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  1. SALTA

    SALTA (Swiss Association of Language Travel Agents)


    SALTA (Swiss Association of Language Travel Agents) is the federation of the Language Travel Agents in Switzerland. It was founded in 2003 in order to offer customers clear and uniform quality guidelines and to ensure their observance.

    Members of SALTA guarantee their customers the highest standards both in their own services and also those of their partner schools. SALTA ensures that all publicity produced by its members is honest and truthful.

    Many agents in Switzerland offer language studies abroad. SALTA provides transparency and ensures that its members deliver what they promise.

    SALTA members…
    •    advise their customers honestly and competently
    •    hold their customers' money in a secure client account
    •    select their partner schools carefully and know the schools personally
    •    monitor the language schools regularly
    •    evaluate and judge customer satisfaction by written feedback
    •    guarantee efficient and timely administration
    •    send confirmations of enrolment within 10 days of receipt.
    •    have qualified and trained counsellors with in-depth knowledge of the destinations
    •    inform customers about visa and entry regulations
    •    are there for the customer for questions or problems even after departure
    •    assist the customer in case of dissatisfaction, complaints or extraordinary events
    •    have clear and simple general trading terms (including payment and cancellation conditions)

    More Information: www.salta.ch