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  1. Study abroad in Sydney

    Sydney – Study abroad in Australia and Learn English

    City Guide

    Sydney is the perfect location for an English study abroad program with great weather, lots of sports and culture, a vibrant nightlife, entertainment, shopping and more!

    Study Abroad in Sydney for Great Australian Sun and Surfing!

    Study abroad in SydneyFor many language travel students when you think of Australia, Sydney is the city which instantly comes to mind! And with such great attractions, it’s no surprise really that this lively city is the top choice for foreign language schools in Australia.

    Where is Sydney?

    Because Sydney is such a high profile city many visitors mistakenly think this is the capital of Australia, when actually Canberra is the capital city. Sydney is the largest city in Australia though with a population of over 4 million people. The city is situated in the south east of Australia, in the state of New South Wales, close to the coast.

    The Tourist Attractions of Sydney

    Sydney is Australia’s most popular tourist destination and there’s lots to see and do here. The city’s location on Sydney Harbour means if nothing else Sydney is a very scenic city and the major attractions include the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

    Obviously when you’re a language travel student studying English in Sydney you won’t want to visit these places every day, so you’ll be pleased to know that Sydney is a very vibrant city with lots of nightlife, restaurants, bars and more and some great shopping too. If you enjoy the beach some of Australia’s best beaches are right on top of Sydney where can enjoy the sun and maybe even learn to surf!

    Great Food & Great Weather for Students Who Study Abroad in Sydney!

    Sydney is quite a multi-cultural city both in terms of its residents and its visitors so the people are used to having language travel students and are very welcoming and friendly in nature. In Sydney you will use the Australian Dollar for currency just as with the rest of Australia.

    The Food and the Culture in Sydney

    Many Sydney residents are known for being laid back and easy to get along with! Sports are very popular in Sydney and the city was the host of the 2000 Olympic Games, one of the most memorable Olympic Games in history. As well as great surfing, other water sports include sailing, and on dry land rugby league and Australian Rules Football are very popular too. In terms of food in Sydney – anything goes really! You can find all sorts of international cuisine here, so it’s a great city for language travel students.

    The Weather in Sydney

    For many visitors to Sydney the weather is one of the big appeals! Sydney’s temperate climate is mild all year round and even in the winter (June, July and August) the low average temperature doesn’t drop below 8C (46F) and the average high is a pleasant 16C (61F). In the summer, December to February, the average highs go up to 26C (79F), though daily highs can often be hotter than this.

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