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  1. Study abroad in Oxford

    Oxford - Study Abroad in England and Learn English

    City Guide

    Oxford is the home of the world’s most famous university and makes an ideal place for a foreign language school. Study abroad in Oxford and you can experience history, culture, great architecture, a lively nightlife, lots of different cuisines and decent weather!

    Study Abroad in Oxford, Home of the World’s Most Famous University!

    Oxford is best known as being the home of the oldest university in the English speaking world and is a popular destination for both tourists and student travel. If you’re going to study English abroad, then Oxford must be one of the best locations for doing this with all the scholarly people around you! The city is also full of interesting architecture and has a lively student life to enjoy to.

    Where is Oxford?

    Oxford is located about 50 miles (80km) to the west of London in the county of Oxfordshire. It’s well linked to London with public transport so the capital city can be easily reached if you fancy a day away from Oxford.  Oxford isn’t a huge city, but the large number of university and foreign language students adds to the population size, which is around 151,000 people.

    The Tourist Attractions of Oxford

    The major attraction with Oxford is the fact that the university is world famous and many people visit simply to take a look at it, but Oxford is also a very beautiful city with some fantastic old buildings and architecture. The city isn’t actually as old as the other famous university town, Cambridge, as Oxford was settled in Saxon Times, but Oxford does have an older university than that of Cambridge.

    Landmark buildings include the Bodleian Library and the Radcliffe Camera. Oxford has some great museums including the Natural History Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum and the university has lots of nice parkland as well. The River Thames flows through Oxford, though at this point it’s actually known as the Isis. Punting on the Isis is very popular in the summer!

    Study Abroad in Oxford For A Lively Nightlife!

    With all the intellectual people in Oxford you might think this would be a boring city, but in reality Oxford is very lively with a vibrant nightlife and student scene which is bound to appeal to language travel students!

    The Culture of Oxford

    Oxford is known for its arts, such as the theatre and music, so there’s plenty of this to experience when you study abroad here. Students also make up their own culture which you can enjoy too. There are many great little pubs in Oxford where you can enjoy a drink and a meal. There’s also a vibrant nightlife with a selection of different nightclubs to choose from.

    The Weather and the Cuisine in Oxford

    Like much of this part of England, Oxford has pleasant weather which is warm in the summer and mild in the winter. There’s a certain amount of rainfall all year round and though snow does fall occasionally, there usually isn’t too much of it. Oxford has a huge array of restaurants specialising in many different international cuisines so most language travel students shouldn’t have any trouble finding something you like.

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