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  1. Study Abroad in Australia

    Australia - Study abroad in Australia for an English immersion

    Country Guide

    For study abroad programs Australia makes a great choice. This large country is very popular with language travel students and has many attractions including lively cities, scenery and friendly people. English immersion students will find a good climate and all sorts of cuisine on offer here in Australia.

    Study abroad in Australia for sun, sea and surfing!

    Australia is a huge country which offers many great opportunities to study abroad, making this an excellent language travel destination. Famous for its vibrant cities, such as Sydney, its great beaches and surf, its friendly people and attractions like the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and the outback, you certainly won’t be bored if you study abroad in Australia!

    Where is Australia?

    Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere with the Indian Ocean to its west and the Pacific Ocean to its east. Its nearest neighbours are Papua New Guinea and Indonesia to the north, whilst to the south east is New Zealand. Considering that Australia is the sixth largest country in the world it has a very low population of around 21.5 million, many of whom live in Australia’s cities.

    The Tourist Attractions of Australia

    Australia’s cities are very popular, especially Sydney which is situated on the south east coast. Sydney is Australia’s largest city and as well as being popular with tourists it’s a popular student travel destination too. Famous landmarks include the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, though Sydney also has some great beaches where surfing is really popular, a vibrant nightlife and lots of entertainment.

    Perhaps you could take surfing lessons here?! Other cities include the capital of Australia, Canberra, plus Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, all of which have their own individual appeal. Places to visit whilst you’re studying abroad in Australia include the fantastic Great Barrier Reef with its corals and marine life, or Ayers Rock / Uluru – one of Australia’s most famous sites.

    Friendly welcomes when you study abroad in australia

    Study english in AustraliaAustralians are known for being friendly so you’re sure to get a warm welcome as a language travel student! English is the major language of Australia and the currency is the Australian dollar.

    The Food in Australia

    Australians are famous for having barbecues. In Sydney, a barbecue on the beach on Christmas Day is a popular event! There are still some British influences in Australian cuisine, though the country is so multi-cultural today that you can find restaurants and shops serving foods from all over the world.

    The Weather in Australia

    Being such a large country the climate of Australia varies, so choose a destination for your foreign language course which suits you best. Melbourne, for example, is known for being a very changeable city with rain being common, whereas Sydney is usually hotter and remains warm all year round.

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