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  1. English in Galway

    Galway - Study abroad in Ireland and learn English

    City Guide

    The city of Galway is the gateway to Western Ireland and this lively little city makes a great place to study English abroad. The vibrant nightlife, quaint streets, abundant shopping, and amazing scenery are just a few of the reasons why you might consider a foreign language school in Galway.

    Study Abroad in Galway, City of the Tribes!

    Galway’s nickname, City of the Tribes, comes from hundreds of years ago when the city was home to 14 different tribes, or families. The city has an interesting history and a rich culture that you can discover when on a study abroad program in Galway.

    Where is Galway?

    Galway is the third largest city in Ireland and it’s situated on the Western coast of the country. It’s the fastest growing city in Ireland as more and more people are attracted by this great place and seeing as it’s an excellent base for exploring Western Ireland it’s becoming more and more popular with tourists and language travel students too.

    Galway is a great city for spending time in!

    Though Galway might not have as many tourist attractions as some other cities it’s the atmosphere and friendly people that make this such a great place to study a foreign language course. During the summer the city really comes alive with cafés and bars lining the streets. A favourite pastime is to sit and sip a drink al fresco and watch the world go by! When you do want to visit an attraction, make your way to the Galway Atlantaquaria which is like an aquarium only better!

    Take a tour around the city and pick out some of its historical architecture like Spanish Arch and Galway Cathedral, or visit the Galway City Museum to find out more about the city’s history.

    Study Abroad in Ireland’s Cultural Heart, Galway!

    Galway is often called Ireland’s Cultural Heart because there’s so much culture to experience here. Take advantage of everything there is to see and do when you attend a foreign language school in Galway!

    Enjoy the festivals, celebrations and events in Galway!

    There’s usually something going on in Galway so make sure you take part in some of the city’s festivals, celebrations and events throughout the year. Attending events like the Galway Arts Festival or the Galway Races are a great way to experience a language immersion.

    Fun nightlife and shopping in Galway!

    Galway has a vibrant and friendly nightlife scene. There are lots of pubs, and many of these often have live music playing during the week or weekends. The atmosphere is usually very friendly so you and your fellow language travel students can enjoy a few drinks and some great music! During the day you can enjoy some great shopping in Galway – there are many shops here, hidden inside historical buildings, including big name stores and lots of small local shops where you can buy all sorts! Maybe you’ll find some souvenirs to take home as a reminder of your foreign language course in Galway!