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  1. Study abroad San Francisco

    San Francisco - Study Abroad in USA and Learn English

    City Guide


    The liberal city of San Francisco is an attractive and fun city to choose for your English language course. There are many famous places to visit, lots of friendly people and a great range of cuisines on offer.



    Study Abroad in San Francisco, The City By The Bay!



    Study abroad San FranciscoWhy learn English in San Francisco? San Francisco is a great city both to visit and to study abroad in. Its bay side setting means the city has water on three sides and the surrounding hills make this a really beautiful city. There are many attractions too, famous places like Alcatraz and Chinatown and famous sights like the Golden Gate Bridge to enjoy.



    Where is San Francisco?


    San Francisco is on the west coast of the United States in the state of California. The city itself is quite small as it sits on a peninsula which measures only 7 miles by 7 miles (11km by 11km), but this makes a San Francisco English school all the more attractive as a study abroad destination! The population of the city is about 800,000 people, but the San Francisco Bay area has many more, totalling more than 7 million people.



    See Chinatown, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf & The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!


    Study English in San Francisco and enjoy many attractions. The city’s most popular and famous attractions include the former prison island of Alcatraz which you can take a boat trip to and tour around.


    Also take a boat trip around the San Francisco Bay area as you get some great views of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge from the water! Back on dry land, visit the largest Chinatown in North America and stroll around the ever popular Fisherman’s Wharf, then take one of the old fashioned cables cars up and down San Francisco’s hilly streets. San Francisco is such a great city and a wonderful place to study English abroad!



    Experience A Liberal Lifestyle When You Study Abroad in San Francisco!



    English immersion San FranciscoSan Francisco became known as a very liberal city back in the 1950’s and 1960’s and was one of the chief cities in setting up the gay rights movement. To this day San Francisco remains a popular destination and home of many gay and lesbian people, and the general population are all very tolerant and welcoming to others.



    The Culture & Entertainment of San Francisco


    As well as being the home of many gay residents, San Francisco has a bustling arts and entertainment scene where theatre, film and music are important. If you’re studying in a foreign language school in San Francisco and are hoping to catch some sports action, the biggest home team is the San Francisco 49ers who play American Football, or watch the San Francisco Giants Major league baseball team.



    Seafood, Chinese, Sushi and Vegetarian Cuisine in San Francisco


    San Francisco is home to some great restaurants. Seafood is particularly prominent especially in Fisherman’s Wharf. Chinese obviously features heavily in Chinatown whilst other areas of the city are renowned for Mexican, Italian and Sushi. San Francisco is also known as a great place for vegetarians and vegans so language travel students are bound to find something to suit your taste buds!