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  1. Study abroad St Julians

    St Julians - Study Abroad in Malta and Learn English

    City Guide

    St Julians in Malta is a popular language travel destination for a number of reasons – warm Mediterranean climate, friendly locals, fun festivals and a very vibrant nightlife!

    Study Abroad in St Julians for the Mediterranean Magic of Malta!

    Study abroad St JuliansBest known for its vibrant nightlife, St Julians is a truly great destination for a foreign language school for language travel students who like to have a good time! Combined with the warm weather, beaches, culture and more St Julians is one of Malta’s top locations for study abroad programs.

    Where is St Julians?

    St Julians, which is known officially as San Giljan in Maltese, is a town on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated on the east coast, a little way north of Malta’s capital city Valletta. St Julians is not a large town but the permanent population of around 8,000 people is added to greatly by visiting tourists, Maltese visitors and language travel students, especially during the summer, when the town really comes to life.

    Nightlife, Marinas and More in St Julians

    Have we already mentioned that St Julians is famous for its nightlife?! Well, it is! More accurately the district of Paceville just to the west of St Julians is the nightlife capital where you’ll find loads of nightclubs plus bars, restaurants, hotels and more, and then in St Julians itself there are plenty of places to enjoy a night on the town too.

    St Julians isn’t just about nightlife, though many foreign language school students love the fact that there’s so much of it here! The Portomaso area is very nice with its marina and new developments including luxury apartments, 5 star Hilton hotel and the only skyscraper in Malta, Portomaso Tower!

    Enjoy the Culture and Festivals When You Study Abroad in St Julians!

    English immersion St JuliansSt Julians is popular with visitors and language travel students from around the world and the people who live here full time are very friendly towards visitors. As with the rest of Malta, St Julians has two official languages, English and Maltese, and the currency used here is the Euro.

    Festivals in St Julians

    When you study abroad in St Julians is nice to get involved in the local culture and find out more about the interesting people who live here. The town was named after the patron saint, Saint Julian, and he is remembered every February 12 as well as an additional festival across the island on the last Sunday of August. The whole of Malta celebrates many different holidays right through the year so there’s ample opportunity to get involved with something!

    Great Mediterranean Climate in St Julians

    Like the rest of Malta, St Julians benefits from a great Mediterranean climate, just one of the reasons why St Julians is such a popular study abroad destination! Summers are hot and mainly dry with an average high in July and August of 32C (86F). During the winter the temperatures are mild in St Julians so language travel students should never feel cold here, but winter is the time when most of the town’s rain falls.