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Study Abroad in Argentina for a Spanish Immersion
The second largest country in South America, Argentina, is becoming a popular study abroad destination for language travel students who want to learn Spanish. Its vibrant cities, especially Buenos Aires, have plenty to see and do, plus there is a great deal of stunning scenery, culture and more to experience too!

Study Abroad in Argentina for Cities, Coasts, and Scenery!

There are a number of great attractions that Argentina is famous for – from its vibrant capital city, Buenos Aires, to its sunny coasts, to its spectacular scenery, this country has a lot to see and do. Language travel students who enjoy doing something different every day will find Argentina makes a great destination for a study abroad program.
Where is Argentina?

Situated in South America, Argentina is in the south of the continent and has borders with Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia to the north, and a long border with Chile to the west. Argentina is larger than some language travel students might realise, being the 8th largest country in the world. The nice thing is that the country doesn’t have a really high population; less than 45 million people live here.
Buenos Aires, Iguacu Falls, the Andes, and more!

Many language travel students like to head to the capital and largest city, Buenos Aires, There are plenty of great foreign language schools here and the city is the ideal place to study abroad. This is a modern city with a lively nightlife, but is rich in culture too with many museums and theatres here.

If you are attending a Spanish course in Argentina try to take a trip up north to the amazing Iguacu Falls, at the border with Brazil and Paraguay. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world. Argentina also has plenty of other spectacular scenery too – there’s the Andes, several national parks, and some great coastal towns and cities too.
Experience the European Influences when you Study Abroad in Argentina

Although Argentina is very much its own nation now, the European influences on its culture and architecture are very apparent, especially in major cities like Buenos Aires. Argentina was part of Spain until 1810 and Spanish remains the only official language here, so it makes a good choice to study Spanish abroad.
Argentina has an ‘Arty’ Culture!

Language travel students who are interested in the arts will be in their element in Argentina. The country is well known for its love for film and theatre so you can always find something going on. Soccer fans will also find Argentina is a great place for them too as Association Football is the most popular sport here.
A Varied Cuisine!

Students considering a foreign language course in Argentina who might be worried about the cuisine available need not worry! Again, with the European influences the cuisine of Argentina is quite varied. You might find mixtures of European with indigenous foods plus there are always plenty of Western restaurants and fast food places to choose from in the bigger cities.


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