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Sao Paulo – Study Abroad in Brazil and Learn Portuguese
As the largest city in Brazil, Sao Paulo has more than enough to keep any language travel student occupied, both day and night! This vibrant city has a really buzzing nightlife and many attractions to visit during the day, in fact there’s so much to do that you might forget what you came here for!

Study Abroad in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Largest City!

Sao Paulo may not be the capital of Brazil, but the city is by far the largest in the country and so it’s the perfect place to attend a foreign language school. There are numerous attractions here including interesting places to visit, lovely parks to relax in, great views from tall buildings, and of course the nightlife!

Where is Sao Paulo?

Sao Paulo is situated in Brazil, in South America, and is to the south west of Rio de Janeiro. The city is not on the coast, but at just 70 kilometres (43 miles) distant, the coast is easily reachable if you fancy a day trip there. As well as being the largest city in Brazil it is also one of the largest in the world, and is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Over 11 million people live in the city, though there are in excess of 22 million in the Metro area.

Skyscrapers, Museums, Shopping Malls and Parks!

Sao Paulo has many skyscrapers, several of which are popular tourist attractions because they have observation decks where you can look over the city from up high. Language travel students who want to get their bearings will find the Banespa Building observation deck makes a great place to do so, or perhaps the Edificio Italia.

There are many museums to enjoy in Sao Paulo, as well as historic and important buildings such as the Estacao da Luz. Language travel students who enjoy shopping will find numerous shopping malls in the city, so many so that there is bound to be one within easy reach of your foreign language school! When you want to relax and enjoy some quiet visit Ibirapuera Park.

Sao Paulo is a Culturally Rich City to Study Abroad In!

As well as the obvious Portuguese influence on Sao Paulo, the city has also been very popular for immigrants from all over the world too. For example, Sao Paulo has the largest number of Japanese residents outside of Japan itself, plus a large Arab and Jewish population too. Though you’ll probably hear many different languages being spoken around the city, and by your fellow language travel students, Portuguese is the official language of Sao Paulo!

Sao Paulo’s Vibrant Nightlife

The people of Sao Paulo are known for working hard, but when it comes to the evening they are known for partying hard too! If you want to let your hair down after a day of studying at your foreign language school there is no better place to do it than Sao Paulo!

Sports in Sao Paulo

Football is of course the most popular sport in Sao Paulo and the supporters are avid fans! Formula 1 is also very popular here, and the city’s Interlagos area has been home to the Brazilian Grand Prix continuously since 1990.
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