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  1. DELE

    DELE - Spanish Examination

    Exams Guide

    Students hoping to attain fluency in Spanish for use in Spain and throughout Europe, taking the DELE offer numerous benefits and levels of mastery.

    For students, businesses and governmental agencies in need of accredited Spanish mastery, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain has created the DELE program, which is administered by the University of Salamanca, and organized by the Instituto Cervantes.  The DELE offers three areas of Spanish mastery, designed to allow students to attain the level that best suits their particular needs.  These programs help ensure that students, businesses and governmental agencies are able to attain direct, immediate and viable dialogue and communication in the Spanish language.

    Intermediate – This level is designed to provide a working knowledge of the Spanish language (elementary education) that enables direct discourse with nonspecific terminology (general language).  Ideal for those who will interact with Spanish speakers on a general basis, this level of mastery is attainable within a relatively short time.

    High Intermediate – This level of mastery is designed to help facilitate general business and academic discourse and communication across a wider array of platforms.  This is ideal for the individual who will be immersed in a Spanish-speaking area for much of their day, but who do not need to use industry-specific language to communicate effectively.

    Superior – This level of mastery is designed for those who will require a cultural immersion, as well as expert language skills.  The course contains industry-accurate terminology, as well as cultural phrasing and much more.  Ideal for government use, business people who will interact with those outside the general public and students in the process of achieving a high-level diploma, the course ensures direct communication across all platforms.

    There are only three requirements for taking the DELE.  First, students must provide proof of citizenship in a nation where Spanish is not the native language.  Second, students must register in time to participate in the course, as well as provide payment of the course fee.  Finally, students from nations where Spanish is the native tongue can participate, provided they have never studied Spanish, nor did they learn Spanish during the course of their nonacademic life.

    By participating in the DELE, students are able to participate in language immersion and emerge with the level of mastery that ensures success for their specific needs, enabling greater success.

    Website: www.dele.org