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  1. Groupement FLE

    Groupement FLE




    The first professional grouping to establish a code of conduct and a quality chart, Groupement FLE brings together FLE schools who meet the high standards of professional ethics which have been set down in it’s articles of association.


    Quality, promotion, shared resources


    Groupement FLE isn’t solely focused on promoting our schools. Our objective is to also offer students the assurance of a solid professional framework, thanks to the pooling of resources and a guaranteed quality standard.




    In each centre, the teams responsible for welcoming and teaching students, have been chosen for their high level of skills, their ability to work closely with people and their capacity to listen to each individual’s needs.


    Spoiled for choice !


    Sea or mountains, Paris or provincial France, large structures or a more personalised context, General language classes or French for specific objectives, certification or studying for a qualification, short or long stay, living with a family, in an apartment, hotel or residence, juniors or seniors, students or executives … Groupement FLE presents a vast range of possibilities sure to satisfy even the most specific of requests.

    Discover and share


    Each centre has it’s own, unique leisure time programme but what all our centres have in common is the motivation to help students discover and share in the wealth of human, cultural, historical and gastronomical experiences to be found throughout France.


    Visit our website: www.groupement-fle.com