejores que yo pensé. tuve una excelente experiencia en boquete y en habla ya porque su staff, su atención a nosotros y la preocupacion de cada uno de nosostros fue bueno. agradezco muy especialmente a mi profesor christopher clark que el tiene mucha paciencia y sus clases son muy divertidas y puede aprender mucho español que yo pienso mucha paciencia mucho organizacion. el clima es espectacular y las personas son muy amables puedes conocer diferentes personas y diferentes lugares para hacer turismo la experiencia es maravillosa. espero que yo puedo regresar muy pronto. es la mejor
      Wednesday, 11 May 2011
    • by Mazzei L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      We attended Habla Ya in Jan. 2011. We had a great experience. Our instructor SurI was great.
      Wednesday, 27 April 2011
    • by Schmitz L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Between January and April 2011 I spent 12 weeks intensively studying Spanish. My experience was unforgettable, all my four teachers did their utmost to help me learn and I did: my Spanish has improved tremendously so 6 hours daily of intensive tuition has paid off. The entire school is of a high standard, I found all teachers and those in the administration to be of the utmost help and I am proud to say I have made new friends there in the school in Boquete. Especial thanks to my teacher Leidys whose pacience and help has forged a new friendship. I will definitely return, I can strongly recommend this school for those who wish to learn Spanish, whether beginners or advanced. Thankyou all. Laurence Schmitz
      Monday, 25 April 2011
    • by Traver E.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I spent only one week at Habla Ya in Panama, but I had a great time. I really enjoyed the professionalism and enthusiasm of my instructor Araliz! Considering I had only one week, I feel like we covered lots of material and got to talk and practice. I also enjoyed my host family, and Boquete is a lovely town. The fresh air and lovely environment around the area were terrific. I highly recommend Habla Ya for language classes, and they have connections to many of the best activities in the area as well.
      Saturday, 23 April 2011
    • by Zopf T.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya was everything we wanted it to be: an opportunity to learn Spanish in a pleasant and relaxing environment with opportunities for eco-tourism. The Habla Ya staff were very helpful and efficient and always pleasant and accommodating. The language instruction was fast-moving and rewarding. Our expectations were surpassed.
      Friday, 15 April 2011
    • by Brister B.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I studied at Habla Ya from mid-January to late March, and I was sad to leave. From my first online contact with the school, Lorena and the other administrators were very responsive and enthusiastic about explaining school policies, preparing me for my stay in Boquete, and making me feel welcome. I was not disappointed! I had ideas about what I wanted and didn't want, since I'd previously studied Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala; Salamanca, Spain; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; and Cuenca, Ecuador. Habla Ya definitely ranks in the top category in terms of quality instruction, smooth organization, and overall good vibes. The teachers are all very friendly and seem to enjoy a sense of family. It's easy to socialize with teachers and students in the cafeteria, where a sleek machine makes free fresh-ground coffee from Boquete beans at the push of a button. I spent lots of time there doing homework and using my iPad in the afternoons, since my host family's house didn't have good lighting or wifi, and their TV was usually on. Homestays are always a wild card, and I had hoped for a more interactive Panamanian family. But with hot water and OK meals and not too many barking dogs at night, I really couldn't complain. Since my written and oral evaluations placed me at Level B2, I spent most of my time slogging through the subjunctive (once again). I took 4 hours of private instruction for 8 weeks, and then 2 hours a day for 2 weeks. There were only a few mornings when 12:15 was slow to come. My first teacher was Malkidia--brilliant, sweet, funny, and wise beyond her years. She was great at providing clear examples instead of long explanations. She also had a knack for spotting my weaknesses and helping me nip bad habits in the bud. Since we had such lively conversations and I enjoyed her company so much, I was a bit apprehensive about changing teachers when Malkidia stayed home with a bad cold. I shouldn't have worried! Monica was every bit as professional and enthusiastic--a skilled and dedicated teacher who uses positive reinforcement well. Malkidia and Monica are two of the very best Spanish teachers I have ever had. Both of them helped me stay motivated to work hard at Habla Ya, because they have such a genuine love for teaching language, learning about cultural differences, and getting to know their students.
      Thursday, 14 April 2011
    • by Conant M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I greatly enjoyed my time at Habla Ya. I came to Boquete on a 2 week school trip with some classmates from my high school and we all took spanish lessons at Habla Ya for two weeks. My teacher was Christopher Clark. He does a great job as a teacher, adjusting how he teaches to how we learn. In two weeks we went over articulos, the verbs Ser and Estar, conjugation, irregular and regular and past tense (pasado). I really liked how we were taught the past tense this early in our spanish skills. Another student that I know is in Spanish 4 at our school and is just now learning past tense, even though that is something that you need to know in order to have a regular conversation. It was also fun to try to explain english phrases and jokes in spanish so that he could understand them. Many thanks to Christopher!
      Sunday, 10 April 2011
    • by Lewelling B.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      During my visit to Habla Ya in January 2011, I enjoyed one of life’s exceptional learning experiences, within one of the most unique and beautiful areas of Panama, the town of Boquete. I found the instructors and staff to be very friendly, professional, and responsive to the needs of the students. The learning environment is dynamic and fun, with great interaction between teachers and students. Carlos, one of the school’s founders, has put together a great staff, along with an impressive and effective amiable management style. My instructors, Araliz and Christopher, were amazing and I will miss these friends. Swan, always helpful with information and a beautiful smile. I particularly enjoyed meeting the many interesting students from around the world, along with the array of after school activities that Habla Ya offered. One day soon, I would like to return and relive the experience.
