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    Languages Canada


    Languages Canada is Canada's national language training organization, representing both of Canada's official languages: English and French.

    Languages Canada / Langues Canada


    To be the voice of the Canadian language training sector.



    To promote quality, accredited English and French language training in Canada, both nationally and internationally.

    Vision Statement:    

    To be internationally recognized as the symbol of excellence, representing Canada as the number one destination for quality English and French language training.  

    Membership is limited to member programs, both public and private, which meet the rigorous standards of the association and who are committed to upholding them. The internationally recognized quality assurance scheme is comprehensive, rigorous and covers the areas of: curriculum, teacher qualifications, student services, student admissions, marketing, promotion, facilities and administration.

    Languages Canada was formed in March of 2008 when the memberships of the two former Canadian associations, the Canadian Association of Private Language Schools (CAPLS) and the Canada Language Council (CLC) joined together to form one unified national association and accrediting body for language training programs in Canada.

    Quality assurance is a critical element of Languages Canada and the cornerstone of membership in the association.  All member programs and schools are required to be accredited under the internationally recognized and comprehensive accreditation scheme in order to be well positioned to compete in the highly competitive global market.  

    The accreditation scheme will operate at arm’s length, be transparent, confidential and maintain the integrity and rigour of the association’s standards and process. Each level of review done by different member of a team of highly qualified independent professionals, fully experienced in second language acquisition, pedagogy and program administration.  Six key focus areas are examined:  Student Admissions; Student Services; Teaching Staff; Curriculum; Marketing and Promotion and Administration.  

    Languages Canada provides visibility, advocacy and a unified voice for its membership and provides recognition of quality assurance for students, agents and government.  Together, with partners and stakeholders, it will work collaboratively to ensure that the Canada’s Language training industry meets international standards and is seen as a major global competitor. 

    Website: www.languagescanada.ca