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  1. Japanese in Tokyo

    Tokyo - Study abroad in Japan and learn Japanese

    City Guide

    Modern and futuristic, the capital of Japan is the ideal place to come for a study abroad program if you want to learn Japanese! The amazing cityscape, the surrounding mountains, the old city, the food and the chance to experience a language immersion surrounded by 12 million people all make this a very popular destination for a study abroad program!

    Study Abroad in Tokyo, the World’s Most Populated Metropolis!

    There’s no getting away from the fact that Tokyo is full of people, so if you’re not keen on busy city streets this probably isn’t the best place for you to attend a foreign language school! Once you’re used to how busy it is here though, you’ll find this is a great city with lots of opportunity for having fun.

    Where is Tokyo?

    Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and is situated on the eastern side of the main Japanese island, called Honshu. When you count the whole metropolitan area of Tokyo there are nearly 13 million people living here, making it the most populated metropolis in the world! Tokyo is also one of the world’s most important cities, along with London and New York.

    Museums, palaces, tall buildings and old buildings in Tokyo!

    Tokyo’s tall cityscape is what many people think of when picturing this bustling city. This modern part of the city is very popular with tourists and language travel students, but this isn’t all that Tokyo has to offer. The city was badly hit in World War 2 and by an earthquake, however there are still some old parts to the city that you really should check out when here on your foreign language course. You’ll find museums in Old Tokyo as well as many in the modern city too, while other attractions include the port area, the Imperial Palace and the scenic backdrop of Mount Fiji that stands towering above all those skyscrapers!

    Immerse yourself in the Japanese culture when you study abroad in Tokyo!

    What better place for a language immersion than the world’s most populated metropolis?! Tokyo really is a great city for language travel students to get immersed in the Japanese culture and of course learn the language!

    Take in some sporting events in Tokyo!

    Many different sports are popular in Tokyo so you’ll have the opportunity to go and watch a variety of sports when you come here on a foreign language course. There are two professional baseball clubs, and make sure you catch a sumo wrestling tournament!

    Enjoy the internationally acclaimed cuisine in Tokyo!

    Japanese cuisine is famous and popular throughout the world so take advantage of being a language travel student in Tokyo and try out some of the city’s many restaurants. It’s not just sushi, there are many other Japanese foods to try too, or if that’s not to your taste there are also many Western fast food chains and international restaurants that you could try instead.