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  1. Study abroad in England

    England - Study Abroad in England for an English Immersion

    Country Guide


    England is the perfect place to study abroad, and language travel students will have a lot of fun here enjoying the big cities, the history, the countryside, the friendly and sociable people, and a broad mixture of cuisines while they attend English courses in England.



    Study Abroad in England and Enjoy Football, History and Culture!



    What better place to attend an English language course and learn English than in England itself?! This is where the language originated after all! England is a fun and interesting country with lots to see and do.


    There’s loads of history and culture here, some lovely scenery, quaint little villages and huge big cities, all crammed into this relatively small country! There are language schools situated all over England, so you don’t have to be in the middle of a big city to study abroad in England, though of course you can be if you want to!


    Where is England?

    England is situated in Western Europe, across the English Channel from France and the European mainland. England is just one part of the United Kingdom – to the north of England is Scotland and to the west is Wales, whilst across the Irish Sea is Northern Ireland. Learn English in London and you will discover the richness of the multicultural capital City.


    Ireland is south of Northern Ireland, though this is not part of the UK and is a nation in its own right. Compared to many countries in the world, England is quite small but it has a population of about 51 million people.


    The Tourist Attractions of England

    England has many popular tourist attractions so as a language travel student you should try to visit as many places as possible! Obviously the capital city, London, has tons to see and do including Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and great shopping on Oxford Street. There are also loads of foreign language courses on offer here.


    Across the rest of the country there are many other vibrant cities like Oxford and Cambridge, then there are the small rural villages as well where country life focuses around the village pub! England also has some pretty scenery and many coastal towns where you can enjoy the beaches and the piers, like at Brighton. Of course there’s also places like the mystical Stonehenge! Attending a language school in Liverpool, Capital of Culture 2008, could let you discover the city of birth of the Beatles.



    Learn English in England for a Fun Time Abroad!



    Study English in EnglandMany people think of England and the English people as being a bit serious and though they were like this 50 years ago, things have really changed now!You’ll find, as a language travel student, that the English are a fun-loving nation who enjoy socialising and clubbing, so if you like nightclubs England is a good destination to choose!


    Many other languages are spoken by the minorities in England, though English is obviously the primary language and Sterling is the currency which is made up of Pounds and Pence.


    The food and culture in England

    Although traditional English meals like the Sunday Roast and fish and chips are still very popular, the English also enjoy the cuisine of many other nationalities too. Indian restaurants are very popular, as are Italian, Greek and Chinese restaurants too. You can get pretty much anything in England! Football is the most popular sport in England, so this may be a great place to learn the rules or catch a few matches?!


    The weather in England

    England may have a reputation for wet weather, but it really isn’t that bad! The summers can be quite nice if you’re on a summer study abroad program, or if you’re in England during the winter you’ll find the temperature is mild here compared to many other countries in Europe.


    Ready to study in England! Have a look at these English language schools in United Kingdom.