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5 Reasons to Learn Spanish
Maybe you want to learn Spanish to use your skills on holiday, maybe it would be good for finding employment, or maybe you just want to be immersed in the culture. There are many great reasons as to why you should learn Spanish; here are our top 5 reasons.

Top 5 Reasons to Learn Spanish

More and more people around the world are finding out what a useful second language Spanish is. There are many reasons why people, both young and old, want to learn Spanish. For many it is simply a means to help them when they are on holiday in a Spanish speaking country, while for others it is necessary for work purposes. Whatever your reason, here are our ‘Top 5 Reasons to Learn Spanish’.
1. Learn Spanish as it’s Great to Use on Holiday!

Spanish speaking countries have always been popular tourist destinations and although many of the people who work in the tourist industry might know some English, French, Italian or German, it’s always nice to be able to communicate with the locals in their own language. So even if you’re just going on holiday for a couple of weeks a year, this is a great reason to learn Spanish as the locals will really appreciate you making the effort to speak Spanish to them.
2. Learn Spanish to Use in Twenty One Spanish Speaking Countries!

Since the days of the Spanish Empire, Spanish has become one of the most widely spoken languages in the world with 21 countries having it as their official language. Although Spain is a popular language travel destination there are also many other great countries were you could choose to learn Spanish also. These include many countries in Central and South America, such as Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, and of course Mexico.
3. Learn Spanish to Communicate with 350 Million People Who Speak Spanish as Their First Language!

Mexico has the highest number of Spanish speakers in the world, and with many foreign language schools here this makes a great study abroad destination. Spanish is actually a first language to around 350 million people, but think of all those other people who also speak Spanish, such as a very large population of people in the United States, Andorra, and Belize.
4. Learn Spanish and Immerse Yourself in the Culture!

As there are so many wonderful countries around the world in which you could learn Spanish, attending a foreign language school is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of that country. When you visit a place for a holiday you can’t always get a true feel for it, but when you are fully immersed and learning the language that the locals speak you have the best chance of finding out more about the people and their culture.
5. Learn Spanish and Use it to Help You Find Employment!

Whether you plan to use Spanish on a daily basis or very infrequently, having the knowledge of a second language under your belt can be very beneficial. For example, you may have wanted to learn Spanish so that you can write it on your resume or CV; having the knowledge of a second language and the fact that you attended a foreign language school are very positive things that you can tell potential employers.


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