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    Bilbao – Study Abroad in Spain and Learn Spanish

    City Guide

    The Basque Country city of Bilbao is gaining in popularity as a Spanish language school destination for students wanting to learn Spanish. With its fun and quaint Old Town, great cuisine, museums, and more, this is certainly an interesting place to learn Spanish in Spain!

    Learn Spanish in Bilbao and Experience Life in the Basque Country!

    Study spanish in BilbaoAs well as growing in popularity with leisure tourists, Bilbao is also becoming a popular alternative for Spanish courses in Spain. The city’s famous museums and its vibrant medieval streets are just a few of the attractions of Bilbao. Students studying in the city’s foreign language schools will find there is plenty more to discover in Bilbao too!

    Where is Bilbao?

    Bilbao is the largest city in the Basque Country and is situated in northern Spain near to the coast and the Bay of Biscay, and not far from the border with France. With a city population of around 355,000 people it is the tenth largest city in Spain and because it is not too large Bilbao retains a very friendly feel about it.

    The Guggenheim Museum, Churches, & Great Views!

    The most famous museum and landmark in the city is the Guggenheim Museum and this is a must visit for all language travel students in Bilbao! The building itself is as much a work of art as what’s inside, much like the famous Guggenheim in New York City.

    Bilbao also has numerous other museums to enjoy too such as the Museum of Fine Art and the Basque Museum which is interesting for students who want to find out more about the culture and history of the Basque. Some beautiful churches dating back as far as the 15th century are among the other attractions, plus the Artxanda Funicular which takes passengers up Artxanda Mountain from downtown Bilbao is popular for the great views over the city.

    Study Abroad in Bilbao and Enjoy the Culture of the Basque Country!

    As well as enjoying the attractions in Bilbao this is also a great place to experience and enjoy the Basque Country culture. Both food and wine feature highly and so foreign language students who enjoy sampling new cuisine should love studying abroad in Bilbao!

    The Lively Old Town of Bilbao

    One of Bilbao’s most popular spots is the Old Town, or Casco Viejo. This part of the city was built in Medieval times and features narrow streets where you’ll find some busy little taverns and a great assortment of shops. The area has a very individual feel to it and is especially popular with students, be they language travel or otherwise!

    Famous Pintxos in Bilbao!

    The most popular dish in Bilbao is the Basque equivalent of tapas, known locally as Pintxos. A popular pastime is going from one Pintxos bar to the next, especially on a Friday or Saturday night, trying some Pintxos and having a great time socialising!