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  1. Study abroad in Cambridge

    Cambridge - Study Abroad in England and Learn English

    City Guide


    The lively university town of Cambridge is one of England’s top destinations to study English abroad and offers language travel students a chance to experience real student life. Interesting places to visit, festivals, nightlife and more make Cambridge what it is.



    Study Abroad in England in the Famous University City of Cambridge!



    Cambridge is known throughout the world as the location of one of the world’s best universities, so it only follows that Cambridge should also be one of the best places to study abroad. There are certainly a good number of foreign language schools to choose from in Cambridge and the city is lively and interesting as well as being close enough to London to enjoy a day trip to the capital city.



    Where is Cambridge?

    Cambridge is in the county of Cambridgeshire in England and is about 50 miles (80km) north of London. It’s not a particularly large city with a permanent population of around 100,000 people but with all the university and foreign language students the population rises by around 22,000 during term time!



    The Tourist Attractions of Cambridge

    Cambridge is an ancient city which first grew as a Roman town. Around Cambridge there’s lots of evidence of occupation through different periods in history, making this a fascinating city if you’re interested in history and old buildings! Cambridge is best known as a university town though and looking around some of the old university buildings is what attracts many people to visit. There are lots of different colleges which all make up the university, and many have their own individual character.


    Cambridge also has a number of nice parks and open spaces which are great to enjoy in the summer, plus there are some very interesting museums here too. Punting along the river is also a very popular pastime in Cambridge!




    Experience Real Student Life When You Learn English in Cambridge!



    Although many people live in Cambridge all year round it’s the students who really make this a lively and fun city to study abroad in! Obviously English is the official language here and there are many places to choose an English course in Cambridge.



    Culture in Cambridge

    Cambridge has a high number of pubs to enjoy (if you’re over the legal drinking age!) and there are clubs too, making this a great city for language travel students who enjoy a good nightlife! Cambridge also has a growing café culture, like many other cities in England, and a favourite pastime is sitting outside enjoying a coffee. Sports are also quite popular here; maybe you could go out and support the Cambridge rowing team in the annual ‘Boat Race’ against Oxford University!



    Festivals in Cambridge

    As well as many university specific festivals, Cambridge also holds a number of other festivals throughout the year which may be good fun for study abroad students to go to. There’s the Cambridge Folk Festival if you want to enjoy some more traditional English folk music, or if films are more your thing try to Cambridge Film Festival. In mid June the Midsummer Fair is usually lots of fun too!


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