      Tuesday, 29 March 2011
    • by Singer S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      My husband and I decided to live in Panama a few years ago and in a short period of time, bought property and started to build our house in Boquete. Upon arriving in Panama we went straight to Habla Ya to sign up for courses because neither one of us had any Spanish language knowledge at all. That was the best decsison we could have made! We were assigned Araliz Véliz as our teacher. She was bright and personable and smart. The format that we followed was excellent. Being a beginner it was quite difficult to comprehend some of the course material, but Araliz never lost patience with us. Everything she said was in Spanish, no English at all and so we had to pay attention and ask her questions and DO THE HOMEWORK. Practice, practice practice. Nuestra experiencia en Habla Ya con nuestro maestro Araliz fue muy valiosa. Esperamos aprender más. Muchas Gracias.
      Monday, 28 March 2011
    • by Stubbs R.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I have just spent the last 6 weeks studying at Habla Ya and can not speak highly enough of the experience! I arrived having never spoken a word of Spanish, and now I'm in Costa Rica and the locals don't believe me when I tell them that I've only studied this language for 6 weeks! I wasn't originally planning to travel to Panamá, but after seeing the Habla Ya website and doing a bit more research I changed all my plans and was not disappointed. The website is wonderfully professional and thorough, and this is a reflection the school's entire operation. All the staff are incredibly friendly and always eager to do whatever they have to to help. I was placed with a host family, which is something I would recommend to everybody if you're serious about learning to speak! The teaching at the school is a perfectly balanced mix of grammar exercises, conversation, writing practice and games that keeps you learning and practicing and keeps the classes from feeling repetitive. For 5 of the 6 weeks I was there my teacher was Araliz Véliz. She was always smiling (which I think is very important for a teacher!) and was very encouraging. I always felt comfortable to speak and not afraid of making mistakes, although obviously occasionally there were some mistakes; they were always met with a correction and patient explanation! Every lesson was enjoyable and you could often enter our classroom and find people laughing! I never imagined I would be speaking this much Spanish this well after only 6 weeks of classes. Many thanks to everybody at Habla Ya for an unforgettable 6 weeks!
      Sunday, 27 March 2011
    • by hogsett L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      My experience at Habla Ya has been very positive. The school emphasizes designing the language program to the individual skill level and desired schedule. In addition to enhanced language skills the student learns a lot about the panamanian culture, history and local Boquete community. Habla Ya also has very reasonable pricing for packages and is conveniently located in the heart of Boquete. My teacher has been highly professional and knowledgeable as well as very nice. The school can also arrange for transportation,accommodations and entertainment during your stay in Panama. Once again I can recommend Habla Ya without reservation. Lisa Hogsett
      Sunday, 06 March 2011
    • img
      by Kelly S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Had a great time at Habla Ya and my teacher Christopher was really good with me . I feel like i Really learnt alot with the school just wish that i had more time to learn .
      Saturday, 05 March 2011
    • by Kowalinski C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I am a Canadian living in Panama and had taken a Spanish internet course before moving here in 2008. I did pretty well on paper but discovered that was only half the battle. I found that I was at a loss when trying to have a conversation with someone that knew little or no English and I became so flustered I had no idea what the other person was saying! This is where Habla Ya came in. There is a curriculum that is cutting edge, but my biggest goal was to develop my ear and learn how to ask a Spanish speaker the right questions so I could understand what was said to me. This is one of the true strengths of Habla Ya and the instructors, they help you achieve YOUR goals. This is where my instructor, Ismenia Perez came in. With her patience, humor, and professionalism she led me to that goal. I was amazed at how far I progressed in my 60 hours of classes. Ismenia was key in helping me build my skills and confidence so I could speak with my Panamanian friends and neighbors without having a panic attack! Ismenia shared many stories of her family and her life and took a great interest in learning about what my life was like in Canada….at one point she put together a lesson involving MY hometown! There was never a class in which we didn't laugh, A LOT! My husband was in the class as well and we were perfectly matched with another couple to share this great experience with. Our little class of 4 gained so much more than just Spanish at Habla Ya. We made friends and great memories that will last a lifetime. I am going back for more classes this fall, I never really thought I would, (I am a fifty-something that hated school) but it is such a rewarding and fun experience, I would be crazy not to. Thank you to ALL the wonderful staff at Habla Ya, and a special thank-you to Ismenia. You are such a special person! Cheryl K.
