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  1. Study abroad in Malta

    Malta - Study Abroad in Malta and Learn English

    Country Guide


    Malta makes a great alternative for an English language study abroad program and is getting increasingly popular with language travel students. The good climate, friendly locals, interesting history and lively nightlife all combine to make this a good choice!



    Study Abroad in Malta for Lots of History and Great Opportunities to Learn English!



    Study abroad in MaltaWith its warm climate and Mediterranean location Malta offers a really good alternative to many of the more traditional destinations to take an English language course. The country has a strong history and culture and has been linked with the UK since 1800, though it’s now an independent nation. Malta’s attractive cities have lots to see and some are renowned for their great nightlife too!


    Where is Malta?

    Malta is an island nation situated in the Mediterranean in Southern Europe. It is 93 kilometres (58 miles) south of Sicily, whilst to the west is Tunisia and to the south is Libya. Malta is a small country, consisting of seven islands of which the three largest are inhabited. For such a small country there’s a fairly sizeable population here (around 420,000 people) meaning that Malta is quite densely populated.


    The Tourist Attractions of Malta

    Many visitors coming to Malta choose the country because of its warm climate, its attractive cities and its seaside resorts where tourists can enjoy beaches, restaurants, nightlife and more. Language travel students who learn English in Malta will also be able to enjoy these aspects of Malta too.


    The seaside town of Saint Julians is most renowned for its nightlife and isn’t far from the capital city, Valletta, which has lots of interesting architecture, shops and restaurants. Many of the English language schools in Malta are located here, whilst just north of the capital is Sliema, renowned for its great shopping, though also another popular location for study abroad programs!



    Enjoy the Great Weather When You Study Abroad in Malta!



    Study English in MaltaMalta is a very good and popular study abroad destination for language travel students looking to study English, though English is in fact one of two official languages in Malta; the other being Maltese! Malta is part of the EU and since 2008 has been using the Euro as its currency.


    The Food in Malta

    In the more touristy areas much of the food served is for the benefit of the tourists, many of whom are British. Malta does have more traditional cuisine though which is often quite simple in nature. Rabbit is one of Malta’s specialities and many meals are fish or vegetable based. There is a good variety here though, so most language travel students should be able to find something they like!


    The Weather in Malta

    Many people take an English course in Malta because of its good weather. The Mediterranean climate of Malta means you enjoy hot and dry summers with little to no rainfall so make sure you leave enough time between studying to enjoy the beach! The average high temperature in July and August is a hot 32C (86F). During the winter, temperatures are mild and pleasant, though this is when Malta receives its rain.