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    MEI RELSA - Ireland


    MEI-RELSA was established on the first of January 2000 with the merger of two existing associations – RELSA and MEI. RELSA, the Recognised English Language Schools Association was established in 1969 as the trade association for the English Language School industry.

    Marketing English in Ireland was founded in 1993 as a cooperative marketing group for English Language schools. The result of the merger is a coherent industry body representing the majority of Quality Recognised English Language Schools in Ireland.

    The functions of MEI~RELSA can broadly be defined by the following categories, each of which has a dedicated sub-committee comprising members of the association:

    - Quality and Standards

    - Education and Training

    - Government Liaison

    - Industry Liaison

    - Marketing

    - Technology Committee

    The association is managed through the central office in Dublin with the Board of Directors taking overall responsibility.

    The work of MEI~RELSA has been a significant factor in developing Ireland as the quality location for learning English. Hand in hand with the development of our unique quality product is its promotion overseas.

    Today Ireland is renowned worldwide as one of the most student-friendly, safe, cost-effective, quality destinations for learning English. This is no small way thanks to the on’ going support we receive from Bord Fáilte in Ireland and the overseas Tourism Ireland Offices, in addition to Enterprise Ireland and the Asia Pacific Strategy Committee.

    At home in Ireland, through our representation on Government and Industry bodies, MEI~RELSA actively works to ensure that the Irish Government maintains a high level of commitment to the sector.

    All members of MEI~RELSA are recognised and regulated by the Irish Department of Education through ACELS (the Advisory Council for English Language Schools).

    Website: www.mei.ie