      Wednesday, 02 March 2011
    • by Wiercinski A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I was a student at Habla Ya Spanish School for four weeks in January and had a wonderful time being immersed in the culture. The teachers were professional, punctual and motivational. All the staff was friendly and ready to assist me in any way possible. They knew me by name in a very short period of time and greeted me each morning with a smile in the school hall or coffee room. Lorena, the school’s director, always offered me assistance to ensure that my learning experience and my entire stay in Boquete was a success. I will always remember my group teacher Araliz for her professionalism and patience, as well as my private teacher and friend Monica for her teaching skills. I am not a very talkative person, but Monica was able to bring me out of my shell. She encouraged me to discuss different topics and express my opinions regarding many subjects so that I could learn the language in an enjoyable manner. I highly recommend Habla Ya to anyone who would like to learn Spanish in a fun environment with excellent professional teachers. Regardless of your age or level of Spanish, I am certain that Habla Ya can accommodate your needs and provide you with meaningful Spanish program. (Polish) Polecam Habla Ya kazdemu kto jest zainteresowany nauka jezyka hiszpanskiego w zabawny sposob z doskonala kadra nauczycielska. Niezaleznie od twojego wieku I poziomu znajomosci hiszpanskiego kadra szkoly znajdzie odpowiednia klase dla kazdego. Klasy sa cztero osobowe. Wiecej informacji szukaj pod www.hablayapanama.com
      Monday, 28 February 2011
    • by Ellwood K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I spent three weeks this past January in Boquete with my 15 year old son. We studied at Habla Ya and stayed with a family for the three weeks that we were there. The trip was such a great experience for us both ... we loved it! Yaira taught our group lessons and Ruben was Garrick's teacher for private lessons. Both were terrific! Not only did we learn A LOT but we really had fun while in class. We did a lot of speaking and writing and came home knowing so much more than I could ever have anticipated. Garrick's high school Spanish teacher was very impressed and Garrick feels so much more comfortable speaking in Spanish now. He is already talking about his plans for going back next year! Thank you Habla Ya, Yaira, and Ruben for making such a difference!
      Friday, 25 February 2011
    • by Redmond C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Hi, I just returned from a wonderful 2 week spanish course at Habla Ya. I loved every minute of it - from my private lessons with Ismenia to my home stay with Olga. Ismenia was a wonderful teacher - she seemed to know just how to get the best out of me and give me confidence to continue. I loved living with Olga - she was my age and could not speak a word of english, so I had to speak spanish right from the beginning. I would recommend this school for anyone interested in studying spanish abroad. The staff is great - very professional and ready to help with every concern or question. A great group of people! Thanks Habla Ya.
      Sunday, 13 February 2011
    • by Fink A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Once Habla Ya and you never want to learn Spanish anywhere else! It was a lot of fun learning Spanish in the language school Habla Ya in Boquette Panama. My Spanish come on from zero up to having a general conversation with everybody I meet on the street during my 4 month Spanish course (four hours daily). Foremost I liked with Habla Ya that the groups consist out of no more than 4 students. The students have about the same advancement level so that nobody feels intimidated to speak Spanish by anyone that is way ahead of him. Our teachers presented a variety of games that made learning a lot of fun. The language material that was presented during the classes was very lively and interesting. Our teachers took personal interest in me and gave me individually tips and hints in how and what I could personally improve. Beside the school time Hably Ya offers recreational activities to its students like watching movies, traditional Panamanian dinners, hikes through the mysterious mountains, rafting Panama's wildest rivers and other things to get to know better the Panamanian life style. I also appreciated also that teachers only speak Spanish. Of course, that is not always easy but with increased concentration I was able to follow along. And whenever I did not understand something I just asked and asked (of course in Spanish) until the penny dropped. According the saying “Without pain no gain!” Here ties in the perfect training and ability of all the teachers of Hable Ya they are not only in complete control of the Spanish grammar and the necessary language abilities but also social skills to understand the students by getting down to their level. Foremost they are very patient and listen attentively. Here I want to thank in particular my teacher Ismenia Perez. She helped me tremendously to increase my Spanish, understand the grammar and in particular I can say that she was very patient with me for all the time I had been in Habla Ya. Habla Ya is to be recommend to everybody no matter how good your Spanish may be or not be. Here you find the right approach and the people to get the best out of you. Have a lot of fun learning Spanish in Boquette. Alex http://www.hablayapanama.com/
      Wednesday, 09 February 2011
    • by Philpot R.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      In June 2010 I spent three weeks studying Spanish at Habla Ya. The school delivered all that the website promised. The facilities are nice and curriculum sound. The teachers teach with enthusiasm and I had great experiences with two different families. Boquete is a small but interesting town where you really get to interact with the locals. Give Habla Ya a try.
      Monday, 17 January 2011
    • by Davis J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I spent 6 weeks at Habla Ya and I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent in the classroom. I loved my teachers (especially Araliz) and the owner as well as office staff are incredible. Each teacher is university educated in spanish and is patient and very skilled in helping find a way to help each student learned. A couple of warnings however, make sure to say what you would like as far as level and family living as soon as you can. Habla Ya will immediately help you if you would like a change! I had a wonderful experience!
      Thursday, 23 December 2010
    • by biggs B.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I have attended this school for 1 month and i have found this school to be very professional and my spanish abilities has improved greatly my current teacher is christopher clark he is very good at determining what is the weak points with all students so he can work on the things that are most important thanks habla ya and christopher clark
      Tuesday, 21 December 2010
    • by Campeau K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I would like to thank my profesora, Malkidia. She had the patience with the entire class, to get us the knowledge that we required to advance our Spanish abilities. Thanks to her, I can now communicate with others, in Spanish. ( I'll beit, a little crudely ) I have found that the most important thing I have learned is the Spanish alphabet. Once you know the pronunciation of the letters of the alphbet, pronouncing and reading words is so much easier. Also, oral comprhension is increased. ( I think this was the key to learning more ) Malkidia, kept the class involved and didn't let anyone fall behind. The class was fun as well as informative. She gave us free reign to take our conversations to where we wanted to go. This kept our interest and involvement in the subjects that we covered. All in all, I enjoyed my expierience in Habla Ya, and will return for an advanced class, later on. Once again, my thanks to Malkidia Garcia and Christopher Clark. ( Muchos gracias, mis profesores ) Ken Campeau
      Saturday, 18 December 2010
    • by Campeau B.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Our teacher Malkidia Garcia was so patient and so fun. It was a joy to learn with her. All the staff is friendly and helpful. We live here in Boquete and will be going back next year.
