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  1. Study abroad in New Zealand

    New Zealand - Study Abroad in New Zealand for an English Immersion

    Country Guide

    New Zealand is one of the world’s most scenic countries and a great choice for study abroad, especially for language travel students who enjoy outdoor and adventure sports and lively, fun cities.

    Study Abroad in New Zealand – The Paradise of the Pacific!

    Study abroad in New ZealandNew Zealand has been known as the Paradise of the Pacific since the 1800’s because this is such a stunningly beautiful country. When you combine the natural scenery with the modern and friendly cities, New Zealand becomes a perfect destination to study abroad in a foreign language school.

    New Zealand has long been a popular destination for tourists and student travel, but the success of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy (which was filmed entirely in New Zealand) has really boosted the popularity of this great country!

    Where is New Zealand?

    New Zealand is a country of two main islands – North Island and South Island, plus a number of much smaller islands too. It’s situated in the South Pacific Ocean, about 2000 kilometres (1250 miles) east of Australia and is quite a remote country. Considering that New Zealand is about the same size as the United Kingdom it has a low population of only around 4 million people, most of whom live in or near the country’s cities.

    The Tourist Attractions of New Zealand

    Many visitors come to New Zealand just to travel around and admire the great scenery and as a language travel student studying in New Zealand you’re really encouraged to take some time out and do the same! New Zealand is a popular destination for adventure travel so maybe spending time on a study abroad program here is the prefect opportunity for to try mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, kayaking, paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, sailing, windsurfing and more!

    In addition to the great outdoors, New Zealand has some beautiful cities which are cosmopolitan and modern, yet have interesting history too. Many of the cities are surrounded by water and/or mountains, so even the cities are attractive! Wellington is the capital of New Zealand though Auckland and Christchurch are very popular destination for study abroad in New Zealand.

    Study Abroad in New Zealand and You Won’t Want to Leave!

    New Zealand has such appeal that many people don’t want to go home once they’ve visited! The people of New Zealand are very friendly and generally laid back.

    Many New Zealanders are of European descent and as New Zealand was a British colony the official language is English. About 15% of the population are native to the islands and are called the Maori, hence Maori is also an official language here but only spoken by a few people. When you study abroad in New Zealand you’ll be using the New Zealand Dollar.

    The Food of New Zealand

    Because of the British influence in New Zealand there isn’t really a national cuisine here. Fish and chips is quite popular and you can almost always find a fish and chip takeaway, but with other meals there are differences because of the different foods being available here. The Maori have their own traditional ways of cooking using an earth oven, and seafood is very popular in New Zealand. Language travel students can still find all the popular fast-food chains here in New Zealand too.

    The Weather in New Zealand

    New Zealand has a mixed climate, varying from temperate on the South Island to sub-tropical on the North Island though in reality the differences in temperatures between the two islands are hardly noticeable! Summer is from December to February as New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, and temperatures during this time are mild. Except for in the higher mountains, New Zealand also has a relatively mild winter too, so it never gets too cold here!

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