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  1. English in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles – Study Abroad in the USA and Learn English

    City Guide

    The USA’s second largest city is also one of its most popular for language travel students. You can be assured of having a great time when you study abroad in Los Angeles and enjoy the weather, the beaches, the nightlife and the lifestyle!

    Study Abroad in the City of Angels, Los Angeles!

    Learn English in Los AngelesYou don’t have to be an angel to study abroad in Los Angeles, but you do have to be prepared to have a great time! The USA’s second largest city offers such a spectacular setting to study at a foreign language school and there’s so much to do here that there’s no way you’ll ever get bored!

    Where is Los Angeles?

    Los Angeles is a city in Southern California situated in the west of the USA. On one side of the city is the Pacific Ocean and on the other are beautiful hills and mountains, so you could go swimming in the sea one day, and skiing in the mountains the next! Los Angeles probably isn’t for language travel students looking for a quiet destination as this is the second most populated city in the United States. There are nearly 4 million people in the city alone, and nearly 18 million in the metro area!

    Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Beaches and More in Los Angeles!

    We’ve all seen LA in the movies and on TV programs and are very familiar with the glitz and the glamour that this city is associated with. When you attend a foreign language school in Los Angeles you can experience this fabulous lifestyle too. Rub shoulders with the rich and famous and shop in exclusive stores in Beverly Hills; visit Hollywood, Universal Studios and the Hollywood Sign. Travel up into the Hollywood Hills to see some spectacular houses and some great views of Los Angeles.

    Then there are the beaches and great little neighbourhoods such as Venice Beach, Long Beach, Santa Monica, and more. Soak up the sun and enjoy the sand and surf. Travel to Anaheim and visit Disneyland, or go to the thrilling Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park.

    Enjoy the Diverse Culture When You Study Abroad in Los Angeles!

    Study Abroad in Los AngelesLos Angeles may be situated in the USA but the city is a real melting pot, home to numerous different cultures from around the world. You certainly won’t feel out of place as a language travel student in Los Angeles!

    Great Cuisine and Nightlife in LA!

    Because people from all over the world call Los Angeles their home you can find just about every type of international cuisine in this city, and some of the restaurants in Los Angeles are said to be the best in the country. This is a great city for nightlife too; areas like Hollywood and Sunset Strip have great nightlife with clubs and bars, plus downtown LA has lots to offer too.

    Warm Weather in Los Angeles

    One of the best things about attending a foreign language school in Los Angeles is the great weather. The Mediterranean climate gives you warm to hot temperatures throughout the year.