      Saturday, 18 December 2010
    • by Tyler D.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya makes learning spanish a joy. Our teacher Minerva is THE best teacher I've ever had!
      Friday, 17 December 2010
    • by simpson L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      The staff and teachers at Habla Ya Spanish School in Boquete, Panama are the most caring and professional team I have experienced. I always felt my learning Spanish was as important to them as it was to me. My teacher, Minerva, loves to smile and makes every class fun and interesting. Linda S
      Monday, 13 December 2010
    • by Simpson M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya is the way to get up to speed. Living in Panama you want to speak with the people in the stores and restaurants. The teachers at Habla Ya will answer your questions of "How do you say..?" and teach you more about the Spanish of that subject. The work is worth it.
      Monday, 13 December 2010
    • by Worley E.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya Language school (www.hablaya.com) provides top knotch Spanish instruction. I have recently taken a 60 hour course with instructor Minerva Montero, and the level of teaching is excellent. Classes are small and carefully tailored to the students' needs. I'd like to also recommend to visitors to Boquete the The Boquete Handbook (www.theboquetehandbook.com) for ALL the information and contacts you need for a successful visit or move.
      Sunday, 12 December 2010
    • by CORNIC C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Hello, j ai passe une fantastique semaine chez vous, dont je vous remercie infiniment. Je reviendrai! Merci egalement pour cet excellent et si gentil professeur, Christopher Clark! See you as soonn as possible!!!! Christian Cornic
      Saturday, 11 December 2010
    • by Bell K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Habla Ya was a fantastic school to learn spanish at! I had classes 3 times a week for a month and my spanish improved rapidly. My professors Areliz and Araliz were both very cool and fun girls and great teachers. Plus Boquete is a pleasant town to spend some time in as well.
      Monday, 06 December 2010
    • by merkel F.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I had a fantastic time at Habla Ya in Boquete in march 2010. I was there for 2 weeks, which was way too short :) I stayed at Rosmarie's family during my time there. That was the perfect combination of learning spanish in school and having some chats at home with the lovely family. I made two spanish courses in Germany, but you can't compare that with an spanish school in a spanish speeking land. I had a great time at Habla Ya! In the first week my teacher was Ismenia. That was great fun, because she is very funny person and she allways combines learning from books with talking about private stuff. And there is no better way to learn with some fun. In the second week my teacher was Araliz. Unfortunately it was semana santa and we just had three days together. I really enjoyed the time with Araliz. I was her only student in that week and so she spend some time with teaching me vocabulary that i could use especially for my job. My company exports tools to latin america and so she showed me a catalog from a building center in David. That was really helpfull for me and it was great to get such an individual program. I spend only 2 weeks at Habla Ya and i learned so much there. The vocabulary i learned there is still in my head and i can use the word pool i learned anytime. I can really recommend Habla Ya and also Panama as a country. I will come back to Panama for sure!
      Sunday, 05 December 2010
    • by ArcoIris A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I studied Spanish at Habla Ya for three months and the entire experience was fantastic! All the staff are extremely professional, skilled, and friendly. Habla Ya arranged my pick up at the airport, found great accommodation for me, and made sure that I was happy with all aspects of my life in Boquete. Lorena, the school’s director and Guadalupe always offered me assistance to ensure that my learning experience and my entire stay in Boquete were a success. I signed up for three months of group classes (four hours a day, five days a week) but was fortunate enough to enjoy six weeks of private classes, since Habla Ya only matches students who share exactly the same language level. I greatly enjoyed my language classes. There was always a perfect balance between grammar, written practices, conversation and interesting reading. All my teachers were extremely skilled and knowledgeable about language instruction and always created a light environment conducive to learning a language in an enjoyable manner. I studied with profesora Yaira for four weeks and I had great fun during our classes. Yaira has a great sense of humor and always keeps classes light and playful. Every day she would bring a new text or newspaper article and allow me to summarize the content and then discuss the subject – a great way of reinforcing new vocabulary. I also greatly enjoyed the games we played that encouraged me to discuss different topics and express my opinions regarding any subject. I studied with profesora Mónica for seven weeks and she is just such a gifted instructor. Mónica is funny, kindhearted, extremely patient and simply an amazing teacher. She kept me motivated throughout, tirelessly corrected mistakes that I kept making over and over again, and explained complex grammatical structures in the most straightforward and understandable way. I especially enjoyed the practices she used to reinforce the grammar, since those practices always included useful new vocabulary and taught me to express myself in both formal and informal ways. I arrived in Panama with some knowledge of the Spanish language and by the time I left I was able to have meaningful conversations with my Panamanian friends, discuss any topic from global warming to equal rights and read newspapers and magazines. I can highly recommend Habla Ya to anyone who would like to learn Spanish in a fun environment with excellent teachers and great learning tools!
      Wednesday, 01 December 2010
    • by Whitt L.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I am experiencing the Habla Ya Spanish School. I have a great teacher Minerva. She truly understands my need to learn the language. She is very patient and has helped me learn a language I never thought possible. Looking forward to the rest of classes. LMW
      Tuesday, 23 November 2010
    • by Garcia M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I enjoyed my time at Habla Ya Spanish school, and my spanish has improved immensly. Janeth is one of the best teachers ive had in any subject or in any language. Thanks for all your help.
