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Barcelona - Study Abroad in Spain and Learn Spanish
Barcelona offers so much for students looking to study abroad in Spain. It’s a fun city with a vibrant nightlife, lots of culture, interesting architecture and Mediterranean weather, great for enjoying the city’s beaches!

Study Spanish in Barcelona, One of Europe’s Favourite Cities!

Barcelona has always been a popular city but over the last 20 years it’s risen to become one of the most popular cities in Europe. Famous for its unique architecture, its culture, its vibrant nightlife and its beaches, Barcelona is the ideal place to study Spanish abroad.

Where is Barcelona?

Barcelona is situated in the north east of Spain on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is in the region of Catalonia and is the second largest city in the country, behind Madrid, the capital. Barcelona has a population of around 1.6million people.

Barcelona – City of Gaudi Architecture, Beaches and Parks

Barcelona has many tourist attractions though amongst the most famous is the Gaudi architecture of the Sagrada Familia. Construction of this church started in 1882 and still hasn’t finished!! Gaudi also designed the Park Guell, one of the city’s most popular parks. Then there’s all the old Catalan gothic architecture as well, which is quite different in comparison.

One really great thing about Barcelona is the beaches which are really close to the city centre. Imagine spending the week attending your Spanish course in Barcelona, then the weekends at the beach?!

Experience Fun Festivals and Friendly People When You Study Abroad in Barcelona!

In Barcelona both Catalan and Spanish are spoken though English is also widely understood too.  Many signs, menus etc will have English on them so until you’re fluent in Spanish you can cope in Barcelona! As with many Spanish cities, the people in Barcelona are used to overseas visitors and are very welcoming to language travel students.

Festivals and Nightlife in Barcelona

You’ll never be short of a thing or two to do when you study abroad in Barcelona. There are festivals throughout the year, such as Festes de la Merce in September, one of the city’s biggest festivals, and the three day Sonar music festival, or Corpus Christi day in May. Language travel students who want some fun nightlife will find plenty of this in Barcelona too, including bars, clubs and restaurants.

Mediterranean Weather in Barcelona

Barcelona has lots of nice weather, especially in the summer when temperatures get up to the high 20’s C, perfect for enjoying all those lovely Barcelona beaches! During the spring and autumn the temperatures are still really nice and even during the winter is doesn’t get too cold here.



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