      Monday, 22 November 2010
    • by Willius J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      These are my last few days here at Habla Ya Spanish School in Boquete, Panama. I posted a review the other day mentioning my great experience at the school and with one teacher in particular. I just wanted to update it by adding that two other teachers I've been working with have also been exceptional. Every morning I've spent an hour in conversation with Monica. She's patiently, cheerfully challenged me to learn and practice the new material I need to master to reach my goal. And Janeth, my new teacher some afternoons, has not just reinforced that new knowledge, but also managed to draw out a steady, seemingly spontaneous flow of passable Spanish from me -- gently nudging me, in many cases, to correct my own errors. This is teaching at its best. I highly recommend Habla Ya Spanish School to anyone who's serious about starting or improving their Spanish.
      Friday, 19 November 2010
    • by Hogsett S.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Overall my experience at Habla Ya has been excellent. The teachers are very professional and friendly. My current teacher Minerva, is highly skilled and has had a great deal of experience. I recommend Habla Ya without reservation! Smitty
      Thursday, 18 November 2010
    • by Rohde H.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Hi Everybody, I'm 21 years old, Im from Germany and this year I spent 2 months in Panama to study spanish at Habla Ya Spanish School in Boquete. Today I want to talk about the teachers at Habla Ya. All the teachers are really nice, friendly and competent. The one teacher that I was with the longeste time is Minerva. Firstly she was only my private teacher, later she also became my group teacher. From the first day I got along with her really well. Apart from her great teaching skills, that made the classes always interesting she also cared about my well-being, asked me if everything was going well with my host family, etc. She was not only my teacher, but also became my friend that i could talk to about privat things or problems. Another aspect, that I really appreciated about Minerva was that she was not a strict teacher. Whenever there was a day when I (or other group members) just didnt feel like studying grammar all day long, we would just play some games or go and check the local panamanian super market, or get some coffee and cake at a cafe and just chat about life. The great thing about her was that once school was over, she was still interested in spending time with me/us. One afternoon we went to the nearest city to watch a movie in the theater. I really learned a lot in classes with Minerva, my spanish has improved so much more that I had expected it. Up to today, me and Minerva are still in touch, we write emails frequently and she always has a good advice for me. I really hope lll get to visit Panama again real soon, not only because its a great country but also because I made so many freinds there like my teacher Minerva. I can only recommend Habla Ya Spanish School, I couldnt have asked for better teachers...
      Thursday, 18 November 2010
    • by Farmer T.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Wow, looking back, I can not give any less than five stars for Habla Ya Spanish school! I had such a great time in Boquete. It was my first time outside of the United States. Although I was scared, I would not trade my experiences for anything!! I had a great Panamanian family, and a great teacher, Minerva while I was there. The classes are small, mine was only two people, and Minerva was very helpful and patient, and always so much fun. Habla Ya is one of the best experiences I have ever had, and Panama is a great place to visit. I would encourage anyone learning a language or just vacationing to go to Panama!
      Tuesday, 16 November 2010
    • by caron J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      habla ya is one of the best experience i have done outside of my country. This school is opened it fit exactly to your needs. If you want a group course just to socialize it's is perfect. If you want to go at your own rythm you cal also do it. They will follow your specific needs. You can also do specific course to be, in the future, a teacher in english.... i am telling you you have to go there. They don't only do the teaching part they are also good advisor in the city they cal help you find a nice place to live a nice place to hang out, nice people to meet outside of school, even if you want to stay in the city for long term they can also help you. I am telling you don't look any further to find a good school abroad this is it... If you are looking for academic advance course for teaching purpose i suggest you Monica and if you are looking to be confortable to talk without shiness i suggest you leidys altought i know a few others that i haven't got as a teacher but i asked them a few questions outside the clas and they are ALL there for you....
      Monday, 15 November 2010
    • by Santo J.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Was a great experience. I was only available for 1/2 day, but got a lot done in that time. Minerva was fantastic. The school is very professionally run. I can't wait to come back.
      Saturday, 13 November 2010
    • by Tschanz V.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Cuando llegué a Boquete a Habla Ya me sentía como en mi casa, porque las personas son muy amables y abiertas. Aquí podemos hablar de todo con todas las personas porque son sociables. En la escuela, cada semana hay diferentes actividades para los estudiantes, y para descubrir la provincia de Chiriquí. El clima es siempre bonito por la mañana, y algunas veces por la tarde llueve. En Boquete por la noche está Zanzibar, un bar donde los estudiantes se reúnen y pueden disfrutar juntos. En mi clase somos solo 2 estudiantes, y estudiamos con el profesor Christopher C. con él aprendo bien con facilidad porque su manera de dar el curso es chevere. me encantan sus clases . estoy feliz con habla ya .
      Thursday, 11 November 2010
    • by Cooley T.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I am having a wonderful time at Habla Ya Language School and in the beautiful town of Boquete! I traveled to Panama with the intention of learning Spanish, for personal reasons and to prepare for graduate school where two languages are required. I have been extremely satisfied with the classes and the preparation that Habla Ya has provided. Currently I am in my third month at the school. I was at the school for two months, left, and then decided to return again because I enjoyed it so much. Having taken private and group of 4 classes my abilities with the language have increased exponentially. This is in no small part due to the professional curriculum and to the skilled teachers. During my time here I’ve had the privilege to have Gustavo, Yaira, Malkidia and Leydis as my professors. Each one of them has been an excellent teacher. Qualities that they have all shared are patience, kindness, good humor and a wonderful ability to get me speaking and writing Spanish correctly! Thank you so much teachers! The Habla Ya community is a pleasure to experience. Everyone who works there is quite amiable and incredibly helpful! Any time myself or other students I was with needed assistance with anything, whether regarding school or not, someone has been there to help us, many times going out of their way to do so. If you are looking for a big city experience I wouldn’t recommend Boquete. If you are looking for a beautiful location in nature, smaller town experience, and the ability to feel like you are in community, than I would recommend Habla Ya and Boquete to you. The schools many social activities and excursions into the beautiful surrounds help to provide for an abundance of things to do. Staying with a local family also helps to build friendships and learn the language. My host family is wonderful people and now good friends. If you get a chance to go, I whole heartedly recommend Habla Ya! I hope this review helps. Good luck finding the right place for you ☺
      Tuesday, 09 November 2010
    • by Nowlin A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I came to Habla Ya! Spanish school after studying Spanish for eight years, and I learned more in six weeks at Habla Ya! than during my entire time living in Mexico, Spain, working on my Spanish degree and even teaching the language! Habla Ya! Is an amazing school with effective methods that work! Habla Ya! Is not only the best Spanish school in Latin American, it is the best Spanish school in the World! While in college I chose to study abroad in Mexico and Spain through university programs. During these programs I found the constant problem was a school full of Americans who want to speak Spanish inside the classroom and English everywhere else. At Habla Ya! you meet people from around the world, all wanting to improve and perfect their Spanish. I focused on only speaking Spanish while in Panamá and it was definitely attainable. I was always able to find students with the same goal as me and I have built extremely strong friendships with these people based on the fact that we both refused to speak English to one another. Through home-stay and 4- 8 hours of classes a day, I was able to pack about 16 hours of Spanish into my day! Furthermore, I have found after studying in Spain and Mexico and having professors from all around the Spanish-speaking world, the Spanish in Panamá, particularly from Boquete, is the easiest to understand! Everyone that works at Habla Ya! is so friendly and just wants to help the students succeed! They have become my lifelong friends and I will be forever thankful to them for the impact they have had in my life! The school director, Lorena Pitti helped me out so much during my time in Boquete; she treated me like a daughter and a best friend. She is always there for the students and she always puts them first. She is such an excellent teacher, mentor and friend! During my six weeks at Habla Ya! I had private lessons with Mónica Vargas each morning and it was always the highlight of my day. She is the Queen of Grammar! She was always quick to correct me and give me lots of positive reinforcement. She loves applauding students so much that her eyes sparkle when she does it. I learned more from her than I ever thought possible. Arelis Mendoza was my B2 group teacher. Everyday was a blast; we were constantly playing games that got us away from boring grammar drills and vocabulary lists that I had found in another schools. She got us to use the pluscuamperfecto del subjuntivo (crazy insane grammar tense) in our everyday conversation. Arelis was made to be a group teacher, she always got her students to interact with one another and she always made sure we were having fun because she knew that is how we would learn best! She is such a beautiful wonderful soul! Along with Mónica and Arelis I had shorter experiences with five other teachers. All of them were amazing and each teacher was unique in their own positive and wonderful way. The school also has an adventure, eco-tourism side to it, Explora Ya! Even though I am not much of an outdoorsy girl I managed to find fun hikes and tours to go on. At Explora Ya! I met my Boquete big brothers. From Day 1 Nodier, Gerardo, Armando and Alvaro treated me with such kindness as though I was already part of the Habla Ya! family, and while they all speak English, they always spoke Spanish with me and were all essential tools in my language development outside the classroom. As someone who has studied abroad many times in effort to locate the perfect school and the perfect Spanish learning experience, I can tell you I found it in Boquete, Panamá at Habla Ya! You will love every minute of Panamá and you will learn so much! Habla Ya! has programs for people of ALL ages and levels. No matter where you are at in your Spanish development, the very beginning or near fluency, Habla Ya! will have a program for you!
      Tuesday, 10 August 2010
    • by van steijn M.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      ¡My Habla Ya Experience! When i arrived at Spanish school Habla Ya i immediately knew, this is great! After I had passed the oral test with results as conversational level B1 i went looking for my classroom, my Spanish teacher and my new classmates. Ismenia Perez, my teacher for the first weeks of my group 4 course, had a very professional and motivating way of teaching, alongside a piece of essential grammar we mainly played a lot of games and we held many conversations to not only learn Spanish but to actually use it. My second teacher Arelis Mendoza has also become a good friend, I have had several Spanish teachers in the past but the personal attention and the way of teaching from the teachers at Habla Ya have an unprecedented level, i never expected to develop my Spanish as quickly as i did in just a couple of weeks. In addition, this small town is THE place to practice your Spanish, you'll have to because few people will understand your English, add a stay with a local host family and an immersion in the Spanish language is complete. Now anything other than Spanish lessons ,...... Boquete! Imagine a small, lovely and cozy town, hidden high in the mountains of Panama with an eternal spring climate that makes everybody smile, greener than green, an oasis of peace while an adrenalinebomb for those seeking an Eco-adventure. People that welcome you with arms wide open, world-class coffee hand-picked by Ngöbe Bugle Indians in the cool mountains in the area, the chance to spot the resplendent Quetzal and to meet friends for life make it the perfect Spanish study location for me. During the Spanish classes, the traditional Panamanian dinners, the hikes through the mysterious mountains, lazing on the most tropical islands, gliding through the treetops, rafting Panama's wildest rivers, (made possible thanks to the organizational skills of Habla Ya's tour department), I often realized what a privilege it was to be able to study with this excellent Spanish school, and I wondered whether there might exist a better place to learn Spanish in Latin America. I don't think so........This is Paradise! PS if you're not convinced yet just visit the website: http://www.hablayapanama.com/
      Monday, 09 August 2010
    • by Lawless A.
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      Habla Ya is a wonderful school! I was only able to attend for 2 weeks but left with a great foundation of spanish. I learned more than I expected to and felt completely comfortable the entire time. My teacher, Aralize, was great and allowed me to practice until I knew it perfectly.
      Thursday, 15 July 2010
    • by Chin A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      My three weeks in Boquete, Panamá were some of the most amazing and adventure-filled days in my life. My friends and I wanted to study Spanish abroad and chose Habla Ya because it was one of the highest-rated Spanish language schools in Latin America - a fact that I can fully endorse after my time in Panamá. I have taken many years of Spanish in school, and I learned more during my two weeks of lessons at Habla Ya then during the last few years of high school Spanish combined. Habla Ya truly emphasizes conversational practice, a necessary component of language acquisition that was sorely missing from my high school Spanish education. With only four students to a classroom each student is guaranteed individualized attention. Instead of mind-numbing worksheets and endless grammar practice, my teacher Ericka taught the language through carefree storytelling and engaging games such as charades and Scrabble in Spanish. By the end of the two weeks I was able to converse and think fully in Spanish, something I had never before thought possible. The full immersion environment helped with this as well, as I spoke Spanish at school, around town, and at home with my host family. Habla Ya staff are extremely helpful and friendly. Soon I thought of Ericka and the other teachers not simply as teachers but as friends as well. Our volunteer director, Roy, gave us a tour of Boquete and took time to ensure that we found our bearings when we first arrived. Carlos, Swan, Gerardo and the rest of the Habla Ya staff always greeted us with smiles, whether we saw them at Habla Ya, around town, or at one of the eco-tours (whitewater rafting, ziplining, coffee tours, trips to the crystal-clear beaches at Bocas del Toro). The school director, Lorena, offered to drive fifteen minutes to town to pick us up when we were stranded without a taxi. The town is very safe and people are always willing to help. One of the most powerful memories that will always stick out in my mind was volunteering and playing with the local children at Casa Esperanza. Nothing beats the knowledge that you are helping to provide for the well-being of these kids while bringing them a little fun, something that they may be lacking at home. I cannot think of a single reason not to recommend Habla Ya Spanish School. Whether you come for a single week or for several months, when you will leave you will carry with you a life-changing, memorable experience that cannot be matched, and the knowledge that you have a home-away-from-home several thousand or tens-of-thousands of miles away. Immerse yourself in the local culture, eat Panamanian food, get to know the people, and explore the nearby mountains and beaches. Hopefully I will be able to return in the future to spend an entire summer in Boquete - with what I've gained in these three weeks, who knows what will happen in three months?
      Wednesday, 14 July 2010
    • by Peterson H.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Upon arriving in Boquete, we were immediately dumped off at our host family's home without any directions, instructions, or idea where we were. We were confused and lost. But when our host family opened the door, they kissed us on the cheeks, welcomed us, showed us around their home, and fed us dinner. From this moment, we knew we would be welcome in this town and that everything would be okay.

Everything about Boquete and Habla Ya: the home stay program, the zip-lining, rafting, classes, teachers, and solely the environment to which all this is in, is AMAZING. The coffee is delicious, the town is overly charming, and the temperature is to die for. 

The classes were more beneficial than anything you would take in high school, at least, and the dynamic of having only three other people in one class allowed you to learn from them while at the same time receiving the attention you need to develop your own Spanish skills. My teacher, Ismenia, was hilarious and always brought a light mood to our class, which made it less intimidating to hold conversations in Spanish. Ericka, another professor, and Ismenia always found ways to make us enjoy our experience more, by taking field trips or playing "charades".

The whole staff at Habla Ya could not have been friendlier or more welcoming. Swan and Lorena helped us mucho when we didn't have a clue what to do when we first arrived. Carlos always made us laugh with his crazy personality. Roy, our volunteer director, took time out of his day to make sure that we saw the beauty of Boquete that he sees: the food, the mountains, the people. Even staff that we didn't know paid attention to us and started conversations with us that allowed us to practice our developing Spanish. There is not one thing that would have made my experience at Habla Ya and in Boquete any more amazing. It's hard to write down everything that my three weeks there has meant to me and the experiences that I have gained from it, so for all the potential students out there, here is my advice: just go, experience EVERYTHING, and start conversations with everyone you meet. You'll meet some great people and learn so much about Panama, the culture, and about how people think, and in the end, you'll grow so much yourself from it. Everyone at Habla Ya, thank you for caring so much about us and for making us feel so much at home. Vamos a regresar pronto y les queremos mucho y les extranamos mucho :)
      Monday, 12 July 2010
    • by Roberts B.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I studied Pimsluer for about a year and when I got to Panama I could hardly say a work in Spanish. After a month in Habla Ya to my amazement I was able to speak and have a conversation!!! I loved the school. The people at the front desk are warm and really helpful and they always mad me feel at home. My teacher Janeth, Arelis and Erica were fun, funny, kind, interesting and always inspired me. Carlos at the front does a great job of being a friend in a true sense and organizing event. I was there alone and there was always plenty to do at night and on the weekends. In short Habla Ya was one of the most amazing learning experiences of my life. Brendan Roberts L.Ac.
      Wednesday, 16 June 2010
    • by Landis P.
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      What a great school! I had only a week to spend getting my feet wet in Spanish and by the time I left Habla Ya I was immersed! The teachers and the staff are top-notch. They're patient, thorough and fun to work with. They made my time in the classroom fly and when I left I knew enough to impress native Spanish speakers with whom I work. I still have a way to go, but with only 5 actual days of instruction, Habla Ya gave me the tools to move ahead. I wish I had more time to spend there. I hope to return.
      Saturday, 12 June 2010
    • by bohn K.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I was there with my scool for 3 weeks and it was the most amazing experience i have ever ahd. I would not trade the memories i have in a million years. They really made you feel at home and comfortable during your stay. I took 4 years of spanish in high school and only learned hello, goodbye, and may i go to the bathroom. When i came home i could carry on a full comversation with someone in spanish. I love and miss everyone there. Carlos and Julio are the best. I hope to go back very soon.
      Sunday, 06 June 2010
    • by Luciano C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      My husband and I had the opportunity to spend five days in an immersion course with Ruben B. Coba as our instructor -- he was exceptional in so many ways. I came to this program with no familiarity with Spanish so the whole process was a bit intimidating for me. With his professional yet warm and accepting manner, Ruben quickly allayed my fears. He is an excellent teacher, truly gifted in knowing how to maintain the balance between challeging and encouraging his students. I came away from the week having learned more than I could have imagined and, best of all, committed to maintaining my studies and becoming truly proficient in the language. I give all the credit for both my progress and my enthusiam to Ruben. My husband and I are already planning our next trip to Boquete in the Fall and we know that, if at all possible, we will be spending time again at Habla Ya with our favorite professor.
      Friday, 14 May 2010
    • by Lopes A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I've been studying at Habla Ya for 4 months and I love it here. The school and all the staff are friendly and professional and I have learned so much. Special thanks to Monica, who is an outstanding teacher and pushed my Spanish to the next level! But it's not just about the classes, of course. I came to Panama for the experience of living in another country, and what makes Habla Ya stand out is all the activities they organize to make sure you are having fun, getting to know the country, and making friends! Two weeks ago we took a trip to Cerro Punta where we learned about ancient civilizations that lived here 3 thousand years ago... it was so interesting. Last weekend we stayed at a lodge on an island in the Gulf of Chiriqui that was absolute paradise! The beaches were amazing and the lodge was perfect (especially the boat, the air-conditioning and great hosts). My only complaint is that we couldn't stay longer. :) Boquete may be a small town, but Chiriqui has a lot to offer. Come find out for yourself!
      Monday, 10 May 2010
    • by thomas C.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      Hi everyone! If you are thinking of going to Habla YA! in Boquete, stop thinking and just go! It was an incredible experience for me. I was in the beginner four hour/day classes with an awesome teacher Araliz. She was always well prepared and helped me achieve my language goals in the short period of time I had. I was scheduled to stay in Boquete two weeks, but I was having such a great time and learning so much I stayed an extra 10 days. Not only do you get to learn Spanish, but you make friends right away. The school also has planned events such as island boat trips and dinner with the students. If you are travelling alone, you will never feel lonely as all the teachers and students are so friendly and nice. I can't wait to go back for a visit!
      Wednesday, 05 May 2010
    • by Quandt T.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I spent a week taking 4-hour/day private lessons at Habla Ya last summer. I chose Habla Ya because as an elementary teacher in the US with a high population of spanish speaking students in my classes, I wanted to improve my cultural awareness through language and travel. I would highly recommend Habla Ya! The staff is very professional, fun and dedicated to ensuring that everyone has a wonderful learning experience. My professora, Swan, was outstanding! She tailored the class to my individual learning needs, took me on field trips, played games and made everyday enjoyable and worthwhile. I learned more in 16 hours with her, than I had in 1 year of college Spanish. I was placed with an amazing host family, was able to volunteer at a local school, meet other students, and participate in many of the well organized extra curricular activities that Habla Ya arranged. I still communicate regularly with many of the staff, fellow students and members of my host family....and miss them all very much! Fortunatley, I will be returning this summer for 2 more weeks of additional classes and can't wait! If you're looking for a fun-filled Spanish language learning experience in a beautiful location....Habla Ya is an excellent choice!
      Monday, 26 April 2010
    • by Lopez A.
      rating iconrating iconrating iconrating iconrating icon
      I chose the Spanish school Habla Ya because I wanted to learn Spanish quickly and when I traveled alone, I would like to be in a quiet and beautiful neighborhood with many opportunities to see and experience the beautiful scenery. I have now taken classes at Habla Ya for three months while I initially lived with a local family for two months and then rented my own apartment. I can highly recommend Habla Ya, the teachers are really really good and teaching (4 hours per day along with three other students) was incredibly varied. With my teacher Monica we played games, went on trips, discussing various topics all with the purpose of Learning Spanish in a quick and fun way. I have finished my course at school and miss it already .. both teachers and all students .. When I arrived I knew very few words in Spanish and now I understand practically everything and can communicate in all situations. Now that I am finished with school, I will travel the rest of Panama with some of the students I met at Habla Ya and use all the Spanish I've learned!
      Sunday, 25 April 2010


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